How to choose a men’s bag

From this article you will learn:

What a man’s bag is for

What kinds of bags for men are

What rules to follow when choosing a bag

What color to choose a man bag

What are the criteria for a good men’s bag

How to take care of a man’s bag

How to repair men’s handbag with your own hands

Practical men who strive to be on trend cannot do without such an important accessory as a bag. Everyone needs a convenient, high-quality and versatile model. Therefore the question of how to choose a men’s handbag always remains relevant. This article will discuss it.

What does a man need a bag for?

Only the most stubborn and conservative men can ignore the fact that the bag is a useful and convenient element of any closet. It should be known that the first such products were worn only by members of the strong sex – merchants, hunters, wars, shooters. They all needed a practical purse for valuables.

Modern society has long accepted this necessary accessory. And despite the fact that some time ago it was considered more of a privilege of women, men also managed to appreciate its advantages.

Types of Men’s Bags

If you do not know what kind of men’s bag to choose, first decide on the right type. The modern market offers a huge range of products, which can be divided into several groups. After learning about the features of each of them, it will be easier to choose the model that suits you best.

The main types of men’s bags:

Folder – a lightweight model of small size. Most often used to carry documents, a small laptop, tablet or netbook. Usually it is equipped with a zipper. A folder that can only be carried in the hand may not be very comfortable. Therefore, it is better to choose a men’s model with a shoulder strap.

The briefcase is a classic model, which is considered the most formal option. A traditional men’s briefcase looks quite strict, but it is gradually going out of fashion. Its place is quickly taken by casual models, more comfortable and roomy. Almost all briefcases have not only convenient handles, but also shoulder straps.

A travel bag is the best option to choose for business trips, vacations, or travel. Because of its large size, it will not be very convenient to use it on normal days. It is best to choose a model that has strong and comfortable handles, as well as a sufficient number of compartments and pockets.

Of course, we have not forgotten about backpacks. Contrary to popular belief, they are not just for traveling and hiking. If you think about how to choose a men’s bag, which will go well with casual and military style clothes – this is what you need. The volume of such products may not be large, but the capacity will surprise you. Plus, everyone can choose a design to his taste: extremely strict or a little severe, ironic or cheerful.

In fact, backpack is an indispensable companion of the urban dweller. For optimum size backpack at once fit and documents, and containers with lunch, and even leave room. Backpack will come in handy during flights, because almost all airlines consider it hand luggage.

A diplomat looks even more solid and strict than a briefcase. It is a frame rigid bag with clasps and a handle, which is most often made of suede or leather. You can choose a men’s model with a code lock or closed with a key.

The clutch looks like a purse, only bigger in size. It can hold cards, money and other small items. It most often closes with a zipper, sometimes with a magnet or frame clasp.

There are men’s models with one, two compartments and even three compartments that fasten separately. You can find clutches with a small, close-fitting handle for the hand, a loop for the wrist, as well as various decorative elements (pockets-flap, embroidery, rivets).

Shoulder bag. This is the most common men’s model. It does not occupy the hands and does not constrain the movements. Daily items are usually made of textile, which is well cleanable. However, the most popular are those made of leather or suede.

Men’s model can be distinguished by its long and wide belt. Sometimes the strap is adjustable, and sometimes it is equipped with a shoulder pad for convenience.

There are six basic models of shoulder bags, which differ in capacity and appearance:

Letter carrier. As you guessed from the name, this model was originally used to carry newspapers and letters. And today it is among the most fashionable men’s accessories.

Mailbox bags are made of leather, leather substitute, suede and other dense materials (canvas, canvas). They combine practicality and subtlety of style. They can be distinguished by a massive flap-valve that securely closes the departments.

How to choose a men’s messenger bag? Evaluate the accessory first of all on the basis of its practicality and only then on the appearance. Quite recently, this model was very popular among young people. It is best to combine such an accessory with a smart-casual style and use it for everyday wear. Even if you are not accustomed to such things, do not be afraid to experiment.

You can always adjust the length of the belt as you like, throw it on your shoulder, fasten it under your arm, as well as cross the belt over the chest.

Messenger is a square, semi-rigid accessory made of leather or dense textile. It is suitable for everyday wear and holds a large number of personal items. It contains two or three compartments and an external pocket, closed with a top flap (most often also with a pocket).

The tablet is smaller in size than the previous two variants. Similar to a letter carrier, only made of leather. The tablet can contain up to three compartments inside and a pocket on the outside.

This accessory is considered a universal one, as it can accommodate all electronic gadgets, and in addition to them – small personal items and tools. How to choose a men’s shoulder bag? The most solid and fashionable look products made of soft dark leather. Men’s models made of thick and thick leather are also considered an excellent option, because they cope even better with the function of protecting electronic equipment from damage. In order to choose the right tablet, pay attention to the fittings. Too many details clutter up a man’s look. Make sure the strap is sturdy and thick enough.

The tablet is equally suitable for business and casual style. However, it should not be combined with sportswear.

“For the camera”. This nickname was given to a small-sized square leather accessory with a rigid frame shape and a strap buckle. A pouch is the smallest size accessory, sewn from textile or suede. It is designed to store money and small items. There are also open leather cases without clasps, they are convenient to get the necessary things on the go. Sports bag – the best option, which is worth choosing to carry sportswear, equipment and accessories. It has a comfortable shoulder strap and side pockets. The compartments close with a zipper and have a good capacity. Such models are made of sailcloth or colored textile.

Belt bag. This compact model is worth choosing for carrying various small things, as well as cards and money. It is convenient to use during sports activities (player and phone will always be with you). Sports versions of products are made of textile, and everyday – from leather.

A suitcase is a travel accessory that is a universal replacement for the usual suitcase. Most of the time they are made of genuine leather. If you are interested in the most stylish model, it is worth choosing a vintage product with a frame lock.

The Holdall is similar to the men’s sports model, only more stylish. It is quite roomy, so it is perfect for travel.

“Totebag” is a model made in the form of a paper bag. Such a rectangular bag with short handles can be carried on the shoulder or in the hands. Characterized by a good capacity, is an alternative to the usual briefcase.

Tote Bag perfectly complements the image of a stylish, businesslike and self-confident man. It is used as a purse or bag for documents, various purchases and other small items. It perfectly combines with business-casual style.

It is impossible to give advice on how to choose a men’s bag that is perfect for everyone. All accessories have their own distinctive features, pluses and minuses. Therefore, to choose a variant that is suitable for you, you should first decide on your own needs and preferences. And it is better to have a few accessories of different types. In this case, you can wear your favorite model all the time, and all the other – on special occasions.

Tips for choosing a men’s bag

First of all, you should decide on the material. To choose a men’s bag made of genuine leather or suede, you need to know a number of nuances.

The most important thing is to be sure of the natural materials. You can verify this yourself or rely on trusted brands. In addition, the natural material can be recognized by its specific smell, similar to the smell of paint or varnish.

Natural leather is characterized by good heat transfer. And if you touch it, it will become warm, but it will stay dry. A leatherette will take longer to heat up and will be a little damp when you touch it.

Another method of recognizing the naturalness of the material is to drop a little water on the item. If it soaks in, you are dealing with natural leather. Otherwise the material will repel the water and the drop will drip off. This method does not work if the natural leather accessory is treated with a water-repellent agent.

How to choose a men’s bag made of suede? The naturalness of such a product is checked by passing the hand over its surface. Artificial material will not change its color, unlike natural.

Look through each compartment and pockets of the bag, assess the quality of the lining. Inside the product should not be visible any extra threads.

Don’t be lazy to check every seam. Leather is a very strong material, and seams are the most vulnerable areas. Conscientious manufacturers double stitch the leather to avoid shortening the life of the product due to loose seams.

Pay attention to the handles, they should not slip in your hand.

Then move on to assessing the fittings. All locks, zippers and buttons should try to open and close. Try to choose a product in which you can easily button all the compartments, without exerting additional effort.

Make sure there are no scratches or chips on the metal decorations.

How to choose a shoulder bag for men? First of all, check that the shoulder strap is comfortable to use and has sufficient width (otherwise, it will chafe your shoulder). Evaluate how well its length can be adjusted, whether the maximum and minimum values are sufficient for you. Ideally, the strap should additionally be equipped with a special lock to prevent slipping.

How do I choose the right size men’s handbag? First of all, the dimensions will depend on the type of product. However, sometimes even a difference of just a couple of centimeters is quite significant.

Think about what you will carry in the bag. If you need it for a laptop or an ultrabook, check its diagonal beforehand. You can choose a men’s accessory online, just checking the size of the product, listed on our website, with the parameters of the largest items you plan to carry in it.

If you are looking for a compact model that will hold not only your documents but also your wallet, phone, books or magazines, it is best to choose a roomy briefcase or mailbox. Many models of this range are equipped with two types of handles at once, so you can carry them on your shoulder or in your hands.

The large size sports bag is perfect for the most active men who play sports or travel frequently. It will come in handy on all kinds of trips.

It is important to choose the right style of men’s accessories, because they should go well with the clothes. Therefore, the most universal option are considered classic products. The exceptions are some youth models. They may be somewhat provocative to attract attention.

Since many men do not like long shopping, they can choose a bag almost at random. And get subsequently unpleasant surprises, which can always be avoided by taking a little time to search for bags in the online store.

What color to choose a men’s bag

Most manufacturers traditionally design men’s accessories in dark shades:


brown (bitter chocolate);



Criteria for a good men’s bag

If you choose a model according to all the above recommendations, it will serve you faithfully and for a long time. To a greater extent, such quality products include those made of natural materials. Quality material is a guarantee of safety of things carried in the bag.

No wonder that the popular at all times remains natural leather. Men’s models made of it look presentable, stress good taste and income of the owner. They successfully retain their original appearance for a long period of operation and more than repay the money spent. Leather products have good protection of contents from moisture and are easy to care for.

How to choose a good quality men’s bag? Leather accessories are pleasant to the touch and easy to clean. Keep in mind that whatever the cost of a high quality substitute, it will never compare to the natural material.

Leather is worth choosing because it has protection against temperature fluctuations, which means it will not crack. This is especially important for the straps and handles. In addition, it is plastic and does not leave any kinks after curling.

A quality lining retains the shape and contents of the accessory, as well as ensuring its longevity. It does not frizz, stain, or tear for a long time. Diligently made fittings do not break and do not cause any inconvenience.

How to take care of a man’s bag

It is important to know not only how to choose a bag for men, but also how to take care of it. Proper care is very important, as it increases the service life of the product.

How to care for a leather accessory:

Never store it in a plastic bag, otherwise oxidation processes will spoil the color of the material. Leather needs air, so it’s best to store it in a bag made of natural fabric. Sometimes they come with the product.

You should choose a dark place for the accessory, as it should not be left in the sun.

Avoid heaters and radiators.

Clean the product as soon as it becomes dirty. To do this, remove the contents, turn out the lining, gently wash and rinse the accessory. Clean the leather with a sponge soaked in soapy water or a special detergent according to its instructions.

Remove the remains of the solution with a damp cloth, and then wipe dry the material. At the end of all manipulations you can treat the skin with colorless cream for shine and additional protection. You can also use a colored cream to hide scratches and creases.

If you have a stain on the leather, use any alcohol-based cleanser. Be careful, as alcohol dries the skin.

Try to maintain the original condition of the accessory, regularly wiping its surface and lining with a damp cloth.

How to care for your natural suede garment:

Stuff it with paper to keep its shape, put it in a cotton sack and store it in a dark place.

Avoid getting water on the material. If the bag does get very wet, wipe it well with a dry cloth, hang it by the handles, and dry it at room temperature.

Regularly remove all dirt from the surface and wipe it with a special rubber brush (or sponge) with colorless suede spray.

Washing with a soapy solution is acceptable. However, you must do it very quickly, so as not to let it absorb the water. Do not rub the surface under any circumstances.

You can very carefully rub the flaky folds of the chamois bag with sandpaper “nullochka”, so that the nap layer was not rubbed off.

How to take care of a textile product:

It can be cleaned with a soft brush or washed by hand in soapy water. Get rid of stains with a stain remover. Before drying the accessory, fill it with paper to keep its shape.

Guarantees when choosing a men’s bag

Even if you know how to choose a men’s handbag, it is possible that you may end up with a defective product or that you will not be happy with it for some other reason. If you purchased a men’s bag without marriage, but it did not fit you (in size, color, etc.), within 14 days (not counting the day of purchase), you may return it to the store. The main conditions for this will be the preservation of the appearance, packaging, and labels. Also be sure to bring your receipt and passport.

If you find a defect in the product you bought, you can return it to the store within the warranty period. In cases where the seller has not set this period, it will be two years. Please note: fittings and those damages that occurred due to improper use of the accessory are not covered by the warranty.

The seller is obliged to take the goods for a quality check, even if he refused to return the money. The buyer has the right to be present during this inspection.

If after the inspection they still refuse to refund you, insist on an examination. In doing so, you must be absolutely sure that you are right.

This procedure should prove that the product was purchased with a defect, and then you are obliged to get your money back. However, if the result of the examination turns out to be the opposite, then you will have to pay the seller’s losses.

If the result is still in your favor, but the unscrupulous seller continues to refuse to return the money, write a claim and go to court.

How to repair a man’s bag with your own hands

Color restoration

Faded and worn areas can be restored without difficulty. Choose for yourself – take the accessory for dyeing to a workshop or do it yourself. In this case, you should use only professional paint and follow everything that is written in the instructions.

Before you start treating the bag, clean and degrease it thoroughly with an alcohol solution.

Once the coloring is complete, the result is secured with a special paint fixer and water repellent.

Color of suede handbags can’t be restored with re-dyeing, but small scuffs can be disguised with paint for suede in a spray can.

Repairing Surface Damage

Gluing cuts and scratches on the leather surface is done with liquid leather. Although it is not always possible to glue the cuts.

Before applying liquid leather, the scratches should be treated with a nail file and the restorer should be applied with a plastic card or a spatula. The layer should be applied with a small bump. After that, wait for the layer to dry and treat it again with a nail file, and touch up the restored area with leather paint.

Replacing handles and repairing hardware

These two elements are the most vulnerable components of any bag. However, they can be repaired without difficulty. You can do it in a workshop or on your own.

It is also always possible to shorten an overly long strap or add decorative elements to make your men’s bag unique.