How to become a fashion blogger on Instagram – tips from the best bloggers

Do you have a lot of photos and few followers? Then our guide to Instagram promotion is for you. Instagram is like manna from heaven, it has a huge number of well-dressed men, from whom you can learn the secrets of fashion looks and recipes for avocado dishes. What to do if you want to see your photos among those marked with the hashtag #elite_masculine_fashion? What’s the point of fashion if no one sees it? If the Instagram world hasn’t been wowed by your impeccable style yet, that’s okay. We found two of Instagram’s most stylish men – they’ll share their secrets to taking good pictures and gaining lots of followers. No fuss, no gimmicks, #filterless.


1 Show off your everyday images.

2 Locution, locution, locution.

3 Take advantage of your opportunities.

4 Proper promotion.

Show your daily images The basic principle of any photo blog: #image_of-the-day is a snapshot by which people know that you a) follow fashion and b) you are as human as they are. If it’s #image_of_day, then photos should appear on the blog daily. Moti Ankari, a New York-based blogger and journalist whose #image_day already has a six-figure following, advises, “Post as many of your fashion bows as you want, otherwise people will just forget about you.” But that doesn’t mean you should Instagram the first thing from your closet you find. Especially if you want to put a hashtag under a photo that already has 100 million posts. Matthew Zorpas, author of The Gentleman blog with an equally impressive army of fans, says, “As for colors, bright ones are more eye-catching and memorable.” Zorpas took a photo in a bright yellow Berluti coat during Paris Fashion Week, which caused a furor on the Web and gathered more than two thousand likes.

Ankari, on the other hand, prefers a more utilitarian approach. Surprisingly, the simplest images work best. A black leather jacket, a T-shirt, a combination of black jeans and white sneakers. This success is due to the fact that about 99 percent of the male population can try this image on themselves and repeat it. About 68 percent of Instagram users are women; men are in the minority. They feel engaged if they are offered images they can recreate on their own. Follow Ankari’s simple rule of thumb: “If the look suits you and the clothes fit well, it’s bound to get noticed. I always go to the tailor to make significant or minor changes to the garment to make it fit better.” And during the fitting, you can take great photos with the hashtag #behind_the_scene.

Locution, locution, locution It’s easiest to take a picture in your own backyard, but anyone can do that. Ankari says, “A simple white wall can be located anywhere. If you’re visiting some landmarks, it makes sense to take a photo against them. A photo in front of the Milan Cathedral will get a lot of likes, because many people have the same picture. Beautiful places also help to acquire new followers. They make the blog diverse and keep it interesting. Notice beautiful places nearby and always think about your blog in that moment. Going on a hike? Bring Ray-Ban sunglasses and a Barbour jacket, take a picture so that you have a picturesque panorama behind you, and hundreds of likes are guaranteed.

Use your power It’s no secret that most of the most popular Instagram blogs belong to people for whom photography is a profession. Even the best fashion image will fail if the photo is blurry or unfocused. Experiment with your settings and make sure every photo is sharp and vivid. Use special apps like VSCO (Android and iOS) and Afterlight, which offer more editing options than the standard Instagram app. And to make photos stand out, you can add a Mayfair filter. Matthew Zorpas advises, “Be consistent in your choice of style, color, and filters for your photos.

Try different filters, but choose the ones that make your photos particularly winning. Over the years, I’ve found that natural images are my biggest ally, but interests and preferences can change, so it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends.” Ankari also advises against abusing filters. A photo can come out too contrasty or too saturated. Instead, you can play with brightness and contrast to make the photo look as cool as your fashion look.

Proper promotion Since 83 percent of Instagram photos are accompanied by hashtags, your own descriptions of your photos can simply drown in the sea of images. It doesn’t have to be that way. Hashtags don’t impose any obligations, but choosing the right headlines can ensure a good audience. A couple of meaningful hashtags are fine, but more is better left to the superstars. Be adequate don’t assign more than three hashtags to your photos. Ankari advises, “It’s better to have five people like your photo and then come back to your page than to have 50 people who like the photo and never come back to you again.” Create hashtags that describe what’s in the photo. If the photo was taken in New York City, write #NewYorkCity that way and you will definitely get noticed.