How to choose men’s winter gloves

Winter can come abruptly, so you need to prepare for it, having got a pair of men’s winter gloves.

High quality men’s winter gloves

A pair of high quality gloves is important. You need to find a pair of gloves that will withstand the winter.

High-quality gloves will keep your hands warm even in the coldest conditions. What else do you need to look for in gloves? Consider the following points:

– Do they fit the rest of the wardrobe for cold weather? Gloves should complement your shoes and coats. If they are dark brown, you should not choose black gloves. Try a color that is relatively neutral, such as sand. It fits well with black, brown, blue and many others;

– Are they suitable for your lifestyle? If you’re always on the move, meeting business partners often, pay attention to the elegant gloves, made in a classic style;

– Do you like hiking more? In this case, look for gloves that are more durable than refined;

– Is fashion a priority for you? If so, you probably already understand that some gloves are designed for specific purposes. Don’t wear classic gloves when you’re going skiing. It is better to have a few pairs for different occasions.

Types of winter gloves

Transformers gloves

They usually have a clip-on part that can be removed to be turned into gloves without fingers. This pair is ideal for people who prefer to ride without gloves. They keep your hands warm, allowing your fingers to touch the steering wheel directly.

Sports gloves

Perfect for active people who need stronger and more practical gloves for everyday use. They are usually equipped with a lining that absorbs moisture. They are ideal for skiing or other sports, but can also be worn in everyday life.

Waterproof gloves

Serves a variety of needs. These gloves are usually waterproof and windproof. Ideal for use in extremely difficult conditions.


Men’s winter gloves are available in a wide range of materials. Some styles are smooth, fit, others are thick and soft. These materials are often used in gloves on the outer or inner lining.

– Cashmere is often used to trim leather gloves. This luxurious touch will make you feel extremely comfortable in winter. Leather or cashmere gloves are a great gift;

– Leather is a fairly common option. Black leather is a classic, while other shades such as brown and chocolate fit well into most men’s wardrobes;

– Tinsulite is often used to insulate things from jackets to gloves. This material retains body heat. The owner will feel comfortable even in frosty conditions.

Today we will talk about gloves that will not only emphasize your style, but will also protect your hands from the cold and coarsening of the skin due to the effects of frost. Our tips will help you choose the right glove and make sure you don’t get the wrong size.

How do I choose men’s gloves?

As a rule, in the summer the selected image is supplemented with accessories. However, in winter, many of the smallest elements of the wardrobe play an important practical role. Today we will talk about gloves that not only emphasize your style, but also protect your hands from cold and rough skin due to the effects of frost. Our tips and tricks will help you choose the right glove and make sure you don’t get the wrong size.

Leather gloves

Classic black leather gloves are perfectly matched with formal clothes. High quality gloves are considered to be of high quality if they are made of thin and soft leather. This is a classic, which is relevant for more than a century. Goat or calfskin of different texture is used as a material.

Brown gloves are universal and suitable for everyday wear. It should be kept in mind that men’s gloves should be of the same color as the outerwear or it should differ by several shades. Don’t forget about the shoes, and choose the appropriate color (mismatching the shade with the gloves is acceptable).

Leather gloves do not hold the heat for long. Therefore, when choosing such an accessory for winter, take into account this property of leather products, and give preference to gloves with woollen or dense lining inside.

Regular leather gloves can look “boring”. Therefore, this element of clothing with quilted inserts, beautiful seam, rivets or other decor looks more advantageous.

Woolen gloves

Black, grey or blue wool gloves will harmonize with many images. For today, the given accessories of yellow, dark red, burgundy and emerald colours are considered fashionable. Among the patterns is very actual Nordic and fair-ale.

Knitted and knitted gloves

A great option for active men who prefer street or sportswear style. Knitted gloves can be two-layer or single-layer. The first ones are much warmer and suitable for long stays in the cold.

Fur gloves

Such an element of clothing will protect your hands even from severe frost. However, fur gloves are not cheap. Rabbit, hare, sheepskin and sometimes chinchilla fur are usually used as lining. Gloves made of fur will fit perfectly with the coat.


Many people associate mittens with childhood. They keep warm and warm as the fingers are together. But the practicality of mittens is problematic. If in childhood they were enough to carry a sled, in adulthood free fingers may be very lacking.

Nevertheless, mittens occupy an honorable place in our list. This is a good choice for those who want to stand out among the crowd and like accessories that you won’t find on every third.

Gloves for touch gadgets

In the world of electronic progress, such an element has become indispensable for many. Many sensor device owners have complained about the impossibility of using them with gloves. Therefore, today it is possible to choose a model of gloves, which looks no different from the usual, however, in the area of fingers sewed thread, which transmits touch screen. In addition, these gloves can be rubberized to prevent the device from slipping onto the floor.

Gloves for drivers

These gloves are perforated and made of durable leather. They do not slide the steering wheel, and do not feel discomfort. Besides, hands do not sweat in them. Of course, they won’t save from severe cold, but it’s not their purpose.

How to choose the right size of gloves?

Not every man knows how to choose the right size of gloves. However, everything is quite simple. Measure the palm circumference without taking your thumb into account. Divide the centimeters by 2.71 (convert to inches). The resulting number will be your size.

For example, your palm circumference is 22 centimeters: 22 / 2.71 = 8.12.

There are standard sizes of gloves for men:

Palm circumference (mm) Size in inches

19 7 S

20,5 7.5 S

22 8 M

23,5 8,5 M

24 9 L

26 9,5 L

27 10 XL

Always be aware that there may be errors in dimensions (especially for inexpensive gloves). Therefore, if you don’t want to make a mistake, be sure to measure the gloves before you buy them. They should not restrict the movement of your fingers and should not be too free to “hang out”. If you feel comfortable wearing gloves, they were waiting for you.