How to check a girl on a social network

Previously, men asked their friends and acquaintances about a girl and read the inscriptions in her entryway. Now men can find all the information they are interested in in social networks. How to check a girl and learn a lot about her? Employers and banks do not bother to go to social networks for information about a man, then what are you waiting for? The modern world is saturated with social networks and if you look for the truth about a girl, it is better to go to the Internet in her accounts.

How to check a girl in a social network

1. A lot of selfies

A lot of selfies speak about high conceit, selfishness, narcissism. The girls who are worried about their appearance are not well adapted for relationships. They are like princesses who need a retinue and slaves. A future admirer, such a narcissistic chick, will be forced to indulge the girl’s whims and whims forever.

2. Party lover

Does a girl have a lot of pictures from parties, clubs, social events and incomprehensible parties? Does she always have a glass of wine and some man’s armpit? The girl definitely likes to hang out, drink and maybe do it on her first date.

3. Signed for strange communities

Movement for matriarchy, supporters of feminism, a fan of “House 2”, a fan Olga Buzova. One cannot judge a person solely by subscriptions, but they definitely complement the image of a girl and characterize her.

4. Supporter of beautiful life

Cool cars, yachts, money, pathos quotes. The girl wants a definitely similar life, but clearly not to earn herself. She has a lot of photos from traveling, but the level of income is not the same? If there are no pictures of her friends, it is quite possible that the sponsor of all this fun is another daddy to whom she “worked” 100%.

5. Number of friends

If a girl is not engaged in business on the Internet, then having more than a thousand friends is suspicious. Most likely, the girl leads a very active lifestyle. A new account with a small number of friends says that the girl has deleted the old one for certain reasons. Most likely a personal one. Like a broken heart whether the presence of dirt on her.

6. Lover of nudity

Girl looks out a lot of photos where she is in unambiguous positions or extremely naked? The girl “trades” herself and shows the delights to the future buyer. A girl is definitely not of the strictest moral principles and it is not so difficult to get her into fitness in bed.

7. Girlfriend inadequate

Girlfriend post many strange, depressing, aggressive, sad, jealous messages? A girlfriend has psychological problems, which cross out the positive components of communication with her. Internal “cockroaches” write all this nonsense on her wall. If a girl has a lot of kittens, hearts and other similar heresies, then the girl is infantile and has not yet grown up. Phrases that men are goats or about unhappy love indicate that the girl was recently matched and abandoned.