How to choose basketball sneakers?

Sports activity consists in persistent, regular training, constant performance of necessary exercises. All this is especially important for successful sports achievements. But no less important is the right choice of sports equipment. During competitions and basketball training, the main load is on your feet. Therefore, properly chosen sneakers are not only the key to success, but also the shoes with which you can achieve comfort and avoid injuries.

We choose sneakers for basketball

Sports shoes for basketball must necessarily hold the ankle well. This means that the highest running models are high sneakers. They provide stability during lateral movements and protect the legs from shocks during jumps. There are a few recommendations on which sneakers to choose for basketball. The main criteria for selection include:

The quality of the sole.

Material of manufacture.

The degree of fixation of the ankle joint.

These three points must be taken into account when choosing basketball sports shoes.


The sole for playing basketball is conditionally divided into the one that is intended for playing in the gym and on the streets. Sneakers with soft soles are ideal for basketball on artificial surfaces in indoor stadiums or on parquet in the hall. Sports shoes with stiffer soles are optimal for street games.

The shoe’s sole area also plays an important role in this. Better grip, friction and braking can be seen in sneakers with wide soles. Experts recommend the tread pattern “herringbone”. Sneakers with it are more resistant to stops and turns during the game.


The most suitable sneakers for basketball are those made of leather and synthetic materials. Leather is considered the most reliable, and with the help of the mesh it is possible to provide not only flexibility, but also ventilation of the foot. Recently, manufacturers are increasingly making sports shoes for basketball, which have a fully synthetic top.

They are gaining popularity with great speed due to their lightness and durability, because modern synthetic materials are exactly that.

Protection and fixation of the ankle

There are three categories of basketball sneakers depending on the design:

High sneakers. Their advantage is that such sneakers provide reliable ankle protection. In addition, the ankle joint is more stable in these shoes. In these sneakers it will be ideal for beginners to play basketball. In general, high shoes are considered the most popular type of shoes among all players. They are the most suitable shoes for strong and versatile athletes.

Medium height sneakers have their advantages. They make it easy for basketball players to move without any restrictions. But there are some caveats in this case. In sneakers of this height there is no guarantee of ankle safety. Inexperienced players in such shoes can get injured. These shoes are more suitable for speed basketball fans.

Low men’s sneakers are not often used for basketball games. Despite the fact that in these shoes an athlete can show as much as possible what he is capable of, it is in these shoes there is a great risk of injury to the ankle. That’s why basketball players should think carefully before buying such a model. These shoes are ideal for smart and fast athletes.

It is important to pay attention to the presence of shoelaces, velcro and other clasps in basketball sneakers, which ensure maximum fixation of the ankle.

A few fitting tips

There are some recommendations about examples of sports shoes for basketball that are worth paying attention to:

Those who want to buy basketball sneakers while trying on a particular model should measure two at once. Ideally, not only should you stand or walk in such shoes, but you should also make the same movements as during training or competitions. Jumping, abrupt stops and other movements will help to understand how comfortable the shoe will be during the game.

It is important to go shopping in the afternoon. In the morning, the foot is not as swollen as in the afternoon, so sneakers bought in the morning in the game may be small.

Measure sneakers on those socks that are used in the game. If a basketball player is used to using an elastic bandage or calipers for ankles, they should also be used during the fitting.

Particular attention should be paid to the stability of the leg in sports shoes. It should not be squeezed, but the slip or chatter should not be felt. Experts recommend that basketball sneakers should be purchased with a 0.5 cm reserve. This recommendation is due to the fact that the leg during training or play becomes swollen, which can cause injury to the foot or fingers.

The most ideal and most suitable basketball sneakers are Nike Hyperdunk 2015, Nike KD VIII, Nike Kobe X, Adidas CrazyLight Boost 2015. All of them are made according to the highest technology, lightweight, almost weightless, have good shock absorption and perfectly fix the foot.