How to become a businessman: a guide for high school students

Many students want to become businessmen, but do not know how to realize their dream. This article will help you take the first step.

Students periodically ask the Advisors of the School of Applicants Proceed Online how to become a businessman, hoping to get a quick answer. But the answer to this question cannot be easy. There are at least 3 strategies to become a businessman.

A businessman, an entrepreneur is more than a profession. Doing business requires more abilities, basic human qualities such as determination, risk appetite, developed will, willingness to take responsibility, stress tolerance, high dynamics of thinking, providing speed of learning new, excellent health, as well as “soft skills”: leadership skills, communication skills and ability to build relationships with people. Professional skills often only define the scope of business, and not always. An entrepreneur is an orchestra man who builds a business system himself, involving more and more people in the division of labour. As a rule, successful business is based on the abilities and competences of the business founder himself.

Our answer to the popular question – it is possible to become a businessman in different ways, and there is no universal instruction. Some businessmen do not have professional education, but they successfully implement themselves. In today’s material we will talk about how education can help you become a businessman. In Russia “entrepreneurship” and “business” are most often used as synonyms, so the article will use both concepts.

How to become a businessman: 3 ways

There is a dry definition of business: “Business is an economic activity carried out by a person or group of persons for the purpose of making a material profit”. If it were that simple, then any economist could become an entrepreneur. But in reality, this is not the case at all. The desire to make money is not the driving force that creates business. If business is not able to create value for people, nothing will work, business can not be sustainable. Business is a social and economic system, which requires not only money, but also people, their desire to create, competence, energy, will. Therefore, the mission of business should inspire people to create values. Each business has its own unique business processes, during which money, equipment and energy of people are transformed into values demanded in the market. At the same time, all possible risks and responsibility for failures lie on the business organizer.

It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer where to go to study to become an entrepreneur. The fact is that most people’s ability to leadership begins to manifest itself closer to 30 years. Yes, there are certainly young startuppers who achieve serious results in their youth. But statistics show that a certain personal maturity is still important for a successful entrepreneur. Therefore, in most countries there are special programs to train managers and entrepreneurs in postgraduate education: advanced training, MBA programs. In such programs, people of all professions can systematize their idea of business if they have set themselves the goal of starting their own business.

However, we will try to create possible scenarios for the applicant to get an education that will bring him or her closer to the dream of becoming a businessman.

Vocational education with which the business will be associated

If you already have an idea for a future business project, you should get an education in a specific area to bring the project to life. Spheres can be very different, for example, Alisher Usmanov’s business is connected to the Internet and media resources, Oleg Deripaska’s business is connected to metallurgy, energy and automotive industry, and Evgeny Kaspersky’s business is connected to information technologies.

Every businessman realizes himself in a certain area, so you need to understand what kind of education will be the basis for your professional development. Do you want to create an IT startup or an iPhone application? You may be interested in training programs in mathematics, information science and technology. Are you thinking about creating your own media? Take a look at programs that relate to journalism and advertising. Maybe you want to start a network of fitness clubs? Take a look at sports-related programs.

Other training programs can be found on the Admit Online website and select a training area from the filter. Your future resources for starting a business can be knowledge gained through training in a variety of programs.

Secondary vocational education related to business

Many 9th and 11th grade students who are planning their college education are thinking about starting a business. If you are also among them, but decided to go to college and not to university, then you are open to the possibilities of STP. The educational basis for this may become the specialties “Economics and Accounting”, “Finance”, “Banking” or “Commerce”.

Acquaintance with 3 possible options is the first step on the way of creating your own business. Consider all the possibilities! You will have to decide which of them you will choose. Do not forget that there are schools of young entrepreneurs, video blogs of businessmen, sites about entrepreneurship and other media resources that will also introduce you and help you come up with the idea of a future project.