How to choose a men’s belt?

Some rules of accessory selection do not change for decades. This applies to men’s belts as well. Hundreds of years later, the purpose of this element of the closet has changed. After all, once upon a time, a man’s belt was considered a reliable protection of the abdomen, and in some cultures it was used to scare away evil spirits. Nowadays belts are important components of men’s and women’s closet.

Principles of Men’s Belts

The use of the belt to support the pants is not in the first place among the functions of this accessory. Here are some tips for choosing this element of the closet:

Going for a belt, you need to pay attention to the shade of the product. This accessory should match the color of your shoes. It should not be chosen together with your shirt, pants or jacket. The texture of the material of the belt should also be the same. Shoes made of smooth leather will look absurd with a belt made of rough material. Such an accessory would be more suitable for work boots;

Here also the buckle plays an important role. The classic buckle is a product made of brass in the form of a horseshoe. But in today’s stores there is a huge range of different buckles with images. They will perfectly suit jeans. To classic outfits it is better to choose belts with a simple buckle without stones and inscriptions;

Choosing a belt, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the product. A poorly made accessory can change color when worn intensively. Models of quality belts with scuffs look quite interesting;

If you want to buy a men’s belt made of genuine leather, it should consist of two parts and be trimmed at the edge. Accessories made of leatherette are first tucked and then stitched;

In terms of size, the length of the belt should be optimal, so that after you fasten it, there was a 20-centimeter “reserve”. For an adult man should buy a belt width of 4-5 centimeters;

the price of this accessory should correspond to the cost of the chosen outfit. To an expensive suit is better to choose a quality expensive belt, and vice versa.

And remember – belts are not worn with suspenders! This is a significant mistake, which is very striking. Therefore, it is worth choosing some one of these accessories.

Let’s understand the varieties of men’s belts

You should not confuse styles, creating your image. After all, a casual belt will not suit a classic suit. Textile products or woven accessories look harmonious in everyday wear (with shorts, chinos and so on). According to designers, in men’s closet should be present these types of belts:

products in the classic style: some people argue that this accessory can not be used at all in the formation of the image of a business man. Someone says that the belt is an important link between the shirt and pants. Whether to wear a belt to a formal outfit – you decide for yourself. Under the formal dress code perfectly suit a usual black leather belt of medium thickness with discreet buckle. The width of classic products is 4-5 centimeters. They are of one color (black or brown) with a gold or silver buckle of standard shape. Such belts can be made of leather or other materials. Choosing a belt for special occasions, you should pay attention to expensive leather accessories. Such products will last you a very long time (at least 3-4 years). To ensure that the belts kept a good look, you should alternate them every day between each other, giving products “rest”. A classic leather belt should extend two centimeters in length (no more and no less).

Products for everyday use: The range of products in the casual style is much more diverse than the classic accessories. There are no rules here as far as shape, color, material and style are concerned. If we are talking about the buckle, here, too, reigns complete freedom of choice. But everything is within reason, because products with the inscription I Love Rock-n-Roll are not recommended to wear. The width of belts in a casual style can be up to five centimeters. It is recommended to wear wide products for older men. And for young men more suitable narrow belts. The buckle in casual accessories is quite large in size. As for the mechanism, it can be with a clip (more often used on fabric products) or an anchor. Such belts look great with jeans, etc. Belts with weave are a universal option. They emphasize individuality of a person and look great with clothes in casual style. Suede products, worn with shoes of the same material, will distinguish you favorably in the company.

The modern market presents a large selection of these accessories in different shades, with buckles of different shapes, etc. Do not miss the chance to diversify your style!

Men’s leather belts from famous brands

The most famous, reputable manufacturers of men’s belts are companies such as:

Aldo Brue: The combination of high-quality hand craftsmanship and innovation is the secret of Aldo Brue’s success. This uniqueness combined with high quality allows you to buy fashionable men’s belts that will satisfy the most diverse needs of customers. Aldo Brue’s trouser belts are made from high quality leather, which goes through a rigorous inspection and selection process before it enters the production line. Thanks to this, the brand guarantees the maximum quality of its products;

Baldinini: one of the most recognizable men’s brands in the world. It impresses with its excellence and its unparalleled Italian design. The Baldinini company offers not only women’s shoes, which is where its history began, but also fashionable accessories for men such as belts, wallets, gloves, scarves, etc. At present the distribution network of the brand consists of more than a hundred brand boutiques;

Bugatti: it is a brand that is usually associated with luxury sports cars, but over the years has also worked well in the fashion industry, producing fashionable men’s belts of the highest quality. Rich design and high quality are the main characteristics that make Bugatti men’s belts deservedly popular;

Feraud: brand Feraud was founded more than 60 years ago and today it is a recognized brand worldwide. In addition to fashion, the company produces furs, fashion accessories, including men’s belts.

Guy Laroche: initially Guy Laroche created a collection of clothing for women, but over time the company expanded its operations and the Guy Laroche menswear collection came on the market. While the company was mainly involved in the clothing industry, there was a large range of fashion accessories on the market, including men’s belts with the brand’s logo;

Jaguar: The company’s motto is a balance between modernity and tradition. Choosing men’s belts of this luxurious brand, you can be sure that you will look perfect in any situation;

Pal Zileri: Italian brand, specializing on business and casual men`s wear. It was founded in 1980. Manufacturer of men’s brand belts Pal Zileri prefers classical lines, constant evolution of elegance and uniqueness. The products of this brand combine tradition of handmade and advanced technology. Men’s belts by Pal Zileri can satisfy even the most connoisseurs of fashion, who are looking for accessories made exclusively in Italy;

Roy Robson: worldwide famous brand of men’s clothing and fashion accessories with almost a century of history. Roy Robson brand products are distinguished by their originality and uniqueness. Roy Robson men’s leather belts are chosen by men who appreciate time, comfort and success;

Van Laack: was founded in Germany in 1881 and has a longer history than many Italian and French fashion houses. Its founder, Heinrich Van Laack, was guided by a very simple idea – he wanted to create luxurious shirts that the elite of the time would not be ashamed to wear. In the future, the company established the production of men’s brand belts, which are not inferior to the popularity of other products of the brand;

Lagerfeld: for more than 40 years is the undisputed model of fashionable and stylish men’s clothing, which is chosen by millions of people around the world. Lagerfeld branded products are not only original and business men’s clothing, but a number of branded items that will complete any style. Leather men’s belts Lagerfeld are accessories for those who appreciate business style, high quality and simple design.

Hattric: it is a reliable German brand, addressed to the men who take care of themselves. A characteristic feature of the style is elegance, which is achieved through muted colors and the absence of unnecessary details. Leather men’s belts by Hattric are the top of perfection and elegance.

The question remains unsolved – which men’s belts to choose: leather or synthetic? There is a wide range of both leather and synthetic men’s belts in the offerings of online and stationary stores. If you are looking for a reliable pant belt that will last you for years, then be sure to choose a leather men’s belt. The advantage of synthetic pant belts is undoubtedly their price, but it is a questionable savings. Leather men’s belts are definitely more durable and long-lasting. They look much more elegant and solid, unlike their synthetic counterparts. One leather pant belt will last you much longer and you won’t have to spend money to buy a new product. In other words, invest in quality. A branded men’s belt is not only profitable and practical, it’s also your image. Don’t forget that when choosing a new accessory.