How to become 100% smarter and more successful?

How to make the brain work more efficiently, make better decisions, do not miss opportunities and take everything from life? In today’s world everything depends on the level of intelligence and how you use it. Do you want to be smart and wise, as if you were a rich old Jew? How do you use 100% of your brain and 100% of your life? You don’t even think about it, but the head is the main “weapon” of modern man. Everything that is around you depends on it. But there are many factors that affect the performance and efficiency of your brain. How do you pump your brain? By improving the work of your brain you will improve your life on all fronts, from work to personal relationships.

How to become smarter and more successful?

1. Physical activity Morning exercises, regular outdoor stays, active rest, jogging and training in the gym. Physical activity allows not only the body to be in shape, but also the brain.

2. Healthy sleep Do you hope to have time for everything if you spend less time sleeping? Ignoring a normal sleep leads to the fact that a person becomes extremely unproductive. He becomes less collected, less intelligent, hard to concentrate, slow to make decisions, and the productivity decreases significantly. Without a healthy sleep and rest it is impossible to ensure the full work of the brain.

3. Reading books Research proves that regular reading of books improves brain function and speeds up its work. If there is no time to read, you can sit less on social networks or use audio books on the way to work. Reading books makes a person smarter and more successful, but to read the right books.

4. Learning a foreign language Always wanted to speak well in English? Even if you do not really need a foreign language, start learning it. Learning a language will slow down the aging of the brain and help keep it working.

5. Nutrition for the brain The body just needs proper vitamins and nutrition. If a person neglects a healthy diet, the brain does not get the necessary “fuel” for work. This reduces its efficiency, and the person starts to think worse. Some people have many bad habits that interfere with the work of the brain. These are cigarettes, alcohol, etc. How can you expect to succeed in life after that?

6. Brain exercises The efficiency of the brain increases intellectual games, learning new information and memorizing something. Unravel crosswords, self-education and participate in games. How to work effectively and use 100% intelligence? Concentrate on one task Let your brain use its power 100%. Perform one task in one time interval. Multi-tasking is not effective, and concentration allows you to perform a task as efficiently and quickly as possible. After that, you can quickly perform the next one. Eliminate any interference Get rid of any irritants that get in your way. Social networks, phone notifications, unnecessary tabs on your computer, music, conversations of other people. Fewer distractions that steal your attention and reduce brain efficiency. Work with breaks Act on the technique “tomato”. Concentrate on working with intervals of 30-40 minutes, and then take breaks for 5-10 minutes. Such breaks will allow you to quickly do the work when you are not distracted and get the rest you need. By improving the work of your brain by 100% you will become much more successful. This is an obvious fact. But many people prefer to spend their whole lives doing nonsense without using all their reserves. Everyone chooses for himself.