How the difference in age between a man and a woman affects relationships

Love can break out between any people, despite their birth dates and social status. But will such a marriage be happy, or is it better to enjoy moments of passion and look for a more suitable partner? How relations will develop if there is an age difference between a woman and a man, you will learn in this article.

Harmony in a pair, of course, depends on the emotional flexibility of partners and the ability to negotiate. But certain statistics do exist.

The ideal age difference between a man and a woman

It is believed that the strongest marital unions are created if the husband is two to five years older than his wife. In this case, the mental development of the partners is approximately the same. And the man is already able to stand at the helm of the family, he will protect his half from adversity, while not exerting strong pressure.

But if the partners are adults and have crossed the thirty-year age limit, then a strong marriage between peers is possible.

A couple will be happy, where a woman is a little older than her husband, because by this age a man becomes self-sufficient. And for a thirty-year-old woman, unlike a young girl, representatives of the opposite sex look a little younger attractive and interesting.
If the age difference between men and women is more than five years

There are more and more marriages, where the spouse is much older than the husband. Society is becoming more tolerant of such couples, and ladies now retain their freshness and attractiveness for much longer. Such an alliance will be strong if …

– both partners are satisfied with the dominance of women, as more intelligent, experienced and often financially secure;

– the husband, despite his young age, becomes the head of the family, and the spouse allows him to make decisions;

– the partners crossed the forty-year milestone when the difference of five to ten years becomes not so significant.

But all the same, there are more unions where the age of a gentleman is much greater than his spouse. A young partner attracts such a man with freshness and naivety. Girls enter into such marriages, fascinated by the wisdom of a mature lover and his experience in solving problems. The young woman feels protected: most peers are unlikely to offer her stability, including material.

The weak side of unequal marriages is that the younger partner wants fun and parties, and the older one wants peace and quiet. Quarrels can be caused by various life goals, views, interests.

If the man is much older than the spouse, statistics add a note of doubt. Women, on average, live longer, and the time for a happy life together can be very short.