How to become richer and earn more?

1.Start solving problems, not complaining. Poverty and lack of money arise where people avoid solving their problems. When the income is low, you have to change something, not complain and whine. Think about how to get more money than now. Stop sitting around waiting for a miracle. Buying lottery tickets can’t be your only plan to get rich. You know too little about probability theory.

2. Increase your salary How can I earn more? Most of us get our main income from our salaries. Think about how to increase it. The easiest way to raise your salary is to change your place of work to a better one, and maybe even move to another city. There is no point in working all your life where there is little money and no prospects. Life is short.

3. Communicate more Money and opportunities to earn it come through other people. To do this, you need to communicate more with people, not to lock yourself in your own world. More often, go to new places, make contacts, look for friends, make friends with people, and make connections. Do not have 100 rubles, but have 100 friends.

4. Identify your strengths Each of us has a predisposition to different areas of work. Identify your strengths and main trumps. What is your uniqueness and power in? How can you realize yourself and in what sphere? How can you become richer? Find your strengths and earn on them.

5. Sometimes we choose a specialty that parents, friends or randomly chose. But often it is the most important mistake in life, which everyone is afraid to fix, and then suffer for the rest of their lives. But maybe you should have tried it elsewhere. Can I go to study as a programmer, a sales manager or start a business? Change your specialty.

6. Surround yourself with the right people Try to communicate with those who are trying to achieve more, not sitting on the couch and drinking beer. Wrong environment will pull you back and will not let you reach your own. Surround yourself with like-minded people and strong people. Where to look for them? In communities of interest, in sports clubs and on the Internet. Mark Zuckerberg, Ilon Mask, Pavel Durov. Do you want to be friends with them? Read their books and subscribe to their blogs. Surround yourself with rich and successful people.

7. Treat money wisely The modern world has become a consumer society. We used to throw money at unnecessary things, clothes and entertainment. But this will not make you happy. It is better to save money to start your own business, travel or pension. Treat money as a resource to be protected. Always have a stock of money for emergencies. Start saving money right now.

8. Learn, study and study again Grandfather Vladimir Lenin was right about something. Without knowledge it is difficult to compete in today’s world. Use someone else’s experience and knowledge. Read more books, do self-education, go to confederations, get experience, develop professionally. Knowledge is power. They are the ones who will help you to outdo others and earn more money.

9. Learn to look to the future Many people go to work where they get a lot of money right now. But it is often more appropriate to choose a place where there are good prospects. Sometimes you have to spend time on studying, self-study and courses and then get more. Think five steps ahead, rather than being guided by immediate benefits.

10. Time is money Often people throw away their most valuable resource aimlessly. Try to save it, not waste it in vain. Less watch the series, less absorb the news, less sit in social networks, less aimlessly sit on the Internet and less lazy. When you will start to save, there will be time for much that wanted to make and try. Time is money.

11. Think How to become richer, more successful and happier? The one who thinks with his head earns a lot of money, not the one who works all day long. Any successful life begins with ideas and reflections. Take the time to think about your plans in life. Don’t let life go on its own, otherwise you’ll find yourself in a broken trough. Think, think and think again. You will only get richer when you start doing something about it…