How to behave at work – 5 tips for successful men

Higher education and extensive experience do not guarantee success at work. To earn the trust of your boss, you need to develop personal qualities. GorodRabot experts offer 5 tips for men – how real leaders behave.

Be open to the team

Often, even experienced professionals do not like to contact colleagues. Remember – closed, insecure, unable to joke men do not succeed in their careers. The key quality is charisma. A man must find a common language with both women and men, regardless of age and hobbies. If it is nice to talk to you – people appreciate it.

To learn to behave freely in a team, you must get rid of uncertainty. In most cases, the cause of uncertainty is the inability to support the conversation or bad diction. Learn to speak beautifully and clearly – self-esteem will immediately rise.

Stay calm in critical situations

When you are nervous – knock on the table, tear off your colleagues, looking for the guilty? Real experts always keep everything under control. You shouldn’t joke either – they may think that you are frivolous.

To avoid panic, you need to learn critical thinking. The sooner you find a solution to your problem, the less excitement you will experience. Calm people become leaders, managers and team leaders.

Know your price

Men have this trait – they always take on too much work. They agree to perform duties that are not specified in the employment contract, are detained at work late. But processing and workaholism do not benefit the career. Colleagues respect only those men who are not afraid of their bosses.

The bosses, in turn, see the employee with a sense of self-esteem as a highly qualified specialist.

Fulfill your tasks on time

It is not enough to respect yourself, you need to be responsible for the tasks. Men often neglect it and reach the deadline. Such employees are not valued in any company.

Lack of motivation and poor planning hinder productive work. GorodRabot advises to start a diary and record work cases. Electronic records are the most convenient. To keep a diary is not a woman’s business, it is a good employee.


Men like to separate work and rest. At work they do their best, and at home they lie exhausted. Because of this, the list of skills of male employees is very limited, because they do not have time to learn.

But in 2019 this approach is not suitable. The employees who spend time on self-study are much more appreciated. First of all, experts advise to improve computer and legal literacy. Men who know how to write contracts, quickly find the right information on the Internet and do not contact the system administrator on every issue, deserve more respect and move faster up the career ladder.