How to cheer a girl: proven ways

Bad weather, Monday, and my throat is tickling, where can I have fun? So she thinks, but how does he think? That’s right – you urgently need to find a way to cheer up a girl if she is bored. They don’t choose a good mood, but create it, so arm yourself with simple tips and go on to the smiles.

How to cheer a girl up if she’s bored: ways Romantic films always start from the stage when the protagonist gets to know his chosen one and breaks off a hilarious joke. The heroine instantly takes off the fortress and laughs sweetly, although a second ago in her life everything was worse than ever. Is it really only in the movies? Method 1: how to raise a girl’s mood (unfamiliar) The main message of this situation is that to start a conversation, and even more so with a stranger, you need to instantly arrange it for yourself.

Humor comes to the rescue; it relaxes and creates a friendly atmosphere. A good joke told about the situation that concerns both of you will liberate the girl for communication, even if she was not going to meet anyone. In the end, it is banal politeness – to answer a smile with a smile. Method 2: how to cheer up a girl (acquaintance) In the case when the girl is already familiar to you and for some reason you suddenly want to cheer up her (why?), Just a joke will not be enough.

Cook two, or even three! Okay, we can joke too, but now seriously. It is possible and necessary to joke with her, but empty jokes are unlikely to cheer her up if her face says: “Do not fit in – it will kill!” Your cheerful behavior amid her sadness will most likely seem disrespectful and offensive.

Before using humor, ask a girl why she’s bored? How can you cheer her up? Perhaps you need to look for a way to cheer up the girl, and not cheer, in which case the jokes about the cat that fell in the paint just disappear. The main thing – do not push it, do not try to force things, let the girl herself want to open up for conversation. When you find out the reason for the bad mood, do not rush to immediately irony over it. Best of all, if she herself after a laugh laughs at her problems, at least a little.

Method 3: how to cheer up your girlfriend In this case, you yourself must know how to cheer up a girl if she is bored. In theory, you studied her tastes, you know what is funny to her and what is not. If a cat ran between you and the girl flatly does not make contact, then here are a couple of practical tips to cheer her up: Start the morning unusually, prepare a delicious breakfast, manage to hide a bouquet of flowers on the balcony and give it right in bed.

During the day, try to distract her as much as possible from the subject of scandal / quarrel / quarrel. Give your soul mate a real day off, let her not worry about anything. Best of all, two things help the girl to relax: surprises and shopping. Take her to the mall and pray that there is enough balance on the card. In the evening, after exhausting shopping trips, the finished dinner will be the best gift. And where without relaxing massage.

How to cheer up a girl in VK There are situations when it is not possible to talk face to face and separation is badly spoiling the mood. However, judging by the humorous series, the guys, unlike the girls, are happy to receive the news that their other half is leaving. They immediately ring up their friends and start wrapping up without looking back at tomorrow, as on the last day of their life. Frankly, this is a fiction, men miss no less than women, they just hide it carefully. It’s easier for a guy to cheer a girl than himself, which makes him feel more fun. But when the distance does not allow a hug, hold the hand, kiss, then how to act?

How to cheer a girl in VK? Jokes and jokes Yes, corny; yes, not new; but it works! It’s all about the right choice of jokes that only you can understand. Let you be a little mistaken and laugh at them half the world, but still they remain your jokes. There is such a wonderful expression “accumulating” a joke. What is its essence? She will not even cause a smile if you pronounce it once. Repeating it again, cause a slight laugh. But after the twentieth time, the desired effect will finally happen! Come up with a “battery-joke” in your relationship, it will definitely cheer you up even after a thousand kilometers. Compliments How to entertain a girl without sparkling humor?

Easy! It’s not necessary to clown every time and fill it with VC with funny pictures and stories. Any girl first of all appreciates the attentive attitude towards herself in a guy. If you notice that she no longer has time or does not want to respond to your jokes with emoticons, then go to another level – use compliments.

There is a fine line, which cannot be advocated under any circumstances. You must clearly know how to cheer a girl in VK, and at the same time write the absolute truth. Representatives of the weaker sex recognize lies for a mile away, they can not be “copy-paste” from a romance novel. When saying (read – typing) compliments, pay all the attention to her strong and winning sides: does she have beautiful eyes? – great; chic hair? – fine; slender … In general, you understood the principle: praise, praise and praise again.

Soulful conversation Sometimes, to raise the spirits of a girl in VK, sincere conversation is enough. And the correspondence on VKontakte is suitable for this purpose much better than personal communication. It is often difficult for people to open up to another person, even if they are close to them. They are afraid to see a reaction to their secrets: laughter, anger, anger, misunderstanding. Each of us has secrets that we do not submit to the general court.

The moment of rapprochement between a man and a woman occurs precisely when they share with each other something very personal, that they hide deep in their souls and do not show anyone. If you are far from each other, warm the girl with warmth, albeit through the smartphone screen. Sincere words of a loved one warm more than all the batteries of the world. We hope that you will be able to cheer and cheer the girl up when she needs it. Do not be afraid to make fun of yourself: you will not seem ridiculous, you will become a real knight of her heart.