How to break up with a beautiful girl simple but effective tips


How to break up with a girl: what you can and what not to do

How to break up with a girl: psychological subtleties

Typical male errors during breakup

When a man is in love, he commits real acts, becomes the embodiment of gallantry and courtesy. When love has passed, the “inner” gentleman hides in the fog, and there remains a confused man and the difficult task of life. He must break up with the girl he loves, but sees no future, or whom he has fallen out of love.

We are not going to take apart all kinds of nuances in the article, there are many of them, and they will not change the recommendations. The main thing is to understand the logic of good and bad behavior.

How to break up with a girl: what you can and what you can not do

The last chords of the relationship are difficult for both partners. If you try to let everything go on its own or find conflict-free easy ways – this is the way to nowhere. The separation is always hard. But it depends on you: soften or strengthen the blow.

How to break up with a girl: psychological subtleties

A man should remain so always: and at the moment of courtship, and at the moment of parting. To leave, absolutely without causing pain, it turns out when both have thought about the breakup, but do not dare to make the first step. In other cases, the last goodbye is an unpleasant conversation, and sometimes more than one, tears, worries and resentments. Let’s give tips on how to reduce the unpleasant accompanying breakups.

Talk. You don’t break up in 1 minute. Explain the reason for leaving, answer her questions, even if you fear them more than the exam from the dean of faculty.

Thank her. Express your appreciation for dating, for living together, for her care and affection. In addition to the words, give a symbolic gift. Flowers will suffice. But choose not a luxurious bouquet of roses, symbolizing love, but a more restrained composition of hyacinths, gerberas or chrysanthemums.

Anemones represent the completion of something. A friend may not know the meaning of flowers, but they are appropriate.

Don’t try to break up in order to remain friends. A girl who loves you will take it as hope that you will help, that you will be there for her and that you will not turn away. Cut painfully, but once.

Don’t blame. The final conversation often devolves into mutual recriminations. Try to avoid it, don’t blame her back, even if you think she’s the reason for the breakup. You will save nerves for both of you.

Typical male mistakes in breakups

When fear of impending conflict takes over, you do everything you can to avoid talking. This leads to situations that humiliate not only the partner, but also the man himself.

Breaking up in VK and through other social networks is perceived as cowardice, which leads to frustration and anger: You didn’t have the courage to say goodbye by looking her in the eye. You “throw” your girlfriend the phrase to end the relationship and leave her alone with her feelings and thoughts. This is cruel at the very least.

To break up with a girl who loves you, but for whom there are no more feelings, guys often choose this strategy: I will do everything that pisses her off, so she left first. So you delay the decisive moment for an indefinite period, accompanying the waiting conflicts and quarrels. This is exhausting and nullifies the happy time together.

An extreme variant of this behavior – adultery. To the pain of separation you add hurt pride, self-esteem and dignity.

Ignoring and going into hiding is preferred when not living together. You artificially put your partner in a situation of uncertainty. The waiting is depressing and frustrating. Resolve the situation with one conversation. It’s more honest and noble.

So, when you’ve made the decision to break up, you need to leave emotion aside and frankly communicate your intention. Helpers in this are tact, restraint and gratitude. If you will be guided by them, and not by fear, resentment, and selfishness, you will be able to part with dignity.