How to cheer yourself up when everything is “bad”

The meditation “The happiest day.”

Close your eyes. Listen to the sound of footsteps somewhere far away. The music slowly fills you. Listen to your heartbeat.

You’re at the seaside. Somewhere you can hear the birds singing…

But you can’t see any trees near you yet…

It’s not clear where you get a huge desire to walk with your bare feet on the water… You walk along the shore… Feel the feet slowly wrapped in warm water… How its little droplets stay on your feet. A gentle breeze blows in your face. You’re happy.

Swim if you want, swim….


Come closer, look at what it’s like, but don’t open it yet… Behind this door your happiest day, come in… Look around, remember the people who were near you, look at their faces… Look at the objects around… Take an object with you… Thank them all for being with you. walk again slowly through the day and close the door….

Listen to your heartbeat.

The music slowly fills you.

Listen to the sound of your steps somewhere far away.

Open your eyes

A gift to myself

Feeling lonely? All of a sudden, it’s all gray and moody? The mood is gone, and there’s no desire to smile? It’s so bad, I don’t even want to go outside.

There’s no need to despair! Here are 10 ways to cheer yourself up and cheer up.

  1. Pamper yourself with shopping

Surely there are things that you love, but rarely allow yourself for one reason or another. Bad mood is just the time when you can’t indulge yourself, but you have to.

Buy yourself a posh bouquet of flowers, go to a cafe and drink a cup of coffee, the price of which previously seemed reckless to you, or at least buy yourself a good chocolate or a delicious cake.

  1. Give yourself a walk

When was the last time you were in a park, out of town, or were you just walking the quiet streets of your town? It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. Try to get out of the Internet, put off all your business and give yourself at least an hour of silence where you can hear yourself. Get away from the noise of the city, give yourself a little peace and unity with nature, and you will feel how the vital energy returns to you.

  1. Go to

If there is a reason for your bad mood, try to eliminate it. Do not expect the situation to resolve itself, try to take it into your own hands. Remember that there is a way out of any situation. Share your problems with your loved ones, ask your friends for help, think about what you can do yourself. The action will give you back your self-confidence, and thus lift your spirits.

  1. Smile for

At first glance, very questionable advice. How do you smile in a bad mood? However, scientists have already proved that a smile leads to the production of hormones of happiness and, accordingly, raises the mood. So, make yourself smile: watch your favorite comedy, find a new anecdote on the Internet, call your most cheerful friend, watch young children – in short, do what can cause you to smile.

  1. Do some delicious experiments

It is known that delicious food can lift your spirits significantly. It may be a favorite home-cooked meal, or, conversely, a new or even exotic food that you have long wanted to try. A trip to a restaurant, a sushi bar or a favorite pizzeria is guaranteed to cheer you up. You can arrange a themed dinner at home and treat your friends with dishes of Spanish, Greek or Ukrainian cuisine, and at the same time have fun.

  1. Dance!

Dancing is one of the most effective ways to return a good mood. You can just play your favorite music and dance at home. Or you can go and sign up for lessons where you learn the basics of oriental dancing, Latin or other dance directions that you have always been attracted to. Don’t complain about the lack of time, but start studying, and you will see that bad mood in general will stop visiting you, and the figure will be slim and trim.

  1. Do something useful

You can take a break from your bad mood by signing up at the gym, an English course or any other course that will give you new knowledge or skills. First, time for bad thoughts simply will not remain, and secondly, in such a way you will raise your self-esteem that also not badly drives away the gloomy mood.

  1. Let your creativity begin…

In every person there are some creative abilities. Try to find your talents! Draw a picture, write a poem, try to beaded your favorite old thing, take a knitting needle, remembering your childhood hobby, prepare a culinary masterpiece – in a word, do something that will give you pleasure, and you will immediately feel better.

You are very depressed, the whole world around you seems gray, and it seems that no one and nothing can lift your spirits. You’re deeply mistaken and that’s why…

Unshaven, hungry, tired and angry… Shave, eat, rest. Well, what if it’s not that, if before an important meeting you were splashed from head to toe by a passing car, from the morning a broken heel, and you need to walk the whole day, or you got on the exam the same ticket, which you did not have time to learn ? Or everything seems to be fine, and something is missing, the mood is zero and keeps falling, and you do not know how to help yourself…

The worst choice you’ll make if you start feeling sorry for yourself, crying over your “ruined” fate, saying to yourself, “It’s all gone!” You shouldn’t! In this way, you will only attract pitiful or malevolent views to yourself (and one is no better). And why do you need it, so the mood will not rise … We must act, and then everything will happen. Program yourself only for the best, and then this Best will have no other choice. There are always chances to win a fight with fate, everyone has their own. And they always find the ones who are looking for them. If fate closes the door, it opens the window – that’s for sure. Our advice is for those who are not going to give in to adversity and darken their lives under any pretext. For those who appreciate every moment and are ready to meet it with a smile and a good, at least elevated, mood!

So, if from you for any reason ran away good mood, I advise to remember the words of a lover of cakes and jam, good Carlson: “Calm, only calm. It’s a worldly thing!” and smile at all adversity to your face! Yes, yes, it is a smile that can save you, even when you think that in your life there was the most unpleasant episode. After all, often life deliberately inflates darkness, to then shine its bright side!

Try to pull a smile on your face and hold it for 3 minutes. I was taught this technique by an old friend. At first I didn’t believe it, but this simple trick is guaranteed to get rid of the bad mood! And all the muddy thoughts disappear at once.

Imagine that 10 years have passed and look at your problem from the height of this time. And it will seem so insignificant that it will involuntarily cause you to smile. So why be upset now?

Don’t think about the bad for a second! After all, thought is material, so learn to reflect the negative by attracting the positive!!!

Your well-being depends on your own decisions. (Rockefeller) We get exactly what we give! And there’s no other way. So let’s surround ourselves with joy!

Where common sense does not help, a sense of humor always comes to the rescue.

Never stop smiling! Even when you’re sad, someone might fall in love with your smile.

And if you try to reward a passerby with a smile? He’ll smile back at you, and it’ll get warmer on your soul! “Share your smile and it will come back to you more than once.”

Open the window, look at the sides. This is all yours! The sky, the sun, every gust of wind! Do you have reason to be sad?

Remember a funny case from your life. How much fun you had then, a good mood will literally come back from the past 🙂

Play a funny puzzle game with yourself: try to find as much positive in your environment as possible. After all, all life situations are neutral from the beginning, and make sense only when we give them our assessment.

In the morning it would be good to recharge the positive energy from listening to your favorite music or reading jokes.

There are no other ways in the world to cheer up! The main thing is not to give in to despair (because it is a grave sin), to meet with a smile all the surprises and enjoy every moment! Because every moment is unique, and this is another attempt to change life for the better!!! Always so and will be, if, after reading this article on the site MirSoviet, you apply a couple of the described techniques on yourself 😉 and then the sunny mood will be your reward!

Sometimes it happens that the monotonous circle of office workdays seems to be quite endless, and our dreams, it seems, has long ceased to come true. So, it’s time for a change. And it’s best to start with the little things. The important everyday little things that will support us and bring more bright colors into our lives.

The World of Advice offers you simple ways to learn how to receive and appreciate the little joys of life every day. And good emotions are the key to confidence in yourself and in communicating with others.

Arrange a SPA in your own bath

In order to relieve fatigue and stress after a hard day’s work, you do not need to go to an expensive SPA-salon. Come home and before immerse yourself in the troubles of home, give yourself 20 minutes of your personal time – it is not so much! Pick up a bath with warm pleasant water, add aromatic foam, and to be sure to be on top of the bliss, throw a few flower petals there (they can be soap petals, or better – the petals of the real live flower, which you can buy on the way home). Immerse yourself in snow-white foam and imagine how the water washes away all the troubles and difficulties of the past day. You can take a glass of cool fruit juice with you in the bath…

If the day was too busy and you feel that your nerves are not joking, a bath of Valeriana grass can help you. Make a decoction at the rate of 6 tbsp. Valeriana for 1 liter of water, boil it for 15 minutes, and then pour into a bath with warm water. This will calm your nerves perfectly and also help you to fall asleep easily and quickly.

The joy of communicating with the animals

Many who have pets will confirm that communicating with pets is peaceful and uplifting. A fluffy purring kitten on your lap or a dog greeting you with a bark when you return home will bring a warm smile and joy to anyone.

By the way, doctors have long practiced treatment of various neuroses and depressions through communication of the patient with an animal. This method of recovery is called animalotherapy.

Especially good “healers” are horses and dolphins. And why don’t you stop watching TV and take a ride on horses accompanied by an instructor one weekend? A lot of positive emotions and delight are just provided for you!

It is a pleasure to eat

Remember how we usually try to make the most delicious things before guests arrive? The WorldCouncil recommends that you at least occasionally arrange “festive” dinners exclusively for yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to bake a pig or do something heroic like that. Just buy yourself something delicious, put your favorite flutes on the table, put beautiful napkins. You can light a few candles – they will make you warm, cozy and joyful at heart. Feel that all this is exclusively for you. And… take delicacies, have a good appetite!

And what do the doctors say? It turns out that even if you stick to an exceptionally healthy diet, giving up hamburgers and fatty mayonnaises, it will not guarantee your well-being! It is very important to eat something from time to time that will really make you feel good – chocolate or cream cake or delicious fried meat. And the constant refusal of these little joys is the first step to bad mood and apathy, and as a result, to health problems.

The greens are pleasing to the eye

Dull cityscape with multi-storey buildings and asphalt does not contribute to a good mood. After a long time in the subway or stuffy office with an abundance of office equipment, we unknowingly begin to feel irritated. On the contrary, a walk through the grass in a nearby park helps to relieve stress and put your mind in order. Breed more plants at home, they will help to compensate for lack of communication with nature – one of the factors in the emergence of depression in large cities.

Beginner “gardeners” MirSoviet recommends the fastest and easiest way – take a plastic cake box, fill it with wet earth and sow seeds of ordinary oats. The first green shoots will appear on the third or fourth day. And you will experience a very pleasant feeling, watching the green seedlings break through from the ground!

To do something good

According to research (the purpose of which was to identify feelings when doing any good deeds), people in helping others and any other positive actions feel exclusively joy, some ease and satisfaction from what has been done.

Indeed, by doing a good deed, a person’s self-esteem and mood improve. So, maybe we should stop arguing with a colleague, isn’t it better to offer her a truce and a cup of coffee?

Meet me in the morning.

Often the morning sets the tone for our whole day.

No matter how sleepy and sluggish you wake up in the morning, try to get yourself out of bed and head to the nearest park for a jog, or take a contrast shower in the bathtub, or just stand on the mat and do some exercise. MirSovietov is sure that if you manage to overcome the first minutes of laziness, you will feel the tide of cheerfulness and positive mood. And, coming to work, surprise your sleepy colleagues with a fresh and life-affirming look!

And in the end, I would like to say that I do not believe that happiness can fall on our heads just like that, out of nowhere. Happiness and our very life should be done with our own hands and almost every day, including Saturdays and Sundays!

Thoughts, aphorisms or beliefs that contribute to positive thinking.

If life has given you a lemon, make lemonade out of it.

Everything in life is rhythmic, cyclical, and “the night is especially dark before dawn”.

If you get confused in life, remember that stress, crisis can be the beginning of real success. In Chinese, a crisis is two possibilities: it can be dangerous.

Strength is not the best way to achieve a goal (a parable about the sun and wind). “Who

goes softly, he’ll go on.”

The wisest way to live is here and now. Don’t live.

dull, don’t feel sorry for what happened, don’t guess what’s gonna happen, take care of it. We have no power over the past, we have no power over the future, the present is real.

In order to avoid worrying about the future, you’re putting yourself completely into

for the present. (Chekhov “Man in a Case”) – teacher Belkin. About such say: “Lived – trembled, died – trembled. For what?

The principle of relativity: “I was killed with grief because I did not have

shoes, but it lasted until I met a man who had no legs.” It depends on who you compare yourself to: poor, happy. “Some cry that the soup is liquid, some cry that the pearls are small.” Somebody’s what.

Jealousy is ignorance of yourself. “Do you know how to play

the piano?” Jealousy is uncertainty. Imitation is suicide, the copy is always worse than the original. Discover yourself – that’s where wisdom begins, getting rid of the negative. I’m me, I’m not worse than the others, I’m just different. Which flower is better: a lily of the valley, a violet, chamomile, a bell? Which child is nicer?

Love for others begins with love for oneself as the most important.

of love “I myself” is the most important and important company in this life. It’s good in your heart that others are good with you too.

The prayer of the Optina desert elders: “God, give me peace and strength,

Learn to accept what I cannot change, give courage to change what I can change, and give wisdom to distinguish one situation from another.

  1. It’s wiser in the morning. Walter Scott: “It’s okay, 7:00 a.m. tomorrow.

It’s decided.”

The principle of life’s gratitude for everything that happens to you as a habit…

fortunately. A thankful man cannot be unhappy. Everything is done for the best; everything contributes to human development. “Happy man has a rooster.” “One should not bend under the changing world, let it bend under us” (Makarevich).

From depression can be cured in 14 days, if you follow the principle:

“Every day think about giving someone joy, that is, something that will cause a smile on another person’s face. Doing good to others is joy and good for yourself.

Whatever happens to a person in life – good or evil – everything must

to be seen from only one point of view – did he get better or worse after that? “Grief never leaves a man in the state in which it has caught up to him. It embitters the weak. It makes the strong even stronger, even kinder, even wiser, it teaches us to appreciate life”.

Money lost – nothing lost, health lost – half lost,

lost faith, lost everything.