How to choose men’s jeans

It is already impossible to imagine that just 50 years ago men did without jeans, which today are worn by everyone: from one-year-old boys to honorable gentlemen, from show business stars to movers. These are universal clothes that can be worn for a date, a walk, a party and even for work if the company welcomes a free dress code. Men’s jeans are the basic item of a fashionable wardrobe, which fits perfectly with other things. They look good with a T-shirt, sports shirt, blazer, cardigan etc.

At the same time, do not forget that denim pants often define the image of men in general, so their choice should be taken seriously. After all, a wide range of jeans often puts buyers in a dead-end, in addition, it happens that the selected things just “do not sit. In this article we will try to understand how to choose the right jeans, and give you a few useful tips on this subject. After reading them, you can complement your wardrobe with branded clothing for all occasions.

Summer men’s jeans: classic and other fashionable cuts

This clothing has long been an integral part of the wardrobe of the strongest sex. It is not only actively used in everyday life, but also occupies an honorable place in the collections of luxury class. Even true fans of business style can buy classic men’s jeans and significantly diversify the branded office clothes. The main thing is to choose the right thing for the figure and harmoniously combine with the rest of the beautiful clothes of summer or winter wardrobe. To begin with, remember that suitable jeans should:

be your size;

fit the season;

be of good quality;

have the right style and color.

When you choose jeans, pay attention to whether they make your figure proportional. This means that by male beauty standards the legs should be about a quarter longer than the torso and the hips should look narrower than the chest (following the principle of an inverted triangle). In this way, properly selected jeans can visually bring your figure closer to the perfect one, if it is not. To help you achieve this result, let’s go back to the question of how to choose jeans for a man. Let’s start with the fact that the style of this clothing is determined depending on the cut and the height of fit. In the first case we are talking about the width of the pants. They come in:

straight is the classic cut of summer and winter men’s jeans, which is the most universal. The pants are not too wide, but not narrow either. They lie on top of the shoes, slightly covering them. Direct men’s jeans are preferred by as such a style will suit most of the strongest sex;

narrow (slim) or “skinny” – these are narrow models that fit tightly around the hips and legs. Fashionable men’s jeans of this cut is worth buying for athletes and people who can boast a tight, muscular body. In this case, choose this stylish style for the summer period too thin or full – a bad idea, because the clothes will emphasize the shortcomings of the figure;

loose, relaxed is the name given to branded men’s jeans with straightened wide pants. They are very spacious, do not fit the hips and shins. To the bottom slightly expand and a couple of centimeters cover the shoes. You can wear such summer and winter clothes only in everyday life, combining with things of sports style;

other cuts, such as pipes (baggy) or fashionable men’s jeans with V-shaped pants (carrot fit). There are many varieties, but they are quite rare. Most of the stronger sex prefer the more common models – classic, free, etc.

Also, before you choose and buy men’s jeans, it is worth considering the height of landing. It is determined by the distance from the crotch to the button or the upper edge of the belt. Landing determines the appearance of things, as well as its convenience in everyday wear. There are such options:

Highrise. In this case the belt is located above the natural waist level. Branded men’s jeans, which can be purchased by anyone, reach the belly button and completely close it. This is a successful model for those who have a belly and want to hide it.

At the waist (original rise). Such summer and winter men’s jeans are in demand due to their versatility. They are located exactly at waist level.

Standard (regular rise). In this case we are talking about branded men’s jeans, which are planted at the base of the hips, below waist level.

Medium (mid-rise). The pants are held at the hips or slightly higher. The length of fit is approximately 20-30 cm.

Low-rise. The item sits on the hip bones or lower. The distance from the upper edge to the navel is a few centimeters. Buy men’s jeans with low fit is preferred by those who follow fashion.

Very low (ultra-low-rise). Branded trousers are planted below the hip bones. Their upper edge is located just above the pubic bone.

Men of middle and older age prefer wearing branded jeans of classic cut with high or medium fit. Young people today are increasingly in a hurry to choose low-fit summer pants. They look stylish and attractive, but will suit only those with athletic figure with a tummy tuck.

How to choose and buy men’s jeans?

As a manufacturing material for men’s jeans use durable cotton fabric with diagonal weave threads. It is a little rough to the touch, dense, does not wrinkle and does not crack. As 100% cotton gives shrinkage after washing, a little elastane is often added to the fabric. In this case, men’s jeans sit better on the buttocks and hips, stretch, retain their shape. Winter models should be warm, so they are complemented by fleece or other lining. In addition, the choice of winter men’s jeans, as well as summer jeans should take into account such criteria:

color. Winter branded models have denser fabric and darker color (from black and slate grey to rich dark blue). Summer men’s jeans are thin and light. On the counters of shops there are models of white, blue and grey colors;

pockets. In the classic version of men’s jeans have 5 pockets. They are deep and strong, can hold a smartphone, wallet, keys and other items. Youth models may have fewer pockets, some may be decorative.

sewing quality. Original men’s jeans of famous brands can always be distinguished at a glance. They have smooth, straight and strong seams without protruding threads, reliable fittings, buttons with the brand name of the manufacturer, a brand label made of genuine leather. The clothes look neat and presentable, thus long wear.

The price of men’s jeans also matters. Low cost says about poor quality of tailoring. It is better to pay more for branded products, while wearing it for several seasons, than to save money and run for a new thing a couple of months after purchase.

Men’s Jeans Online Store: Selection Recommendations

So, the main rule is that jeans should be your size. If they don’t match in length and width, this outfit will look ridiculous. The pant should at least cover the ankle or be even longer – depending on the model of shoes with which you will be wearing the outfit. Don’t buy jeans that are too tight at the waist or hips with the hope that they will stretch over time. High-quality denim is made of natural cotton with little or no addition of elastane. That’s why these things don’t last much longer. At the same time, avoid buying jeans that are too loose, because by tightening them strongly with the belt you will visually violate the proportions of your body.

If you found jeans that fit both the length and width, but you still have something in them that does not suit you, you need to look for another size. Take a closer look at the other styles, among which may well find something that suits you.

Axioms, which should be remembered when choosing jeans and other clothes:

The high waist visually extends the legs, and the low waist the torso;

the loose jeans make you wider;

the light colors make you voluminous;

the details attract attention;

the tight-fitting fabric gives out all the drawbacks of a figure.

The fashion catalogues of 2020 show a wide range of men’s jeans, among which everyone will find the best option. Consider cut, fit, season and workmanship to find the perfect pair.