How to choose men’s thermal underwear: tips and tricks

Men’s thermal underwear functional clothing performs two functions – it removes excess moisture and retains heat. It is used for tourism, winter sports, outdoor activities, it also takes place in everyday life if a man does not want to wear bulky outerwear. How to choose thermal underwear so that it meets its purpose and creates maximum comfort when wearing, we will talk about this today ..


1 Categories of men’s thermal underwear

2 What fabrics are made of thermal underwear

2.1 From merino wool

2.2 Cotton thermal underwear

2.3 Fleece

2.4 Synthetics

3 Division by purpose

3.1 Thermal underwear for cold weather

3.2 For sports

3.3 For fishing

4 Colors of thermal underwear

4.1 Black

4.2 White

5 Thermal underwear from well-known manufacturers

5.1 Norveg

5.2 Guahoo

5.3 Adidas

5.4 Nike Men’s Thermal Underwear Categories

Thermal underwear is usually divided into categories, depending on what tasks it is designed to perform

Heat-saving underwear is designed for use in areas with harsh climatic conditions. In this case, the degree of physical activity can be moderate or low. It is impossible to freeze in such underwear, as the air in it heats up to the temperature required for the body. The optimal air gap is created by a special weaving of the fabric – volumetric or cellular. Functional moisture-wicking underwear is sewn from synthetic textures that help wick excess moisture out. Thanks to this, the body temperature is stably kept at the required level, and the person does not freeze. Hybrid thermal underwear is a combination of heat-saving and moisture-wicking. The balance between the two processes is achieved through the density or thickness of functional tissues.

The best option is two-layer underwear, as the most effective and high quality. The first layer (inner) in such clothes consists of synthetics, the task of which is to remove moisture, the second (outer) is made of natural textures (cotton, wool or mixed fabrics), which are responsible for moisture absorption and heat conservation. What fabrics are thermal underwear made of? Many men are sure that thermal underwear made from natural fabrics – wool, cotton, is considered the best. This is not entirely true, since modern artificial textures compete with natural ones. Made of merino wool Woolen clothes are certainly comfortable to wear and have good thermal insulation properties, but they have a significant drawback – they do not remove moisture well.

The exception is merino wool thermal underwear. Such products are presented in the Icebreaker catalog. Merino wool is much finer and softer than regular wool. Thanks to these qualities, woolen underwear fits the body tightly and does not cause unpleasant sensations, perfectly removes moisture and leaves the body dry, perfectly warms up and does not allow the body to cool down.

Interesting to know! It is these clothes that are recommended for survival in extreme conditions, for the military, geologists, polar explorers, and athletes.

Cotton thermal underwear

Cotton thermal underwear is a common and budgetary one, but not the best option. The disadvantage of cotton is that it does not remove moisture well and it accumulates inside. This leads to the fact that there is a loss of heat, and the body quickly cools down.

However, this does not mean that cotton clothing should not be purchased. She has proven herself to be a basic underwear, for example, when a man plans light walks (2-3 hours) without physical exertion ..

You can also use it to sleep in a sleeping bag in not too cold weather. Cotton that is pleasant to the body can be worn without time limits, it creates a good air “cushion”, but you shouldn’t count on more ..

Sometimes silk is added to the thermal underwear. Silk threads add elasticity, strength to products, and in addition, they reduce the risk of allergies and are pleasant to the touch.


Fleece thermal underwear belongs to the category of universal clothing. It can be used for walking, outdoor activities, sports. Fleece thermal underwear has the following advantages: budget, wear resistance, strength, good thermal insulation, softness, lightness. It removes moisture well to the outside and provides oxygen to the body. In addition, it has an aesthetic appearance. Unlike wool, fleece does not cause allergies, has good wind protection, dries quickly and does not absorb unpleasant odors .

Fleece thermal underwear is recommended for active use, since with passive, with light physical exertion, it will not serve as a thermoregulatory clothing. Fleece linen will serve a man for several seasons, regardless of the frequency of washing, and will not lose its properties.


Unlike natural fabrics, synthetic ones, such as polypropylene, polyester, elastane, polyamide, do not cause allergies and are well suited for outdoor training, tourism, outdoor activities. Synthetics are practically not subject to deformation. In addition, special impregnations are often used to enhance antibacterial properties.

To give elasticity to synthetic underwear, elastane, lycra, spandex are added to the composition.

Division by appointment

Modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of men’s thermal underwear, however, in order to make the right choice, you need to decide for what purposes it will be needed and under what weather conditions it will be used.

Thermal underwear for cold weather

Severe weather conditions require appropriate thermal underwear designed specifically for cold weather. As a rule, it is a one-piece suit that reliably covers the body from the heels to the very neck.

The synthetic fibers added to the composition make the product elastic, not hindering movement, and special impregnations create protection against bacteria. This is a very important point, since a person can walk in such underwear for weeks without being able to change into clean clothes ..

Excellent thermal insulation properties allow it to withstand low temperatures down to -45 degrees.

This type of linen is not used for everyday use: it is quite heavy and can create some inconvenience during use. In addition, the products add volume to the figure.

For Sport

There are two types of thermal underwear for sports: for training indoors and outdoors. The first type has an open cut and is designed to keep the body dry and maximize moisture removal. The second type of underwear is elastic, closed, close-fitting, one-piece ..

Natural or mixed textures are used for sewing, fleece is often used. The insulating texture depends on the sports discipline. For example, for skis and snowboards, natural dense and soft fabrics with a good level of hygroscopicity are taken. There is additional insulation in the groin area. Suits for figure skating and speed skating are also very warm, but thinner, tight-fitting and elastic, so synthetic or mixed textures are used for their sewing. Important! Lingerie for surfing, rafting and other water sports involving diving in icy water should first of all be quick-drying. It is made exclusively from synthetics.

For fishing

Experts recommend winter fishing lovers to give preference to thermal underwear with limited moisture permeability. It is very dense and warm, and is most often made from high quality wool ..

On top of thermal underwear for fishing, a two-layer set must be put on, in which the first layer is responsible for regulating the temperature, the second creates reliable protection from strong winds. In such a “correct” set, fishermen do not freeze even with minimal mobility.

Thermal underwear colors

Thermal underwear, despite its specificity, belongs to the category of underwear and involves wearing under outerwear. However, this does not mean that when choosing, you need to rely only on functional qualities and ignore aesthetics.

So, the color scheme of men’s thermal underwear is quite diverse, so every man will be able to choose the best option for himself, based on personal preferences. Lovers of the classics, as a rule, prefer such colors as black, beige, dark gray ..


Black thermal underwear is considered versatile and practical. It fits almost any clothing, does not get dirty so quickly, unlike white, it slims ..


White thermal underwear is chosen by men who want to emphasize muscle definition. Its disadvantage is that it gets dirty quickly, which means it will have to be washed frequently.

For those who love bright clothes, manufacturers offer red, blue, green underwear, as well as printed, with various patterns and inscriptions, contrasting stripes. Camouflage thermal underwear is very popular.

Thermal underwear from well-known manufacturers

Today, choosing a suitable thermal underwear for yourself will not be difficult. The preference should be given to the goods of well-known brands offering high quality clothing.


Thermal underwear of the famous German brand Norveg is made of innovative synthetic material thermolite, merino wool, bio-cotton. Some models have silk and cashmere added.

Distinctive features of the products are excellent heat-saving functions, lightness, comfort, thanks to imperceptible seams and anatomical cut. The clothes are so thin that they are almost invisible under the clothes. Thermal underwear is presented both in sets and as single items, making it easy to choose the right size.


The Finnish brand Guahoo also offers high quality thermal underwear for everyday wear and sports. The clothes are distinguished by their attractive appearance, various colors and increased comfort.

For the manufacture of products, synthetic materials based on polyester and viscose are used, which provide freedom of movement and warm well. In the catalog you can find five types of warming linen, depending on the purpose and weather conditions. Noteworthy is the collection of environmentally friendly materials such as soybeans, bamboo.


German sports brand Adidas needs no introduction. The company offers a wide range of men’s thermal underwear, for the manufacture of which unique Formotion® technologies are used. and Climawarm ™ .

Climawarm ™ is an extremely lightweight, breathable synthetic insulation. Thanks to him, the body remains dry, and the athlete does not feel the slightest discomfort. The rather densely spaced fibers of the insulation allow you to maintain the optimal temperature and remove moisture to the outside. Products made with Formotion® technology have a 3D cut that allows complete freedom of movement during intense workouts. Comfortableness is enhanced by thoughtful details – fasteners, cuffs, belt.


Thermal underwear of the American brand Nike is presented in the pro Core lines; pro Combat; Dri-Fit, Hyperwarm Flex. Clothing attracts not only by its impeccable heat-saving qualities, optimal moisture removal, high durability, innovative technologies, but also by its bright stylish design. The assortment is designed for different weather conditions ..