How to change yourself in 7 days: extreme tips from a Norwegian special forces officer

The days go by. The weeks go by. The years fly by. If you’re lucky, you’ll live to be eighty and have 4,160 weeks at your disposal. Most of them are in the home-work-home scenario. But what if one week was enough to make a difference in your life?

With these questions, Eric Bertrand Larssen begins his new book, At the Limit, published by Mann, Ivanov & Ferber. And this is not a theoretical course from the category of “How to become happy,” but a specific methodology of self-development lasting 7 days.

After the book came out, 13 countries joined Hell Week, including Russia, where the course has already been taken by 3,000 people, from young mothers to entrepreneurs.

Here are some useful tips from Eric to help you become more effective.

Make the decision to change

Making a decision is the first step to change. The most effective strategy for assessing whether you need to make a change in your life is to ask two questions. The first is, “If I continue to live the way I do, what will my life be like in five years? Will I like it? What kind of people will I be surrounded by?” If you don’t like the picture, then it’s time to make a change.

And the second question is, “If right now I start living differently – more consciously, more efficiently, and living each day to the max, what will happen to my life in 5 years?” How’s that picture for you? It’s more fun already, isn’t it?

Eric came up with Hell Week as a way for people to see what their ideal week could be and how much can be accomplished in just 7 days.

Higher Purpose

Very often we get discouraged because our purpose in life disappears. Eric tells us that this was the case with one of his clients, attorney Carl. Carl had a successful business, an apartment, a car, a wife, and children. It would seem that what to dream? But Carl was getting discouraged.

And Eric realized: he needed a higher purpose. We all need a higher purpose. And it has absolutely nothing to do with any material things. In a sense, a higher purpose is our mission on earth.

Carl chose to have a higher purpose in helping people with cancer. His mother died of cancer and wanting to help people with the same problem gave his life meaning. What is your higher purpose? Maybe you want to help people, too? Or create something great?

Write down the phrase, “My highest purpose is…” on a piece of paper right now.

Spend the day in silence

Many people know that there is such a practice as vipassana. It is a 10-day meditation course. People come to vipassana centers and spend 10 days in silence, meditating for several hours a day. Many who have taken this course confess to themselves that their lives have changed completely.

Have a day of silence. Do not talk to anyone, do not read books, do not communicate in social networks, do not write anything, do not watch TV. In general, spend the day completely alone with yourself. You’ll be surprised how it will change your life. You will feel how many unnecessary and useless thoughts are in your head. You will realize how much importance we attach to our feelings and emotions, and how much they control you.

Your task this day is to quiet your mind and let your thoughts flow as they please. Your mind should be like the smooth surface of water.

Stay awake for 41 hours

Hell Week has its own rules. For example, you will have to get up at 5:00 and go to bed at 10:00 p.m. Eat only healthy foods. Exercise every day. Be energetic. Live your life according to a plan. Eliminate empty conversations, TV and social media during work hours.

The week at the limit is designed to show you: your possibilities are limited only by your imagination, and that’s it! One of the tasks of the week is to stay awake for 41 hours. That is, you get up at 0500 hours on Thursday morning and go to bed only at 2200 hours on Friday.

This is a great technique that will show you that during that 41 hours, you will get a second wind several times. You will find that your body takes strength from somewhere, even when it feels like there is no strength at all.

Don’t stop asking

At least once a week, you need to ask the questions that most people don’t have time for. It’s the timely questions that help keep your hand on the pulse of mindfulness. Ask yourself:

– Is my life really going the way I want it to go?

– Am I going my own way?

– How can I be even more efficient and productive?

– Am I giving 100%?

– Am I doing my best for my career?

– Am I meeting the challenges to achieve what I want?

“Hell Week” is not another “success marathon,” it’s an attempt to test yourself. You will see what your life can be like if you live it to the fullest each week. You will see how much time you actually have and how much time you waste on nonsense. You will learn how to be focused, concentrated, and deliberate. You will learn to love yourself, appreciate loved ones, and relax without gadgets. You will find your optimal routine that will help you become more efficient in every action. You will get rid of bad habits and replace them with healthy ones. You’ll finally understand what you want from life and what your Higher Purpose is.

And all this in 7 days.