How to choose home clothes for a man

The home environment is always conducive to rest and relaxation. That’s why clothes for home should be comfortable, do not stifle movements, giving the opportunity to relax the body from the official business suits and model shoes. But at the same time, do not forget about the aesthetics of appearance. This is especially true for men. After all, it is no secret that the strong half of humanity sometimes can not think at home without the old sports trousers and saw the kinds of shirts. This is fundamentally wrong. Today we will consider how to choose a man’s home clothes that meet the comfort and aesthetics.


Why do you need to look good at home

Types of clothes for home

Homewear in summer and winter

Homewear and occupation

Homemade shoes

Why do you need to look good at home?

Inexorable statistics claim that men spend most of their time at work, as they are the ones who get the lion’s share of the family budget. Accordingly, staying at home is reduced to a couple of hours in the evening and a maximum of one day off per week. If we compare these facts, it becomes clear that the appearance of men at home is perhaps one of the most important components of a harmonious family life.

Sporty pants and their cotton T-shirt

Agree, if you are seen every day in mint and quite worn clothes, then even the most fashionable jeans, dressed for work or for a visit to friends, will not change the established image in the eyes of the household. Therefore, we recommend that you do a careful selection of home clothes. Before proceeding with specific recommendations, we will give general advice on how to choose your home clothes:

Clothing should be selected strictly in size, no sagging T-shirts and trousers “for growth;

give preference to natural fabrics. The less synthetic you are surrounded by, the more comfortable you will feel;

no regrets to part with old things that have lost their appearance and shape;

keep a close eye on things – wash and iron them regularly.

Types of clothing for the home

Many of you may be naive to think that they will not need a variety of clothes and shoes at home. We can assure you that they won’t. First, your “home” wardrobe will depend on the season and occupation.

Homewear in the summer and winter

Clothes for summer. In summer we recommend wearing at home men’s summer shorts or breeches paired with a lightweight knitted T-shirt or short-sleeve T-shirt. Be sure to make sure that all things are made of natural fabrics. The fact is that the synthetic fiber does not contribute to normal thermoregulation. Difficult evaporation of moisture from the surface of the body will contribute to the formation of bad smell and interleavings on the skin.

Clothes for winter. In winter you’ll need warmer clothes with wool added. It’s better to use the principle of multi-layering. For example, you can wear a reasonably tight shirt over a cotton T-shirt or shirt. Especially pleasant are the products insulated with fleece fabric from the inside. On sale quite a wide range of models of shirts, as monochrome, and in a cage or strip. Such shirts look quite organic with jeans. If you prefer sports trousers to jeans, long-sleeved shirts made of dense knitwear will suit you. For those who do not like to wrap up in thick sweaters and sweaters, we recommend remembering thermal underwear. Made by a special membrane technology it will help to keep warm and at the same time maintain normal heat exchange. Wearing such an intimate underwear, you will be able to flaunt at home (even on a fairly cool day) in light shirt and thin trousers.

Homewear and occupation

Clothing for repair and household works. Since men are quite often engaged in economic activities related to minor repairs, it is necessary to have at hand something of clothing for this case. An excellent option would be a working overall made of dense fabric, or you can donate for this purpose a pair of old jeans and a shirt. Let this set serve you faithfully and truthfully in case of “dirty” work, after which, you will change into your usual clothes.

Clothes for sports. Not only a gym or open-air treadmill can serve as a place for sports. Due to time constraints or to save money, many people prefer to exercise at home. This fact by no means excludes the presence of specially designed clothing for this purpose. They are quite easy to find. Since you will exercise indoors, you can ignore bulky sneakers and put on light sneakers. Replace sports trousers with short, tight breeches that are popularly called “bicycles. The top is a cotton jersey, optionally with a naked torso.

Homemade tracksuit

Clothes for rest. If you like to relax on the bed or drink tea at the TV, after a bath, you must buy a bathrobe. Men’s bathrobes are quite popular and today many members of the stronger sex prefer these clothes for home. There are relatively light bathrobes made of silk and cotton, and on sale you can find dense products of their mahras and velours. It is not without reason that all hotels in the world have in their arsenal not only slippers and towels for their guests, but also necessarily a robe, because it is this item of clothing allows you to feel in a new environment as at home.

Homemade shoes

We talked about clothes, but so far we have not touched on the theme of shoes for the home, and the notorious slippers – a fairly important element of the male image in the home environment. To be or not to be slippers is up to you. For example, in many European countries, it is not customary to take off your shoes when entering the house. However, our mentality is a little different from the canons adopted in Europe and the rule of good tone is to re-educate when you enter the apartment. In addition, from the point of view of sanitation and cleanliness in the room it is also an undeniable advantage. The shape and type of slippers can be as varied as you like. As a rule, these shoes are made in the form of slippers. They are made of soft leather or fabric. It is recommended to have in the wardrobe at least 3-4 pairs of slippers intended for guests, and several pairs for personal use.

If the slippers cause you negative associations, you can replace them with light sneakers, loafers or tennis shoes. In summer, when it is hot outdoors, you can use open Vietnamese shoes as home shoes.