How to choose a men’s watch?

The watch is a necessary accessory that adequately complements a man’s personal style, is an indicator of his success. Therefore, the choice of men’s watches is not an easy task. In this article we will tell you about five important details that you should pay attention to when buying a watch for the strong sex.

Detail one: the mechanism

Today you can find a wide range of electronic, quartz and mechanical watches on the counters of shops. An important point – mechanical watches can be automatic or manual winding. The difference between mechanical or quartz watches is only in the power supply necessary for proper operation.

Mechanical men’s wristwatches have a spiral spring. Its main drawback is that it may malfunction over time if it is spinning unevenly. But the battery is responsible for the operation of a quartz watch, so the time deviation in these models will be insignificant (about fifteen seconds per month). Of course, men’s watches with a quartz movement do not need to be recharged and the battery has a sufficiently long life.

But there is a significant difference between a quartz watch and a mechanical movement – that’s their cost. The fact is that mechanical watches are assembled by hand, so their price is quite high, and quartz watches are created by automatics.

The second detail is a strap and a bracelet

Today, manufacturers of men’s wristwatches offer a wide range of their products. Leather straps are quite popular. They have a fairly high price, look very stylish, but at the same time, they are short-lived (over time, the leather straps appear cracks). But metal bracelets are more profitable in terms of operation. Their wear resistance is much higher. But they also have a weak point – links. Or rather, their fastening. Therefore, when buying a watch on a bracelet, make a choice towards a more expensive model.

Detail three: the material…

If you decide to choose a men’s wristwatch, be sure to pay attention to the material from which it is made. The most commonly used materials are aluminum, stainless steel, brass, plastic and titanium alloy. Aluminum is mainly used to make inexpensive models, but men’s watches with a higher price segment are created using stainless steel and a titanium alloy. Such popular material as polycarbonate is used for making cheap models.

The mechanism in the watch is, of course, a very important detail, but no less significant and the glass of the men’s wristwatch. For today crystal, sapphire, mineral glass and plastic are used.

Detail four: brands

The modern market offers a fairly wide range of branded men’s wristwatches. Among them Fashion (fashion) watches are gaining popularity. They have a bright and bold design, and can act not as an additional accessory, but as an independent part of the image. In addition, the main advantage of fashion watches is the fact that such watches can be changed depending on how fashion trends and even mood change, which is not the case with more expensive branded watches (in any case, not everyone can afford to change the watch several times a year). Such brands as CLAUDE BERNARD, FCUK, GUESS, MASERATI, SKAGEN, Nesters, RFS and 33 Element are quite popular among the modern representatives of the strongest sex.

Detail five: style

Before choosing a men’s watch, be sure to think about the style in which it should be made. If you prefer a classic, work in the office, often wear a suit, then elegant models with leather or metal bracelet will suit you. Classic-style watches are characterized by clear lines, neat design, quiet colors. The best option for classic watches is if the watch strap and shoes match in color, but if not, you can always choose a watch with a universal, metal bracelet.

Fans of sporty style can choose watches with unusual designs, complemented by various functions. Such models most often have a masculine look and are quite massive. If you want to handcuff your attention to yourself – your watches should have original shapes, design and color, in short, be different from standard watches.

We hope that our article has helped you and now you know how to choose a masculine wristwatch.