How to choose a men’s cardigan?

Cardigan can be rightly called an indispensable item of clothing not only for women, but also for men. It is perfect for hiking to work, evening walks and even some gala events that do not require a strict dress code. If there is still no cardigan in your wardrobe, we recommend you to buy this practical and convenient thing, and our article will help you make the right choice.

A bit of history…

Clothes, a little like the usual cardigan for us, the men put on fishing in the distant IX century. After the prototype of such clothes appeared in the XVII century among the common people of England and France. It was only a hundred years later that cardigans began to wear the clothes of wealthier sections of the population. This happened after they were used for his army by a general from England – Count Cardigan. His military wore a woollen jacket, which had buttons and a large neckline. These clothes fit them perfectly and warmed them up in the cold season. And only in the XX century, not only the military, but also ordinary men began wearing cardigans first in Europe, and then around the world.

What does a modern cardigan look like? Unlike a traditional sweater, it is distinguished by a deep neckline located at the front. And the cardigan is fastened with buttons, zippers or other types of clasps. It can be worn either with it fastened or unbuttoned. In the first case, it completely fits the figure and fits as well as a sweater. When unbuckled, the cardigan is like a jacket – it hides all the drawbacks, if any, and creates a more unofficial look, which is more in line with the casual than the smart and business casual.

Types of male cardigans

There are two main types of cardigans:

Classic model. In this case it is a knitted thing with a large neckline in the shape of the letter V. This cardigan has no collar, but is equipped with buttons along its entire length. It can be either free or fitted. Its length is usually below the waist or up to the thighs. Classic model is a basic element of the men’s wardrobe. These cardigans are usually sewn from wool. Among the colors most common are the following shades: blue, beige, gray, brown, mustard and, of course, black.

Modern models. Such variants are very different from the classic cardigan. They can be in different lengths, light or warm, spacious or fitted, stitched or knitted. Sleeves of modern cardigan models are usually vtachnye or all-crown. And the shoulder line can be slightly or heavily deflated. This type of cardigans is made of different materials – cashmere, wool, cotton, acrylic and even silk. In addition, fashionable designers complement modern models with unusual buttons, including “walrus canine”, which is used in the manufacture of Dafflcott, as well as all kinds of patterns, prints and other decorative elements.

The cardigan is universal clothing for all occasions.

As for practicality, the cardigan is much more functional than any other clothing for men. It can be worn throughout the year. In cool weather, if necessary, the cardigan can be unzipped or removed. During the cold season, it can be worn under outerwear, providing extra warmth. The cardigan is truly universal – you can take it off and leave it in your car or put it in your backpack without fear of crashing.

Choosing the style of the cardigan

The first thing to consider when choosing a cardigan is the type of shape. For men of dense physique, the classic single-breasted model with a V-shaped neckline is the best choice. It is important to take into account that the material and the shape of the cardigan are not very voluminous, as it can visually add to the stronger sex a few extra kilos.

There are no strict restrictions on the choice of cardigan for slim men. They can afford not only the fitted versions, but also oversize models and versions with a shaky collar. Besides for owners of slender figures there are no prohibitions on any print or kind of cardigans knitting. Double-breasted models will also suit them perfectly. And tall men can buy a more original version – an elongated cardigan.

In addition, choosing a cardigan, it is important to consider that in the shoulders it should sit as tightly as, for example, a shirt. This is especially true for models made of wool. It is also important to make sure that the cardigan is exactly the right size for the man – not small and not big. It is not recommended to purchase the item if the sleeves are too wide or too long.

The cardigan should not be too tight – it is important that the cardigan fits the torso freely and at the same time emphasizes the width of the shoulders. At the same time it is necessary to leave a reserve for things to be worn underneath. The cardigan should end slightly below the waist and not be picked up so that the figure does not look tighter than it is.

Pick up the cardigan material

Different materials are used to make cardigans, but it is best to give preference to natural ones. Cotton is the most common fabric for sewing clothes. Cardigans sewn from this material can be worn in spring and summer. In addition, they are very affordable.

However, those who want to buy a cardigan for the cold season are better off choosing wool. This material is breathable, so it will be more comfortable than cotton, which absorbs moisture. Cashmere has the same properties as wool, but it is softer due to its thin fibres. However, it is the most expensive material among the above.

Which cardigan colour should I choose?

When choosing a cardigan colour, you should take into account the time of year and the places where the cardigan will be worn. In winter it is best to choose muted colors (brown, black, blue, grey) for office dress code. In spring and summer, a light brown or beige cardigan will be suitable for hiking to work.

You can use any color scheme for everyday cardigan wear. The main thing is that they can be combined with the general image of men. In the cold season it is better to give preference to more natural colors (orange, mustard, plum), and for the season of spring-summer cardigans blue, yellow and red are perfect.

What do you wear a cardigan with?

The most successful cardigan fits into everyday images. That’s why it can be combined with any thing that fits into Cajual style. Thanks to the variety of materials from which cardigans are made, and the abundance of color solutions, every man will definitely choose a suitable option for a different time of year and for any event.

For official events it is recommended to give preference to a classical cardigan of dim colour. It can be worn under a suit instead of a vest. However, it should be noted that the cardigan should be darker shirt, but lighter jacket. In addition, such a universal thing can completely replace the jacket, if you wear it in combination with the classic pants. And in this case the cardigan should look as strict as possible, without any prints and with standard buttons.

In everyday life, the cardigan can be worn with anything from coloured t-shirts with prints to white monochrome shirts. The look will be complemented by classic pants or jeans of almost every possible model. Also, in this case will perfectly suit chinos and any other not too wide bottom.

Men working in the office or in enterprises with a low dress code can wear a cardigan with straight or narrowed jeans and a formal shirt. A tie is a great way to make the image more formal and businesslike. However, it should not be too long and wide.

In summer you can wear a cardigan made of lightweight knitwear, which fits perfectly with T-shirts. And not only monochrome variants are acceptable, but also models with print. To complement the informal image, it is best to wear sneakers and jeans (almost any model, including skinny and torn).

It should be noted that no matter what style was chosen, the bottom layer of clothing should not look more voluminous than the cardigan itself. Therefore, it is recommended to choose thin materials that will visually seem easier to him. Another important detail – at official events cardigan should always wear a zipper. And in everyday life, such strict requirements are absent. Therefore, it can be worn as zipped, and undone, depending on the weather.