How to choose a wife and not to make a wrong choice

Advice from an experienced man on how to choose the right woman to be your wife

To find a worthy woman and to marry correctly, a man needs to take it seriously. Because for men, choosing the right wife is a task of paramount importance. Unfortunately, not every man knows how to choose a wife, so that further married life was happy and successful.

Therefore we suggest you consider the following questions:

By what criteria should you choose your future spouse?

What is the best girl to choose?

Why should you take the choice of a life partner very seriously?


1 What is important to consider when choosing a wife

1.1 Goals

2 Why choosing a wife should be taken seriously

2.1 How Millionaires Choose Wives

2.2 What a Man Needs to Know When Choosing a Wife

3 How to Choose the Right Wife

3.1 She is Intelligent

3.2 A girl must have a negative attitude towards divorce

3.3 Must have an attractive face and qualities

The right wife for you if your family is more important than your career.

Your common interests and beliefs are important to you.

3.6 When choosing a wife, look at her upbringing and background.

3.7 Willingly changes herself for a man

Believes a man is the head of the family

3.9 When choosing a wife, prefer a girl with a cheerful nature

3.10 Must be able and love to cook

4 Conclusion

What is important to consider when choosing a wife

Marriage for a man is a kind of contract between him and a woman, which must be properly concluded. But it’s hard to do that when you’re emotionally and blindly sick of love, like a sixteen-year-old schoolboy. That’s why you should be guided not only by feelings (love) but also by reason when choosing a life partner. To do this, it is important to remember the purpose of making the right choice.


Minimize the likelihood of divorce and blackmailing each other with a child.

To gain mutual satisfaction with your spouse in the performance of family and parental responsibilities.

To instill in children respect for their parents by helping them become well-mannered, educated people.

To raise children not as pampered sons and daughters but as people who value family values.

To have an outlet, a refreshment from life’s turmoil.

With these goals in mind, most members of the stronger sex see their other half as a joyful woman with a feminine appeal who can comfort her husband. They do not want their wife to be “independent,” overbearing, and possessing a masculine character like an overseer.

Why Choosing a Wife Should Be Taken Seriously

As soon as a man marries, the wife immediately gains power over his money and future children. For example, in a divorce, all the advantages are on the wife’s side. After all, divorce is a legal theft of the husband’s property and a redistribution of the man’s fortune to the woman. In addition, she gets a “paycheck” in the form of good alimony to provide for the children + help from the state as a single mother.

For the law, the wife is the victim and the husband is the tyrant. (It’s worth noting, in many cases, the woman is indeed the victim). So divorce is an extremely disadvantageous solution to marital discord for the man. So you need to be serious about choosing a girl to be your future wife in order to avoid breaking up the family.

Movies, women’s novels give the idea that the main thing in marriage is love and a soul mate, only then the marriage will be long and happy. All of this is a fantasy of television and book authors. The reality is this: marriage is an exchange of resources (quality, cooperation) where the spouses mutually provide each other with their resources. So when thinking about how to choose a good wife, it’s important to remember:

If the girl does not provide her resources, does not want to provide or her share is significantly less than the man’s share, then she cannot have the privilege of being your wife.

Some psychologists advise that when choosing a life partner, take the example of millionaires choosing a company to invest in.

How millionaires choose their wives

When choosing a wife, you need to have the same approach as millionaires who choose the company in which they want to invest their money.

When choosing a company to invest in, millionaires don’t trust their choice to chance. They research the company well, considering the pros and cons, only then make decisions. At the same time they sign a contract, having previously studied it, getting acquainted with all the pros and cons.

Conclusion: wanting to marry a girl, a guy should do it not only out of blind love for her, but also having previously familiarized himself with all her disadvantages and positive aspects. Only then will his decision be balanced.

Which means he needs to:

Take his choice of wife seriously, to eliminate the risk of losing property, through a possible divorce in the future;

Minimize the likelihood of divorce, especially if the man is successful and established. It’s hard to believe that divorce is accidental if you initially chose your life partner incorrectly.

What a man needs to know when choosing a wife

A man with age, the chance to marry correctly and choose a good wife does not decrease, but only increases. For him, age is like a fine wine with ageing. Wine does not age, it becomes more expensive! So it’s worth waiting a little while and not rushing into marriage. An acceptable age to start thinking about marriage is 27-30, which is an acceptable age. (Of course, everyone decides for themselves). This is the age when the choice is influenced more by reason than feelings.

A man doesn’t have to be like a woman. The things a wife is supposed to do do do not extend to him, for example, cleaning the apartment. Wives cannot have complete, absolute control over home decor. Men are not likely to want to live in hollowed-out rooms with flashy pillows, doilies, ruffles, or florals scattered all over the place.

Marriage should be traditionally old-school. The husband is the head, the captain. The wife is the subordinate, the first mate. That’s a traditional marriage. If it’s the other way around, then the marriage may end up with alimony and seeing the kids once a week every weekend. Marriage is a serious decision. Before you plunge headlong into it, you should make sure you can “swim” well.

As a rule, marriage to a woman of the same culture is the best decision, then it is easier for the spouses to find common ground.

How to choose a wife correctly

One of the most common questions among men – how to choose the right girl as a wife and by what criteria to choose her? After all, you want to have a good wife. So let’s consider the advice of a psychologist and some criteria that show that a girl can be a suitable candidate for the role of a wife.

She is clever

Any normal man likes to deal with an intelligent woman, not a “pacifier”. So, the girl’s IQ should be above average. It’s not about age. If a 20-year-old girl doesn’t have a normal IQ, she’s not likely to have one when she’s 30. It’s just that a 30-year-old with a low IQ looks stupider than a 20-year-old.

The girl must have a negative attitude toward divorce

If the girl thinks that divorce can be a means of solving her family’s troubles or she would rather divorce than try to glue the relationship back together, then you still need to look for your goldfish. (An excuse for divorce could be adultery or abuse by a marriage companion).

Remember: A marriage is successful when the spouses don’t think about divorce at all, not thinking it’s the only option for solving problems. Therefore, the key to a successful man is in choosing the right wife.

Must have an attractive face and qualities

Most women begin to gain weight after thirty. When a woman’s body changes its shape, the only thing a man is left with is a face and qualities that he will see daily. Therefore, the future spouse must have qualities and face that are attractive to the man. It is worth noting that:

Every man has his own ideas about a beautiful face;

Any woman can become attractive.

The right wife is one for whom family, not career, comes first.

Think about it, does the woman want to be the mother of your children and the mistress of your home, or does she dream of having a career as a married woman? If she is going to have a career, then she is unlikely to be able to spend enough time with her family, her children, her husband, her home.

Women who dream of a professional career strongly disagree with the role of mother in the family and fight for supremacy both at work and at home. They are opposed to cooking for the family, taking care of their children, and have no time to take care of their husband.

Remember: if a woman says career first, then maybe there will be children (unless it’s a mutual agreement), then it’s hardly a good candidate.

The only way a woman can marry a good man is to create a family, not a career. This is the desire of most successful men whose job and responsibility is to provide for the family. And in a life partner they want, above all, to see the care of a husband, children, creating a home, and only after that a career.

This does not mean that husbands are against their other half developing, having some hobbies, doing business. It’s just that it would be incredibly difficult for her to combine one with the other, without compromising her family or her health.

Statistically, most working women work because they have no other choice. But they would gladly leave their jobs to take care of their family, children, husband, or home, if the opportunity arose.

You share common interests and beliefs

The woman you want to marry must have beliefs and interests similar to yours. That doesn’t mean she can’t have her own self. It is good to have different opinions. But it is important that you have the same opinions about important things: money, family, children, sex, religion.

So before you propose marriage to your chosen one, try to make sure you have the same opinions on these issues. (To do this, read a list of questions you can ask a girl to get to know her better.)

Look at your wife’s upbringing and background

Your lady of choice should be educated, have family values and a good understanding of family life. She should respect others, love her parents and have good manners. Such a woman does not smoke, abuse alcohol and is not into tattoos. Her past does not include drunken “partying”, drugs, and a sordid sexual past.

Consider whether she would be a suitable candidate if the woman being considered as a future wife:

Frequently uses profanity, profanity,


looks down on others,

Excessively capricious,

Likes to argue over insignificant things or is quick-tempered,

With a messy sexual history.

This type of woman will make your life miserable. So be vigilant about choosing a wife and do not try to change the “bad girl” by marriage.

A mistake in the choice is like playing with fire, you can get burned. Although we must admit that there are exceptions. Still, it is better to choose your future wife from the well-mannered girls, who are oriented on the family comfort and family.

Readily changes herself for a man

When a woman loves, she readily changes herself: her preferences, views, tastes, to please a man. Her new favorite food is the one that her chosen one loves. She prefers the style of clothing that her lover likes. She finds his movies and books interesting.

She changes herself to please the man, trying to love what she never liked before. (It is worth noting that this is a reciprocal rule, that is, a man does the same thing when he loves a woman.)

Remember: A woman who is unwilling to change by trying to behave independently of a man is not respecting him. A girl who is able to change her views, tastes, adjusting to the man she loves, really loves him.

The man thinks the head of the family

All fairer sex dream to be with a man who willingly, readily able to obey. Who wants to be seen as a patron and head of the family. For them, it’s a recognition of male strength, giving a sense of security, making them happy, satisfied women.

Such girls have no desire to challenge male supremacy or behave independently. They do not see submission to a man as something humiliating, but as a demonstration of their respect for him. When a girl looks at a man in this way, it is unlikely she will ambush his property and joint children in the future, using the latter as a means of blackmail.

Remember: a guy has to be a man by nature. He must look and act like a man so that a woman will continue to admire him and love him.

When choosing a wife, prefer a girl with a cheerful nature

Her eyes should shine with joy and a smile should play on her face at the sight of the man she loves. The brightly shining smile of the woman he loves is more valuable to him than any of her university degrees. A nice happy smile is dearer to him than any of her jobs and attracts him more than her career.

Do you want a happy wife without wanting to see her whining, dissatisfaction and constant pessimism? Then choose a girl with a cheerful disposition and a good sense of humor to be your wife.

Must be able and love to cook

If a girl has no desire or ability to cook on a daily basis, then how does she plan to care for her children and husband in the future? Will she feed half-finished meals, sandwiches, order pizza at home or plan to spend family lunches and dinners at restaurants?

So not only will her husband’s wallet become skinny, but it can also affect the health of the family. That is why it is right to choose as a wife a woman who is able and willing to cook normal food for her family herself.


In today’s world, many men hesitate to start families because their hopes are clouded by the idea of divorce due to the wrong choice of life partner. Unfortunately, as men, we tend to focus on visual things when choosing.

Physical beauty, affectionate words, affection and sexuality are what some men talk about initially. Sometimes these things become the main reasons for starting and continuing a relationship. While they are important, they should not be the top priorities for a marriage.

Having had the bitter experience of bad choices myself, I have heard more than once from men who have been in a relationship for more than five years that many of them are unhappy in their marriages. Some don’t want to go home so they don’t have to hear a woman’s whining. Others seek solace on the side because intimacy has diminished. (This is not an excuse, but an explanation).

But to avoid all of this, or to minimize the likelihood of an unhappy marriage, a man needs to know how to choose a wife and do it right. Base his choice not on emotion and luck, but on a wise and balanced decision. For a happy relationship, his chosen wife must be:



and a good upbringing,

respecting the principle of primacy, not seeking independence,

attractive and faithful,

able to cook,

With a willingness to change and adjust to the interests of her husband.

And remember, no one will give you one hundred percent tips and rules for choosing a good wife. Marriage depends on the understanding of the two people. Since people are different in nature, the definition of a good life partner will also be different. If you are an introvert, you may want your wife to be your opposite. And that can create chemistry between the two of you.

So only you can answer the question of the right choice of a good wife, because you are the one to live together with her. Try to determine for yourself what you really expect from your life partner and to what extent you are willing to compromise for her.

And this article is just a recommendation of what you can and should pay attention to when choosing your future wife. You may have other selection criteria.