How to care for sideburns

Say the word “whiskers”, and bright images will appear before your eyes – and not necessarily they will be successful. From the heroes of Saturday Night Fever to British cyclist Bradley Wiggins, who is stuck in the era of mods and rockers, all of these images can become terrifying very quickly. But done correctly, discreetly, neatly, they allow you to get away from unpleasant associations and add originality to your image. Aveda Lead Master Stele Nicolau gives advice on how not to spoil, but only to improve, with the help of sideburns.

1 Find your style
2 Accuracy
3 Form
4 Haircut
5 Care

Find your style

If you like the idea of ​​letting your hair flow down, start with the conservative option. The safest solution is short and neat sideburns no more than an inch (2.54 cm) wide. This option will make your colleagues look back at you, but at the same time they will not understand what exactly attracted their eyes.

Did the first try to let go of the sideburns give you confidence? From now on, you can search for the shapes that best suit your face. For example, square-faced men can let go of the sideburns a little lower to balance the proportions and lengthen the jawline. If you have an oval face, which is proportional by nature, you should not make your sideburns too long, medium length is enough.


To keep the sideburns from just facial hair, choose the right hair length. Decrease the length of the hair in a graduated manner, gradually reducing the length towards the end of the sideburns. By playing with the length of the hair, you can visually hide the bald spots in the sideburn area.

The form

When the hairdresser inevitably asks you whether to leave the sideburns natural or to shape them, you will have to choose one of the opposing ideologies, so choose very carefully.

Natural does not mean wild and unkempt. It’s just the sideburns that grow along the natural growth line of your beard. And shaped sideburns can be wherever you wish. On the formed ones, you will have to work more carefully, getting rid of the bristles where they should not be. But you will get the sideburns that you like.

A haircut

When choosing a sideburn shape, think about how you will care for them. Sideburns with short hair length require more frequent grooming. Hair grows faster in the sideburns than in other parts of the face, so some men have to remove the length every three days.

Experts advise getting a good hair clipper with different attachments. Your hairdresser can advise you on a specific model, based on the type of hair and the shape of the sideburns. A good place to start is Babyliss Super Stubble XTP. This device guarantees high precision and flexibility for excellent results.


If you’re not going to grow huge sideburns, buying a special product for a few square centimeters of your face is silly. But since the hair in this part of the face is rather coarse and thick, some products can have a noticeable effect. We recommend multifunctional products such as Aveda Men Composition Oil. Massage oils can be rubbed into the sideburn area to add hydration. It is a great beard conditioner that softens and moisturizes. The sideburns shouldn’t look like a scruff – show them on the soft side.