How to celebrate the anniversary of the relationship in an original way?

You’ve been together a long time, you’ve passed fire and water, you’ve learned a lot about each other and now finally the first anniversary of your relationship is coming? Or maybe it’s not the first? I want this day to be remembered by something special, to please you and your half with unforgettable moments of romance and good mood!

No matter what anniversary you are going to celebrate – the first meeting, the first kiss or the first confession – the main thing is to make sure that this day is really special.

How do we celebrate the anniversary of our relationship with the other half? This question makes you think, because to come up with something really original and memorable, something that will then be stored in the soul with great trepidation throughout the relationship, and maybe even life, is not as easy as we would like.

That’s why we decided to offer some interesting and romantic options, which may help someone in planning such an important day.

The holiday starts in the morning!

If you want to get a charge of pleasant emotions from the very morning, then start preparing the anniversary from the very morning, it also includes the first surprises. Men can run out from the morning to get a bouquet for their beloved, optionally, to take a joint morning bath. Dial up hot water, pour foams into it, add your favourite aromatic oils and salts, light up the aroma candles.

In such an atmosphere it is very easy to relax and tune in to a festive mood from the very morning. Have breakfast together, prepare your favorite breakfast: let it be something interesting, try to create something new, something that you have not yet tried to cook.

If you’re preparing a gift for your soulmate, it can also be arranged in an unusual way: in the morning, spread out notes around the house, which in a poetic form (interesting prose will also work), leave instructions where he can find the next hint.

Naturally, behind the last one should hide the gift that you have prepared. It is very nice to open your eyes and see, for example, a whole armful of helium-inflated heart balls for effect. You can write nice words and confessions on each marker.

How to do it in an original way?

Perhaps the most original are some extreme entertainment: for example, try to feel the romance of free fall, jump together with a parachute! If the altitude frightens you, you can try scuba diving or plan a trip.

Naturally, in honor of a romantic holiday you would like something unforgettable and bright: a weekend trip to Europe, for example, France, Czech Republic, Italy, England and so on will be great. Such an anniversary, rest assured, will be remembered for a long time.

If you don’t think so globally and stick to more traditional ways of celebrating, the simplest, but nevertheless also very pleasant and romantic, is to visit a restaurant or a favorite cafe. Naturally, on this evening you should be irresistible, perhaps you should look after yourself with a new dress and take care of your underwear and hairstyle.

You can also celebrate an anniversary with your favorite guy at home, but try not to turn this action into a banal eating of your favorite food. Perhaps you’d like a theme party? Like a medieval dinner or a pirate dinner, or maybe you’re both a fan of some movie? Dress up as its heroes, prepare special treats that could be part of your favorite movie!

Or maybe you could go camping. Put aside all the city fuss and plan a trip to the mountains or the sea, take a tent, guitar, favorite food and go! If you don’t want to go far or time doesn’t allow, you can spend an anniversary in the scenario of your first date.

Repeat that unforgettable day when you felt those same emotions, go to the same places, walk along the same streets, if possible, dress up in the same clothes. Before you know it, the emotions close to the first will return to your hearts, thoughts and feelings will turn your inner world!

Optionally, organize a joint photo shoot: find a good photographer in advance, think over your images and places to shoot, please your pair with new and original photos that will capture your feelings and emotions forever on this day. Or try to make your cherished dreams come true, plans that you haven’t dared to make for a long time or just didn’t have enough time for them.

Go shopping together, try a bike ride on new routes, or do something together, such as making a collage of your photos, which you can then hang on the wall.

What about gifts?

Often on the anniversary of a relationship, lovers try to please each other with something and go looking for a presentation. What to present to the person you love on such a day? Of course, the best gifts are your care and attention on this day, but if you decide to give something material, then let it be as romantic as possible. It is unlikely that it will be any practical gifts, they are a little inappropriate here, unless, of course, you have not agreed on them in advance.

If for a girl – perhaps it could be jewelry, beautiful lingerie or a favorite scent of perfume. Recently, it has been very popular to give various certificates, such as a trip to a spa (of course, for you two) or some interesting master classes (for example, painting or cooking unusual dishes).

For a man, the idea of a gift can be a bottle of good wine, a beautiful tie or quality perfume, tickets to a football game or a concert of his favorite band.

And most importantly, remember that a gift does not have to be expensive, the most important thing is that it is presented with soul and sincerity. Even an ordinary flower can be played in such a way that it will overshadow any jewelry or other expensive gifts. Even if you do not know what to present, it is better to make a mistake, but still try to do something than to ignore such a reverent and beautiful day of your relationship.