How to choose a men’s haircut according to the shape of your face: advice from professionals

The face and shape of the head cannot be changed, but it is possible to correct it. To do this, you need to choose the right haircut. To do this, you need to consider a number of factors:

the shape of the head;

the color and type of hair;

age, style and lifestyle;

the presence of a mustache, a beard.

Choosing a hairstyle is a complicated activity, especially for people with no pronounced sense of style.

If you are afraid of ruining everything, it is better to visit BELAIA BORODA Barbershop and entrust your hair to professionals. The barber will intelligently choose a haircut that will be in harmony with your face shape, which will dramatically change your appearance and the way you are perceived by others.

In the meantime, we’ll go on and tell you what to look for when choosing a hairstyle.

Oval shape

The oval face is considered ideal, so almost any haircut suits it. Stylists, however, recommend avoiding too long or, on the contrary, short hairstyles. Suitable variant – box, half-box, undercut or Canadian.

Round face

Round-faced people like sharp angles in the haircut, and also long hair in the area of the crown looks good. Many people prefer asymmetric hairstyles – they also look natural. However, straight bangs and rounded lines should be avoided: they give an opposite effect, because they make the face look even more rounded. Voluminous and tall hairstyles such as the britches, the canadian (with the quiff brushed backwards), the quiff or the braids are a good choice.

Square shape

The square face has rather sharp jaw angles and the cheekbones are pronounced and prominent forward. The width is about the same as the length, which creates the “square” effect. Rounded shapes of haircuts are suitable for such people (you can hide your cheeks in long hair). To correct a sufficiently wide jaw, you can grow a small stubble or a voluminous beard. A suitable option in terms of haircuts is a quiff, undercut or fade.

Rectangular face

These people have a fairly long facial oval, and their cheekbones, forehead and jaw are about the same width. For them, the main thing is not to elongate the face even more, so you should avoid short haircuts and beards. To hide a high forehead bangs perfectly will help, and the high haircuts and long hair will hardly look appropriate. A suitable variant is a square bob, a British bob or a man’s bob.

Triangular face

A triangular head shape is characterized by a wide forehead and a narrowing oval. Hairstyles with short hair on the side, but with a longer crown are well suited for such people. Some stylists also recommend bangs. A suitable variant is the British or the quiff.

That’s all. Pick the right hairstyle and you’ll be amazed at how much you can transform your look!