How to boost your sense of humor?

Some tips for those who want to become a true master of wit.

The ability to joke well and understand jokes is a skill, and any skill can be developed. Today we’re going to figure out what can help you do this seemingly difficult thing. There’s no straightforward advice on how to get funnier and more inventive abruptly, but there are plenty of indirect ways to help you get there.

For example, reading fiction books. The broader your horizons, the more reasons for jokes and funny observations you can discover. Mix modern literature with world classics, and you’ll have no equal in elegant references.

Don’t forget to develop your creativity. Creating ideas is a process very similar to creating jokes. You have to be original, unpredictable and always on point. Turn off logic, turn on lateral thinking, and create!

Watch topical comedy shows. When you have a good example in front of you, things go much faster and better. You’ll understand what topics are trending right now, how to respond quickly and beautifully to a joke, and how to handle yourself if you’ve decided to be the king of humor.

Learn from your mistakes. Sometimes a joke doesn’t go away, and sometimes it just turns out to be a rip. Pay attention, analyze, and conclude which jokes people around you respond to well and which ones don’t.

Don’t be afraid and always be ready to laugh at yourself. You can’t be funny if you take yourself too seriously. People who take themselves lightly find it much easier to make funny jokes, at least because you always have at least one reason to laugh at yourself.