How to choose a hat for a man

Headwear is an important element of men’s closet, and in our weather conditions – simply vital. Not all men are aware of fashion trends, so the choice of hats for men is quite a difficult task, especially if you consider the huge variety of models offered. A hat should not only fulfill its direct purpose – to protect from cold, heat or other weather conditions, but also look stylish and emphasize the style of its owner.

For men, headwear has long been an indicator of social status. The higher was the status of the owner, the higher was his hat. In summer the well-to-do members of the aristocratic class wore satin caps and decorated them with necklaces made of precious stones. In the winter, the cap was used for this purpose, adorning it with fur. Even among the poor, felt caps with fur trim for cold times were very popular.

Now times have changed, a good hat can afford members of all classes, but still the choice of this necessary thing should be taken seriously.

Variety of styles

A hat can tell a lot about its owner, being one of the most stylish elements of men’s image. Today a hat is not as popular as it used to be, but there are some places where you cannot go without this hat, for example to the royal races. For those who are still trying to stick to a conservative image, stylists recommend wearing this attire.

Although men’s hats will not look in everyday life, but they are just perfect for relaxing, leisurely walks along the promenade or the park.

Modern hats are versatile and come in many different types and styles.

One of the most popular hats that deserve your attention is the panama. It is usually made in light colors, is very light and breathable and is an excellent protection from the scorching sunlight. Panama is great for outings, so lightweight summer suits will go great with it.

Fedora is a fedora, able to add style and emphasize the individuality of its owner. It is worn with cotton shirts, straight pants, sports jackets.

The canotier is a summer headdress made of straw, so it is indispensable in the heat of summer. It used to be very popular, now it is worn much less often, but in any case the canotier remains a symbol of Venice, being a traditional attire of gandoliers. It perfectly combines with jeans, t-shirts and looks especially good with checked shirts.

English caps are most often made of tweed, less often of wool or cotton. This hat is just perfect for everyday wear. You can wear a cap with almost anything – with jeans, shorts, shirts, pullovers, coats. Here we can also mention the octagonal cap, which is very similar to the English cap. The difference in some nuances – the full shape of the hat has eight corners and a small button on top.

The baseball cap is a soft hat. It is one of the most popular hats, the appearance of which does not change over the years. The baseball cap is worn with casual or sporty clothing.

Now let’s talk about what hats to wear in cold weather. Helps to escape in cold weather – a fur hat. Usually by fur hat we mean a hat with earflaps, which is suitable for almost any winter outerwear – sports jackets, coats, sheepskin coats. Hats with earflaps are made from sheepskin, Astrakhan, rabbit fur. Color hats must match the clothes or accessories.

Knitted hats are especially popular. They used to belong to the category of sportswear, but over time have moved into everyday wear. There is a huge variety of them – bright, dark, different knits, they will look good with jackets, coats, raincoats, sheepskin coats. The product, hand-knitted, will be the best gift.

The best protection against winter weather will be caps, especially insulated models.

How to choose a proper hat

A great role in the choice of a hat is played by the shape of the person’s face. You need to accentuate the advantages of your face and possibly hide existing flaws that you can do with the right choice of a hat. If you do not forget to take into account this factor, you certainly will not miscalculate with the choice of a hat.

With a round face, stylists recommend wearing semi-fitted models with asymmetry to hide the almost equal width of the forehead, cheekbones and jaw, as a result of which the facial features look too massive.

With an oval face it is better to give preference to close-fitting models, knitted hats, voluminous caps and high knitted hats with a deep fit. Such models will make a lighter chin, correct too high forehead.

For a triangular face, a hat is ideal, as well as fur hats that will distract attention from a sharp chin, but still wide enough cheekbones.

An elongated face, with approximately the same width of cheekbones, chin and jaw, will ennoble a fur hat or hat.


Choosing a hat it is important to take into account its color, which should be combined with the color palette of clothing, style and appearance of the person. For example, blondes will look good with a hat in peach, beige or white and blue colors. Brunettes can choose blue, black, fuchsia hats. Possessors of blond and ashy hair will suit a gray-blue, pistachio-colored hat. Red-haired men can give preference to plum, fir and chocolate shades of hats.

Also, stylists recommend to give preference to intricate hats with a simple cut outerwear, uncomplicated in shape headgear is better to choose a complex design of the outerwear. But the main thing to keep in mind – the main thing is to be comfortable and warm in your headgear.