How to choose and wear a tie clip: basic rules

Cufflinks on men’s shirt cuffs, like tie pins, are still a good tradition. A tie-pin is properly called a clamp – this definition is more commonly used in colloquial speech. The accessory serves one function: it secures the tie to the shirt and prevents it from jamming. A clothespin for a man’s tie can be very different in design, material and cost. But in any case, it must be reliable: tightly fixed to the product, not to warp, not to cling to the edge of the jacket.

Types of tie clips

All clamps for ties by design can be divided into two types: Clips, designed more for thin ties. Clip-on clips – this type is considered to be more suitable for ties of dense texture. Some expensive models are supplemented with a chain with a thin ring of the same material: such a tie clip is a decorative element, which is additionally fixed on the shirt button.

Materials of tie clips:

Made of silver – the most popular option among modern men. Silver clip is often made in a laconic, understated design, costs inexpensive. The accessory would make a great gift for a loved one

Gold is a more expensive alternative to silver. If a man does not want the clasp to draw too much attention to himself, white gold of restrained design without decorative inlay is recommended.

The most common design variant is a bar – a narrow clip for men. There is a rule: the wider the tie clip, the more restrained its design should be. Often wide clips are performed with engraving.

Very interesting look designs, which are usually made to order and reflect the essence of the owner. Tie holder for the military comes in standard parameters and is often a mandatory part of officers’ uniforms. A custom-made tie clip in the shape of an airplane or submarine would make a great gift for a pilot, a steward, or a submarine-related professional. Tie pins are often made in the shape of an arrow, a wave, etc.

How to wear a tie clip

Even the most beautiful and expensive accessory can look cheap and ridiculous, so it is important to learn how to properly wear a tie clip with a chain. The loop is slipped over the button of the shirt over the clip, and the chain is hidden under the shirt – it should not dangle freely. Such men’s hairpins for a tie are reliably fixed, do not slip and it is almost impossible to lose the accessory.

It is a good tone to use a tie clip on your shirt. The owner gives the impression of a neat and stylish person who pays proper attention to his appearance

The rules for wearing a tie clip include the location of the accessory on the tie. At what height to wear a tie clip is very easy to determine: Just place it between the third and fourth buttons of the shirt.

Useful tips when choosing a clip

The following recommendations will help you make the right choice of this stylish accessory:

The color of the holder. Made of precious metals or jewelry alloys, the accessory should generally match the tone of the clothing: silver and white metals – for the cold color scheme, and for warm – yellow or red gold and “warm” alloys. Clasp, cufflinks, wristwatch, finger rings should match in color.

Choose the length of the clip. Here everything is simple: the clip should not be wider than the tie, and short clips are purchased only for thin, narrow ties. A distance of 3-5 mm between the edge of the holder and the rib of the tie is considered ideal.

Tie clip width and design. For everyday wear, holders of the most simple design and standard width are designed, any accessories encrusted with stones and crystals – only for special occasions and festive events.

It is better if the expensive accessory is made with a ring on the chain – to attach the tie clip to the shirt will be a little more difficult, but it is an additional guarantee that put on the button of the shirt ring will eliminate the loss of precious things.

Purchase several clips – different in design, color and size. This will give the opportunity to create a perfect harmony in the image when wearing different suits, ties, additional accessories.

When choosing a tie clip, try it on – it should fit snugly over both parts of the tie and the shirt!

A tie clip is a beautiful and useful accent to a man’s business image. Despite the apparent simplicity of the accessory, there are certain rules for its selection and wearing. Familiarizing yourself with them, you will be able to choose a clip suitable for any suit and circumstances or choose a memorable gift.