How to change your life in a week?

You’ve probably heard about how you can change your life in just one week or seven days. Here’s a detailed plan after which you’ll never be the same. You’ll have a hell of a week of change when you step out of your comfort zone. Challenges will follow you harder, set a new bar and create new standards. Are you afraid it’s going to be hard? Aren’t you afraid of wasting your life? Where will you be in 5 or 10 years if you keep doing what you’re doing now? It’s nice to stay in your warm comfort zone, but what’s it like to flush your life down the cesspool? Always waiting for a good chance, but it rarely ever showed up? Waiting for the signal to start making changes, but it never sounded? Change is urgently needed. You know this better than we do. The time is now. How do you change your life? Use Eric Larssen’s method.

How to change your life in a week? This methodology was proposed by Norway’s best business coach and former special forces officer, Erik Larssen. He described it in more detail in his book “On the Limit. A Week Without Self-Pity.” This method will dramatically and quickly change your life. If you’re ready to get out of your cozy swamp and head toward your dreams, then go for it. Rules for a hellish week: Wake up at 5-6 in the morning and go to sleep at 22-23 hours Sports at least 20-60 minutes a day Positive mood every day, avoiding television, social networks and other nonsense Work hard every working moment of time Eating only healthy food Determination, activity, productivity

  1. Monday. Work on habits On the first day, let’s start working on habits. A habit is something that is automatic and constantly repeated later in life. Good habits make life better and negative habits make life worse.

What time do you get up, how do you eat, how do you behave during the day? These are all habits that have arisen at some point in time. Consider each of your actions in terms of a habit. Is it healthy or unhealthy? Brushing your teeth in the morning and before going to bed? Useful. Eating right? Useful. Sitting on social media? Harmful. All the time sad, in a bad mood and frowning? Harmful. Trying to be sociable and friendly? Useful. In the beginning it is difficult, but then you get used to looking at all your actions, subjecting them to a critical analysis. Write down all your useful habits in one list, and harmful in another. Try to make it so that every day there are more good ones and fewer bad ones. Turn all habits into automatic patterns of behavior and thinking. Develop to strengthen good habits and get rid of bad ones.

  1. Tuesday. Focus, Attitude and Concentration Working on something, we often get distracted or try to do everything at once. Learn to focus on one task at a time. Focus on the task at hand, not disperse your attention. If you’re doing something, focus only on it. This will raise your productivity many times over. How to make a difference in a week? Learn to create a mood when you’re doing one thing. It’s the focus of your attention. It can be work, study, business, sports, connecting with a person. Focusing on the task at hand is what you’ve been missing for a breakthrough in things.

  1. Environment. Time Management and Time Management Forgetful, late, absent-minded, and underachieving are all words that describe a failing person. Someone who doesn’t know how to manage time and doesn’t know the basics of time management. The most basic problem many people have is the inability to manage their time. Some people spend their time trying to achieve their goals, while others spend their time looking for excuses and doing nothing. Want to take control of your time? Learn to plan things for the day, week, month, year. Plans don’t always come true, then without them it’s hard to count on anything at all.

Ask yourself questions about plans. What do you need to accomplish in a year or more? What’s the plan for the month? What are you going to do this week? What will you do today? Make lists that clearly tell you what to do in each segment of time.

  1. Thursday. Step outside your comfort zone You can choose the safety and comfort of the cesspool you’re in. Or you can overcome fear and laziness by getting out of your comfort zone. Set out to make a change. How do you change your life in a week? Already over halfway through the week, but not feeling stressed? Today is going to be your toughest day yet, but it’s no less interesting. Today you don’t go to bed. For the next 24 hours, once you get up you do nothing but work. No procrastination, no laziness, no social media, no idleness. No entertainment, no non-work related internet and no aimless time. Work nonstop 24 hours a day to solve most of your accumulated tasks. It will be your stepping out of your comfort zone. You will push your limits and redefine what you can do. You’re stronger and cooler than you previously thought.

  1. Friday. Recover On Friday, take a shower first thing in the morning and then start a new day. You should go to work on Friday and perform your usual duties. But the main difference is that you are exhausted and tired. You want to sleep. On Friday, you must learn to use your energy sparingly, look for time to rest, and take advantage of short breaks to recover. Learn techniques for effective rest by learning to conserve your energy and rest at the first opportunity. Realize the value of restoring your body. You can’t be effective and successful without energy.

  1. Saturday. Dialogue with yourself Don’t ask what life can give you. Ask what you can take from it yourself. Believe in yourself and your strength. To do this, enter into a dialogue with yourself. Praise yourself for your past achievements and victories. Think about your strengths. Find the best, positive and coolest things about yourself.

Find the warrior and fighter within you. Don’t let failure scare you. Don’t be afraid of discomfort, problems and obstacles. You have it in you to achieve what you want.

  1. Sunday. Look at life from the outside If you’re not satisfied with your life today, then you need a change. Think about your life as if from the outside. Who are you and where are you going? What plans and goals do you have? What are your dreams and what will you do? Think globally. Here’s a crash course in change for just one week. In seven days, you’ll completely change your life and yourself. You will discover your new limits, desires and thoughts. You’ll find a new you.

How to change your life in a week? Try this hell of a week. In a week you’ll be different. It’s all you’ve ever dreamed of.