How to be happy if you are smart?

The smarter and better a person, the harder it is for him to become happier. Less intelligent congeners become happier when you can’t find yourself, happiness and harmony in life. How to become happy if you are smart? Have you ever noticed that smarter people are more unhappy? They twitch and suffer a lot. Intellect is able to cause a lot of problems, which more foolish people do not have. How to become happy and find yourself in life? How to become happy? Too high demands The smarter a person is, the more demands he has.

The clever one knows exactly what he wants and deserves, but he refuses to be satisfied with less. Big demands are difficult to meet, and for this reason, a person becomes unhappy. What to do? In this world we did not come to earn many millions and become the biggest boss. Happiness is beyond material things. Focus on what brings you pleasure and makes you happy, and not just on achieving great goals. For the rest of our lives, we will go to our goals. Enjoy the road along the way and try to be happy, not just run without looking ahead.


Too high standards for people A clever person makes high demands not only on himself but also on people around him. He carefully chooses the environment, friends, acquaintances, the other half. Too high demands lead to the fact that it is difficult for him to find someone. Sometimes a smart person finds the other half and friends, but secretly dissatisfied with his choice.

What to do? There are three options for action:

  1. You are lonely. If there is no other half, then do not sit at home, communicate more and look more actively. Water does not run under a bedrock. Get to know each other every day on the street or with the help of dating applications. Every day! If you don’t want to find the other half just in your old age.
  2. You are hesitating to make a choice. Try to accept people for who they are. Accept all the shortcomings and difficulties of character. You can try to push your half or your friends towards development. They can pull up to your level.
  3. You are unhappy in your relationship and life. If you choose the wrong half, friends and environment, then go in search. Find those with whom you are really good, not suffer for the rest of your life.

How to be happy? Stop looking for deep meaning in everything that is happening. Sometimes in this world everything happens because of accidents. Calm down and enjoy life. Throw your self-beating and ruthless criticism of yourself into the trash. Stop punishing yourself for making a mistake or not being perfect. Forgive yourself and love yourself. Too clever a person is difficult to please in everything until he is lenient to this world. Accept this world with all its imperfections. Stop fixing on something that does not work.

Some unattainable dreams are not destined to come true. Throw away this suitcase without a handle, which is hard to pull. With this you will free your strength, time, money and energy. And then find a new dream for which you want to wake up. Life is too short to be unhappy. Be happy. You deserve it.