How to become beautiful and happy

Our whole life revolves around the question of how to become attractive and happy. We want to be perfect and successful, hoping it will make us happy. But the path to beauty and happiness is in a very different direction. Do you want to be handsome, successful and happy? The path you’re on right now won’t lead you to your goal. Beauty and happiness are in a very different place. Don’t listen to the crowd. They always make mistakes.

How to Become Beautiful and Happy

1. How do you become beautiful?

We live in an age when there are many “perfect” people around us. Photoshop, the right angle and staging make the illusion that there are only beautiful and perfect people around us. Many people tend to be more beautiful than they really are. It is one thing to practice sports and watch your figure. It’s normal and right. But another is ashamed of the shortcomings, hiding behind cosmetics, lying under the knife of surgeons, reproaching himself for the imperfection. To be beautiful is to accept yourself. If you’re trying to change yourself to please others and society to meet other people’s expectations, nothing will work. The opinion of others doesn’t matter at all. Each of us has an innate beauty that we must accept. If a person does not see your beauty, does not appreciate it and does not accept it as it is, then this is a wrong relationship. Find a soulmate who will love you and consider you the most beautiful person in the world.

2. How do you get happy?

We seek happiness in things, status and money by destroying our inner world. We chase illusion, fame, respect and many tinsels. We look for happiness and think that this feeling, and this state of being. When body and brain are united, not torn apart by contradictions. Often, we do one thing and dream of another. This imbalance makes us unhappy. Many people think that happiness is excitement and vanity. When you go from side to side… But you’re not. Happiness is based on harmony, acceptance and calmness. Stop chasing happiness. Stop, embrace yourself and love. You’re beautiful. Very handsome. Happiness? You already have everything you need to be happy.