How to choose men’s socks

Socks for men and women in our time is a common thing and even a must. It would seem – such a simple thing, but if they are not there, it becomes uncomfortable and uncomfortable to wear even the most high-quality and comfortable shoes. Socks perform several functions at once: hygienic (feet without shoes will sweat, it will be uncomfortable for them, you can even rub the skin to calluses) and warmth support (especially for warm thick winter socks).

Socks are very different and how to choose men’s socks among all the variety? Let’s try to figure it out. Of course, there can be no strict rules, but there are some nuances that you should know and which you should pay attention to when choosing such products. Useful tips and life hacks for choosing men’s socks can be interesting and even valuable.

How to choose men’s socks

The color of men’s socks

For the classic style (for office work, business meetings, interviews), the color of the socks should be the same as trousers or pants. In extreme cases, products can be selected one or two tones lighter. For sportswear, white socks are often chosen. But for everyday street styles, such as casual (smart casual) or grunge, the color of socks does not really matter and here you can experiment with color as you like, choosing, for example, even the color to suit your mood.

You can also choose the color of socks to match the color of the shoes. When choosing, you should remember about the main rules for combining colors: warm shades are in good harmony with warm, cold – with cold. If style and dress code allow, you can also recall the rule of contrasts when bright opposite colors are combined in a color wheel (there is a lot of information about this on the Internet, very interesting). The pattern on the socks should be combined with any element of clothing or an accessory (tie, neck or chest scarf).

How to choose men’s socks in composition

The traditional, most popular materials for sewing women’s and men’s socks are cotton (for summer) and wool (for winter). Flax and bamboo are considered to be gaining popularity, which in their hygienic properties (moisture absorption, air exchange and others) are very similar to the properties of cotton. It is worth noting that bamboo socks for summer heat are very good. Also, for hot summer weather, bamboo, linen and cotton socks are suitable, a small percentage of synthetics (up to 20%) is possible in their composition, which make the products more elastic and wear-resistant. But for the cold season, thick woolen socks are suitable. They belong to winter models, as the wool perfectly retains heat.

Toe Cuff Length

Trace socks, which practically have no toe cuffs and from shoes they are not visible in any way. Great for sports shoes.
Short socks have a small cuff and are considered very popular nowadays.
Classic men’s socks with a cuff length almost to the middle of the calf are well suited for business suits, because according to the rules of good taste, even in a sitting position, the leg should not be exposed.
Socks with a cuff to the knee and above already have the name knee socks and are well suited for colds.

How to choose the size of men’s socks

The size of the socks is very important, because comfort and convenience depend on it. Too large, as well as too small will cause a lot of inconvenience, so before buying, you must definitely measure your foot size and buy socks exactly in size. To do this, you need to measure the length of the foot at the most protruding points from the toes to the heel, select the size according to the corresponding size table (each manufacturer may have a different size grid) and you can buy.