How to beat a girl in an argument?

In the dispute, even a smart, logical and good girl turns into a stubborn woman who is almost impossible to argue and convince. But you will have a chance to beat the girl in the dispute, if you read this article. How to behave in an argument with a woman and get out of it the winner? The main techniques, strategies, tactics and maneuvers in a conflict with a girl. Girls love to argue and have long succeeded in it. In an argument with a girl it is difficult to win, but you can convey your point of view to her and explain your vision of the situation. How to talk, argue and discuss difficult issues with a girl?

How to win an argument with a girl?

1. Use as few words as possible in an argument. Any word you say can be subject to the girl’s nagging and deep parse. So answer with one-word sentences and words. Do not give her an extra weapon against you.

2. Take the girl’s side. Agree with the girl in general, but object in private. So you take her side, but have some objections and contradictions. The girl will consider you an ally with whom you only need to agree on some issues. This way it will be easier for you to defend your interests.

3. Listen carefully to the girl. Let the girl speak calmly and do not interrupt her. After she tells you her version, you will have the opportunity to express yours. Say that now it’s your turn to say and say what you think. Ask her not to interrupt.

4. Do not be distracted by deceptions. Girls love, at the moment of an argument, to jump on another topic for which you are guilty. That you always forget to do something, said something bad three years ago or thought. Do not give in to provocation. Say that you are talking about something else now, and taking topics from the past is not constructive to solve this problem. Now you are solving one problem specifically.

5. Speak calmly. Try not to raise your voice in a conversation, otherwise the girl will start blaming you for yelling. If a girl starts shouting, say that you can’t talk to your other half in such an aggressive tone. The girl gets mixed up, and you get a moral advantage.

6. Do not call the girl a fool. Call her smart and offer to calmly deal with the following. The girl will oppose what you called her smart, she will try to listen to your arguments. She wants to remain smart in your eyes, not to go down to the fool.

7. Use a sense of humor. At a convenient moment, you can joke and smooth out sharp angles. It is hard for a girl to laugh and swear at you at the same time. She can immediately remove the thorns, get kisses, hugs and caresses.

8. Show the emotions and power of a man. A couple of times in your life, show yourself to a girl in real anger. A girl should be afraid to bring you to this. A girl will see in you a strong male, who can drag her so that this argument may be the last. After such a demonstration of a man, the girls will always be more tactful and careful.

9. Play on the emotions of the girl during the dispute. Say that the girl is close to you and very dear to you. You love her and you do not want to lose her. Girls are very easy to do it, and then they are more willing to compromise.

10. Look for points of contact in an argument with a girl. It is impossible to argue with a girl, but to agree to the situation you need and find a compromise is quite real. Love each other and argue less. But do not be afraid to defend your opinion. Girls love strong men, not obedient boys.