How to check and fuck a girl at the same time

If I have one friend who takes advantage of the naivety of girls who dream of the good life. Girls pay for him at cafes and put their feet on his shoulders before he can offer them sex. How to get laid quickly and for free by saying one phrase? “Some girls are like Indian lands: they too give themselves to the first man they meet for beads. You can woo a girl long and hard, spend time, money, nerves and attention on her. But the result is not always known. But you can do things differently.

A little craftier, wiser and more pragmatic, as a friend of mine. A friend of mine, wise in experience and relationships, operates his own pickup lines. He does a kind of test to girls, with which he screens out the self-serving and mercenary girls, while getting sex from them. When he gets to know a girl, he does not take her to an expensive restaurant, does not run after her, and does not spend money on gifts.

He is humble, charming, and straightforward. He inadvertently utters one phrase, after which girls themselves are ready to pay for him in cafes, hunt him down and put their feet on his shoulders. How do you check and fuck a girl at the same time? A friend of mine says, “I don’t have any money right now because I’m building myself a two-bedroom apartment.” The apartment issue has corrupted people so much that for 90% of girls it is the best aphrodisiac.

Girls are immediately attracted to it, have feelings and become sexually attracted to it. The young fools who have fallen for this trick have long since passed the hundred mark. He taught a lot of provincial girls and capital city girls about real life. If you’re after the money, be ready to push your legs in repeatedly and for free. You will be had by many as long as you manage to sell your body higher.

There are very, very many mercenary girls trying to get their asses all over the place. But they are the ones who are the easiest to seduce.

This is the pickup method my friend uses to test girls for girlfriend eligibility, and it’s hard to blame him. Do you want a beautiful life and to take advantage of other people? Be prepared to spread your legs for free and have others screw you mercilessly. Good girls don’t fall for that. Almost all women have given for beads, and they still do. How is that your fault? It turns out that 90% of the girls are common whores? It’s up to you to decide and check…