How to check a girl

Do you want to spend your time on hidden hysterics, fools, egoists, belarusians and whores? As long as you run after the unworthy, other men will take apart the best. Girls often arrange different checks and tests for guys. This is done not only out of harm, but also to determine the personal qualities of the man. Although, to be honest, more of them are made out of harm. In the fairy tale “Frog Tsarevna”, the king checked his future daughters-in-law himself. These were tests for the ability to sew, cook and look. In modern times, you have to take care of yourself. We do not call to test your girlfriend, but if you get bored, you can have fun this way. Someone will tell you to test and check the girls – it is not manly. It is said by those who have never been burned. And do not believe the girls who say that you do not have to test.

They are too interested party. Do you want to spend your time on hidden hysterics, fools, egoists, belarusians and whores? As long as you run after the unworthy, other men will take apart the best. How can you avoid this and meet only worthy girls? How to check a girl? How to test a girl for self-esteem and sense of humor One of my friends tested guys like this, but this method is suitable for girls. From someone else’s account, write that the photo of your friend is not good. You can write a little harshly or with humor. A person with normal self-esteem and a sense of humor will accept it with irony, will answer with a joke or indifference. A person with low self-esteem will burst with anger and boiling hatred. How to check the girl for unbalance Take the girl to billiards, bowling, play table hockey or any other game with her. Now watch her. How she reacts to the loss, worries about little things, is angry. Check how the girl reacts to the loss. If a girl does not know how to lose adequately, then what kind of relationship can we talk about with an unbalanced special?

How to check the girl for curiosity and suspiciousness Leave the girl alone with your phone or social network page. If she started climbing them without demand – your business is bad. She does not trust you and has little respect for you. Such a friend will constantly check and control you. If she, in your smartphone, has changed the background from the depressing photo of pornographic actress Sasha Grey to her crooked face – it’s cool. This is a good girl. How to check the girl’s intelligence Invite the girl to walk or in a cafe. Subtract the smart nonsense from magazines on psychology and start talking about the meaning of life. Many girls can’t answer anything sensible if it’s not about movies, the Internet or a party. Perhaps you will hear the noise of her squeaky brains. A girl who does not even know the school curriculum or does not have elementary knowledge is hardly suitable for the role of a permanent girlfriend.

Although you may be fond of silly beauties? How to check a girl for selfishness Check the girl with the test from the movie “The Bronx Story”, but it is not suitable for all cars: “Drive up to her house. As you get out of the car, close both doors. You go in for her. You put her in the car. And when you go around the car from behind… See if she will stretch out her hand to lift the button and open the door for you. If she doesn’t reach out and open the door, know that she is selfish! How to check a girl for other suitors Send her a postcard, a bouquet of flowers or a gift without her signature. If a girl does not hurry to answer and thank you, it is suspicious.

She does not know from whom the gift came to her. The girl can call back later and will carefully find out if you sent her anything. She will do it very carefully, because the gift may be sent by another boyfriend. How to check the girl’s fidelity The girl is not a phone and the incoming counter will not look. Ask your friend to get acquainted with your girlfriend, start to correspond with her anonymously, check her correspondence on the phone or in the computer. Methods to check the girls a thousand. Look carefully at your girlfriend: she stays late at work or study, refuses to be close, disappears with her girlfriend, does not answer the phone, receives various gifts, evades the joint pastime.

How to check the girl’s household you saw at her house or at yours. Let her cook something for you! Say that you are hungry to say when you meet her. She should make an attempt to cook something. The option to go to a restaurant or cafe to tell a story puts an end to her economic abilities. If she has prepared something, but not very well, it is okay. The main thing is her readiness for action. How to test a girl for hysterics You should be late, give her a silly gift, or rot her in any way. The girl will give you a quarrel, hysterical. You will see and hear screams, tears, blackmail or reproaches. You may have got the wrong gift, but what she is hysterical is you will see at once. How to check the girl for availability Try to seduce her after 15 minutes of dating. If you managed to climb up under her skirt 14 minutes ago, maybe the girl is not very hard or it was a rubber girl. How to check the girl for sympathy She is dating you, but shows all kinds of that she is independent and does not appreciate you much. Get lost for a few days.

Do not write to her and do not call her. If she shows concern and starts looking for a meeting with you, she at least cares about you. It is easy to know how people treat you – it is to get sick or to go to hospital. All those who care about you, at least, will ask about your health and even visit. How to check a girl in general How will a girl behave under the influence of alcohol? Girls usually become more relaxed and free. She can start doing something, talking or frankly. The actions of a drunk person are worse controlled. You will learn a lot hidden from you and maybe she is not as angel as she shows herself. Observe her adequacy, unbridledness and craving for alcohol. At the very beginning, watch your girlfriend carefully, so as not to waste time on dubious and unworthy girls. And then forget about checking your girlfriend and just love her.