How to choose a men’s perfume: important criteria

Many factors influence the choice of men’s perfume: age, style, time of year and, of course, preferences. Only with these nuances in mind will you be able to choose a fragrance as a gift that will make an impression. Universal tips on how to choose men’s perfume will help you not to make a mistake when buying.

Choice of men’s perfume by firmness

For many, the decisive criterion for the quality of perfume is its durability, and it depends on the percentage of aromatic substances and alcohol base. Deciding which perfume to buy a man, consider the type of fragrance concentration.


The most concentrated scent is perfume or Extrait de Parfum. The essential oils here can be up to 30%, and the alcohol – up to 90%. Perfume has a saturated fragrance and high durability. It is enough to use just a couple of drops to achieve a persistent scent and a bright trail. That’s why this perfume is not worn on a daily basis, and chosen for special occasions. But for a gift bottle of perfume is perfect.

Perfume water

In second place in concentration is the perfume water or Eau de parfum. It features up to 15-20% aromatic substances and 80-85% alcohol. Perfume water sounds almost as intense as perfume, but its durability is somewhat lower – up to 8 hours. Those looking for how to choose a men’s perfume should pay attention to the format of perfume water. Eau de parfum has greater versatility compared to perfumes, and costs several times cheaper.

Eau de parfum

The least concentrated of all is toilet water or Eau de toilette. The fragrance content is 10-12% and the alcohol is 70-80%. The fragrance of eau de toilette evaporates within 4 hours, but on clothing it can last a little longer. Toilet water opens up brightly, but has a less deep and voluminous sound than perfume or fragrance water.

Not sure which perfume for men is the best choice as a gift or for yourself? On the YSL Beauty website you’ll find perfumes for men that are suitable for any occasion, from office dress code to a social occasion.

How to choose eau de toilette for men: fragrance families

If you are looking for which fragrance of toilet water to choose a man, pay attention to the family of fragrances. Each group has features, purpose and its own character. Let’s take a look at the most popular fragrance families, which will help you decide on your choice.


Chypre fragrances are cold, fresh, and austere, with earthy and mossy undertones. Originally oak moss was the main ingredient in chypre fragrances, but today galbanum, other mosses, woody notes, patchouli and labdanum are used instead. Chypre perfume is a suitable option for every day, as it perfectly fits into the office context and combines with a business suit. A chypre perfume such as BOSS The Collection Cotton & Verbena by Hugo Boss will appeal to the businesslike, reserved and conservative man.


The woody perfume is velvety, bitter, tart, smoky, balsamic with a warm and slightly earthy smell of bark, moss, wood. The main notes are represented by patchouli, cedar, vetiver, moss, oud, rosewood, guaiac, cypress, sandalwood, juniper. Woody compositions are versatile, depending on the other components, they can be worn both at work and on a date. The bright woody notes give Y perfume by YSL the most noble and masculine sound. This fragrance is created for modern, stylish and self-confident men.


Leather fragrances are warm, bitter-tart, natural, animal, individual with the scent of dressed leather and suede. The main notes are birch tar, styrax, juniper oil, incense, suede and leather chord. Leather perfume with a persistent fragrance sounds status and expensive, it is most often worn in the evening. Dior Homme Parfum contains a heart of leather notes, which adds to its solidity and exclusivity. This perfume can be given to a serious man of mature age, who knows exactly what he wants from life.


Fougères perfume is fresh, airy, green, with tangible forest aromas. The main notes are lavender, coumarin and oak moss, which together should convey the scent of fern, after which the fragrance family is named. If you do not know what eau de toilette to choose a man to 100% suitable, then choose a fuzzy perfume. For example, Acqua Di Gio Profondo by Giorgio Armani with green and watery notes. Fougères perfumes are ideal for summer and demi-season, they will be a great addition to the daily image of an active modern man.


Citrus aromas are sparkling, fresh, sweet, transparent, slightly tart and juicy. Their main notes are citrus fruits – orange, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, lime, tangerine. They sound bright and sparkling like baking soda, best revealed in the warm season. An optimistic citrus perfume such as CK One by Calvin Klein will suit an active young man who loves sports and movement.

Tips on how to choose a perfume man

Perfectly selected perfume will make the image not just complete, but memorable and charismatic. Let’s find out how to choose eau de toilette for men as a gift or for yourself.

Take into account the occasion: the perfume for every day should be softer and lighter-sounding. Great suit citrus, furger, for winter – woody, spicy. Spirits for evening can be saturated, with a persistent enveloping trail. Suitable gourmet, oriental, leather flavors.

In summer, wear less persistent and plumey fragrances than in winter. Eau de toilette is best for summer and perfume for winter.

Test the fragrance – this is the next tip on how to choose a perfume for a man for himself. Use a tester or order a mini version to try the fragrance on your skin at least during the day. By evening you will understand whether the perfume suits you or not.

And the last recommendation, how to choose perfume men, concerns the quality of the fragrance. Order the perfume at the official online store brand to be guaranteed to buy the original, in the purity of the sound of which you will be 100% sure.