How to choose pants for men

We will consider in detail: how to choose pants for men from the best stylists for our readers.

How to choose men’s pants

This issue is quite important for men, as trousers are one of the main parts of everyday and official wardrobe. A man wears them every day, so they must be versatile, resistant to wear and comfortable.

The main points when choosing trousers:

– trousers can have creases of several kinds: full, half, quarter and missing. The longer the crease, the harder it hides the heel of the boot;

– the pants can visually decorate your figure. If you are short, your style is straight without folds at the bottom. For taller men, cuffs or pleats will do;

– for a stronger fit on the waist line, it is advisable to buy a bottom with two buttons on the clasp;

– classic models should sit at the waist – not below or above, otherwise they will hang heavily or, conversely, squeeze the belly and cause discomfort. Informal style pants can sit just 3-4 centimeters below the waist;

– Classic pockets are a decorative element, so you don’t have to fill them with all sorts of little things;

– even if your classic pants fit you perfectly, don’t neglect a belt or suspenders – it’s a well-established classic. The tie should be color-coordinated with suspenders, the belt is not necessary, but the belt should be color-coordinated with the boots and the tie should be with accessories. Do not wear both a belt and a tuck at the same time – it is a moveton;

– the trouser cuffs are not important when choosing trousers and remain only a taste preference. But there are also small nuances. The classic pants have a cuff width of 3.5 centimetres. On the informal style of skinny pants – respectively, already.

How to choose the right size

Classic style. As mentioned above, the pants should sit flat at the waist, not sagging and not tight. You should have two fingers between your body and your pants already buttoned up. Perfect pants do not interfere with movement and are as comfortable to wear as possible. When trying it on, sit down a few times and walk around – you need to know for sure whether it’s comfortable or not. If you feel uncomfortable, we suggest you go to another store.

Everyday pants. These models can easily be worn a little more baggy or tight (but not too tight). Also, as mentioned above, they can be dropped just below the waist. When trying on, take into account that these pants should be selected to match the style in which you are going to wear them. When crouching the model may seem a little tight and pockets slightly protrude – as the style of fit, it is normal. But the principle of two fingers between the waist and body is relevant as well as for classic models.

Slacks are loose pants, which are sewn mainly from cotton. Sufficiently versatile, they can be used in any weather. Unpretentious to the top and to accessories. They are mainly made in grey shades.

Khaki – pants that look like jeans. Contrary to the name, there are a variety of colors, from neutral to catchy and eye-catching. They’re versatile and comfortable.

Chinos is a loose cut cotton pants. Most often in stores there are models of bright colors – green, blue, red. Suitable for any image and occasion.

Cargo – free cut pants with large and spacious patch pockets on the sides of the pants. Originally kargo was worn in the qualities of military uniform, but, as happened with most of the militaristic clothing style, kargo went into civilian wardrobe. The main advantages are comfort and simplicity. Cargo is worn as a militarist.

Corduroy pants – fit for cool, not too frosty season – spring and autumn.

Jeans – there are different – free – claw, and narrowed, but the standard version – straight cut, planting just below the waist. Suitable for many occasions, except for official events, in which the business style is more appropriate.

Basic pants sizes (measurements in centimeters)

Waist circumference 70/ thigh circumference 92 – 44/XXS

76/96 – 46/XS

82/100 — 48/S

88/104 — 50/M

94/108 — 58/L

100/112 – 54/XL

104/116 – 56/XXL

108/120 – 58/XXXL

Next comes the sizes starting from 4XL and more.

This item is a personal choice based on personal preferences, age and environment. But we advise you to buy several models of different colors for different occasions, for example, a pair of dark pants, blue, black or graphite, a pair of colored trousers and a pair of light. This is the minimum set. Think about with which top you will be wearing trousers in advance. With a color can be combined with a neutral light or dark models, but the neutral top will approach dark and bright – light top and light bottom may look a little faded.

Cotton is probably the most common option. Lightweight, durable and breathable material. It’s quick to wrinkle, but it doesn’t look critical.

Sirsaker is a reaped cotton material, light and strong. It has an attractive appearance and is perfect for hot summer.

Flax is a good fabric for summer. Permeates the air perfectly, light and comfortable. Disadvantage – quickly wrinkled, but in some cases, slightly wrinkled linen pants look quite aesthetically.

For winter, woollen or tweed pants are good. Besides its warming properties, tweed is also practical in care and has water-repellent properties.

Cashmere – elegant and luxurious looks, does not wrinkle. Expensive pleasure, but the quality is quite worth the price.

Flannel. Practical in operation – resistant to dirt and moisture, quickly cleaned. Universal variant – it can be worn both in summer and in winter.

How to match the pants by height, we briefly mentioned above. But in addition to growth, there are also such nuances as unusual body, overweight or thin legs.

For owners of a puffy stomach, we recommend looking at the pants with a high belt. And if it is necessary not to draw attention to the flat buttocks, you should carefully choose the model – you can not have clothes hanging in the back. For such a problem pants with “French pocket” in the side seam will do. With the problem of the opposite – the pronounced buttocks – perhaps the only piece of advice is to go to the studio.

For men with high height and lean body should choose options with pleats on the belt, which visually add “volume” to the body, as well as cuffs that will slightly reduce growth and make the body proportionate.

Big representatives can choose a straight cut without arrows. Straight cut is also good for leg curves – it will straighten them visually.

Very narrowed options are suitable only for young representatives of the strongest sex, as a man of age will look ridiculous in them. Narrow pants are not suitable for crooked legs.

To understand how you feel when you’re wearing them, take a walk in a natural posture imitating a walk during the fitting. Don’t stretch your legs, stretch out or retract your stomach – you need to understand if you’re comfortable wearing clothes in everyday life. The slightest inconvenience and discomfort is a sign that you should pay attention to another model.

Classic versions can be combined with men’s shoes. These are shoes, bangs, oxfords, loafers. Everyday and jeans look great in combination with loafers, oxfords, sneakers and sneakers, sandals.

We tried to cover all aspects of men’s trousers. We hope that this information will help you make a good purchase.

Everything in a man should be perfect – soul, body, pants. Fashion experts note that only 20% of the strong half of mankind carefully choose this part of the wardrobe. The remaining 80% – trust their wives, mothers and friends, fully relying on their opinion and taste. How precise is a woman’s intuition in this question, and does she always manage to create an “image from a needle”?

Eternal classics, glamorous trunks, democratic breeches and hippie claws are all a huge category of trousers. Designers, offering men to try on the updated season, recommend, above all, to pay attention to the features of the figure.

If a man is similar to Apollo by his build, then let him bravely wear any pants without fitting and long doubt. But how to be the one who would like to hide their flaws and emphasize the advantages?

There are several simple secrets that turn ordinary pants into elegant pants.

1 Tip. Tall and skinny men can afford pants with cuffs that will visually reduce growth. Waist protections – single or double – will hide excessive thinness. The same will help make light shades of trousers or dark fabric in a strip at least 1 cm wide. Flat buttocks are masked with the help of pockets “aristocrat”, which are 2-3 cm below the standard pockets. This will lengthen the proportions at the front and create extra volume at the back.

2 Council. Small men of dense and medium build should exclude their trousers from their wardrobe:

with cuffs that steal centimeters of height;

with protections that make the figure weigher and deprive it of its proportions.

3 Council. Free cut pants are recommended for both thin and full figures. Classic models should be flat and fit your hips, but not too much so that there is no association with elks.

4 Tip. Big men choose free models, without arrows. If the style provides protection, it can be recommended for dense men of high height – there will be no extra constraint in the hips and visually preserved body proportions. Owners of the emerging abdomen stylists advise to buy pants with a slightly low waist and be sure to support them with a belt. When choosing a color, you should adhere to dark shades, matt not shiny materials. If the pants assume a strip, it should be narrow, no more than 0.5-0.7 cm.

5 Tip. The length of the trousers has a clear rule, regardless of the height, build and weight of the man. They should slide freely in the front, forming a soft little crease, and at the back – to cover half the heel, but not the heel.

6 Tip. “Shooters” on pants is another element that will emphasize the rigor and officiality of style. These pants will look good on men of medium build. In quality products the “shooter” is located exactly in the center of the pants. Its slight skewness can completely violate the shape of trousers and spoil even the ideal male figure.

Fashionable, attractive and comfortable. This is the demand of modern men for clothes. But hardly any of them made a connection between bad health and inappropriate size of trousers.

If there are constant abdominal pains, debilitating heartburn, they can be caused by the so-called “tight pants” syndrome. Doctors recommend that you check that the size of your waist and waistband matches. If the first parameter is at least 5 cm larger than the second, it is necessary to urgently buy pants of the appropriate size. If after that painful symptoms have disappeared, it means that next time you need to be more careful in choosing clothes.

Taking into account the recommendations of the stylist and the collection of roughness of the figure, you can buy a pair of pants that you like. But it is necessary to do it, going through the dressing room. The real image in the mirror is silent, but it will tell you exactly what to correct.

Pockets of trousers, front or back, fit tightly without changing the original shape.

The distance between the waist and waist is sufficient to allow your finger to slide freely between them.

The belt of trousers, if it is not jeans, should be at the waist. This will not create discomfort when crouching, tilting, exposing the body below the waist.

Too short pants make public the color of the socks by opening them above the ankles. Long pants not only look baggy, but also cause a lot of inconvenience: you need to constantly support the pants at the waist, making sure not to step on the pants while walking, not to tear them or get confused by them.

When buying another pair of trousers, remember that there are no bad figures – there are badly chosen clothes!

Modern fashion trends and constant changes in the size grids of brands have led to the fact that now many young guys and even men of age do not know how-to pick-up men’s trousers. And for nothing, because the classic pants should be present in the wardrobe of any man, regardless of his activities and style in clothing.

You are going to attend a serious event with an official dress code, and now you are looking for the perfect pants for you? So how do men’s pants fit and how do you choose the right size for your pants?

The most important thing to remember is that classic pants are used to fit your height. When trying them on, take a short walk to make sure that they are the right length for you. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t see your socks while walking. But also do not overdo it – pants should not be assembled with a harmonica book. How do you determine the length of men’s trousers? Properly chosen men’s pants should be slightly in front of the shoe, and at the back reach the heels of shoes.

Pockets are also an important part of men’s trousers. They should by no means be more than the middle man’s palm. The upper part of the pocket should be adjacent to the waist, and in the lower part of the pocket you need a good fixation with the side stitching. With quality sewn trousers, pockets will never be clumsy.

When buying classic trousers, take into account the peculiarities of your body. It happens when expensive and quality clothes do not look very attractive because of the volume hips or abdomen. In such cases, you need to buy trousers with a low landing and wide loose pants. If you have a thin physique and insufficient volume buttocks, it is best to choose the pants exactly the size. Also, you can help “French pockets”, located in the side seam, without trim.

Believe me, the exact size of the pants will add more solidity and presentability to your image. Choosing the size of men’s trousers is almost no different from choosing the right jeans.

To determine your size, you will also need to measure your waist circumference, hip circumference and leg length. If you have any problems measuring the length of your legs directly on yourself, just measure your favorite pants or pants with a centimeter tape or tape measure.

Place an item of clothing on a flat surface and then measure the length of your pants at the inner seam from the joint to the bottom edge.

Remind that the waist should be measured at the place where you wear the strap, with the tape tightly applied to the body.

There may be some difficulties with foreign brands. For example, on American products you can often find not only the size of trousers, but also several other parameters: the waist (letter W) and length (indicated by the letter L). Note that they are indicated in inches, and to translate to the usual measure of length, you need to multiply the number on the tag by 2.54.

Pants are the basis of any man’s wardrobe. The item has been actively used in everyday life for centuries, and since the XVI century it has gained special popularity in Western countries and has not lost its leading positions up to now. In fact, there is practically no competition in men’s trousers. Even jeans to some extent belong to this category of clothing. Therefore, it is very important to understand how to choose men’s pants correctly and what to pay attention to in the first place.

Modern pants for men significantly transformed. Even 60-70 years ago, when choosing the right size pants, the main focus was on the length of the legs, and the coverage of the waist and no one thought about it. As a result, the pants were worn above the navel, were baggy and looked, to put it mildly, ridiculous. Today, the pants should sit on a man perfectly, that is, to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the shortcomings. Next, let’s highlight a few simple tips on how to choose the right pants for men. We’ll mostly talk about the classics.

Fabric on the pants should be of the highest quality. This will allow you to wear the item as long as possible and provide comfort during use. In particular, most of the classic men’s pants are made of natural wool. The permissible content of impurities is no more than 20%.

Decide in advance what to wear men’s trousers after purchase. Your favorite coat, stylish shirt or sweater should be combined with the bottom of the image. First of all, color is important. The universal variant is grey flannel trousers. In addition, the dark blue color is suitable for formal style.

Pay attention to how men’s pants should sit. Exclude creases and basically too much fabric at the top. At the same time, the pants should not be creased or crushed in the hip area. Perfect pants highlight the advantages of a man’s natural figure.

Choose men’s pants of a clear size. Both in terms of the length of the pants by the inner seam (from crotch to foot) and the waist circumference. Shop at the time of purchase, if you need to sit down and avoid the slightest discomfort. A classic jacket is not a good choice for too tight trousers.

Don’t forget about the details. Get a stylish belt for your pants. Check the lining. Explore the look and feel of your pockets. The cuffs on the pants are only acceptable for tall men.

Bring the right kind of shoes with you. The length of the trousers should lie perfectly on the shoes, forming a small accordion in front (one-fold).

Pleated trousers (folds at the top) are an option for full men and travel enthusiasts. Young stylish guys of usual build should choose straight pants without pleats.

Don’t stop at one variant of trousers. In addition to the classics, there are many other models. For example, chinos beige pants are reliable and versatile.

Competent and correct choice of men’s jeans or classic pants depends entirely on the individual person. Strive to make the item as comfortable as possible, combined with other clothes and accessories. It is especially important to wear comfortable and high-quality men’s shoes together with the pants. In general, pants do not play a central role in the image, but in terms of overall style integrity is the most important detail.

Pants can be called one of the basic elements of your style. If you replace one pair of trousers with another, you will completely change your dress code. So, it’s important to know how the pants should fit to look 100%.

Young people, and sometimes even adult men, do not always know how to choose the right pants. This is even though there is at least one pair of trousers in the closet bought for the weekend. People just go to the store and buy the first or second hit pants, with the salesman shouting out the whole throat: “…these pants fit you perfectly!” Do you trust a stranger more than you trust yourself? I don’t think so. That’s why I’ve prepared this article, where I’ll describe in detail how the pants should fit.

As I said, pants are one of the basic elements of your style. They may or may not be part of a suit. They can be both for official occasions and casual style (for more details about the types of trousers and pants for men, see the previous article).

The pants also help to make you more harmonious in terms of growth. If you are short, you should choose straight cut pants with no bottom folds. If you are very tall and want to visually reduce your height a little, it is worth taking pants with pleats or cuffs.

Before I begin to consider how the pants should sit, I want to draw your attention to the folds at the bottom of the pants. In fact, I don’t think there is one correct length of trousers. It all depends on the style of the pants you are wearing, the shoes you have chosen, and your physique. Stylists distinguish 4 types of creases: full crease, half crease, quarter crease and no crease. The difference can be seen if you look at the back of the selected shoes. If there is no crease in the pants, the edge of the pants slightly covers the top of the back. Complete crease – only part of the sole of the boot is visible, the leg almost completely covers the back.

On the move, if you don’t have creases, your trousers will lift slightly and your socks will be visible. The same thing happens when you sit on a chair. By the way, in that case, the socks must be long. The bare part of the leg between the pants and the socks is unacceptable! How-to pick-up socks, read the previous publication, right here.

If you choose pants with pleats, the pleats only straighten when you move, and at the moment of squatting, may not open the visible part of the socks at all.

Straight classic pants should sit at the waist, above the hip bones, directly under the navel (distance in centimeters, it makes no sense to say, all people are different). The width of the trousers should be such that they do not fit in the back, but do not sag in all places. Pockets should not be propped up, lines of shooters should not “break” somewhere. Everything must be smooth, without restricting your movement. It is necessary to walk in a store with a full parade (pants, shirt, jacket, shoes), sit down several times to make you comfortable and comfortable.

The size of trousers should be selected individually, there are only a few tips:

As with shirts, there shouldn’t be much space between you and the pants that are fastened. Two fingers slip through, that’s enough! Otherwise, tightening the belt, there will be crevices, deformations of the belt pants.

If you find it difficult to choose the length of trousers, take trousers with a slight crease at the bottom so that the back of the shoes is half closed.

If you squat and feel too tight/widthy, this is not your size.

If you can’t find a size, look for another manufacturer. The pattern and cut is different for everyone. Perhaps you will be lucky to have another fashion designer.

If possible, avoid folds on the belt, they make people too full.

Classic pants from Henderson brand

More informal pants such as chinos, khaki or corduroy should be a little more tight than the classic pants. In addition, they can be worn 3 to 4 centimeters below the waist. However, here’s a point to pay attention to. If you wear chinos pants to work and comply with Business casual or Smart casual style, the length and width of the pants should be closer to classic style. If you choose casual style, you can choose pants that are narrower and shorter, even slightly opening the ankle. Or vice versa, wider and more authentic, so that a fold is formed at the bottom.

The size of the trousers should also be selected individually, there are only a few tips:

When choosing the length of trousers, you should proceed from the dress code. The larger the fold on the bottom, the more informal the dress code.

The pants should be snug, so don’t be scared if you think your pants are a little tight when crouching down. It’s okay.

Don’t worry if your pockets protrude a little when you’re squatting. It’s normal for chinos, khaki or corduroy pants.

Avoid folds at the waist, the two-finger rule is also relevant here.

Perhaps the most informal of all the pants (shorts are not taken into account). There’s a lot of options for how jeans should fit properly. Mostly, jeans are worn even lower than chinos pants. Most people look good in jeans that are a little skinny at the bottom. They should fit slightly if we’re talking about fashion and beauty. To be free if we’re talking about comfort.

Men’s jeans

Today there are a lot of options for fitting jeans, so each species is good in its own way. You can give general advice – jeans should have a crease at the bottom so that you can twist them if you want. There are schoolchildren who wear very short and tight jeans, but let’s leave it to the subculture, where the convenience and practicality of casual dress code is questionable.

When buying trousers, keep in mind that manufacturers leave the opportunity to fit the pants in any atelier. You can make the pants shorter or worse, if you really liked the model or remained the last size in the store.

While in the store, do not be lazy to try on different models from different manufacturers. Each person is individual, not to mention the fact that from month to month we can either gain or lose weight. I hope the information collected in this article will close once and for all the question of how to sit pants.

Men’s trousers are an important item of clothing for men. Their appearance makes up a common opinion of the owner. That’s why they need to be chosen correctly.

Many modern men and guys can not choose them right for themselves and make a purchase, just trusting advertising or taking from hangers first caught. Girls approach this issue more thoughtfully.

To select the desired option, you need to learn more about what types exist.

This model is considered the most common and popular. Classic models are sold mainly with a jacket, that is, they are a pair. However, you can buy them as a separate item of clothing.

Professional office workers get a pair of the same, as they get a ragged look faster. Buy men’s pants in duplicate – this is a good opportunity to wear them separately from the jacket, not afraid for the fact that they wear out quickly.

Classic models are available with lapels at the bottom. This is to keep the trouser flat and not to create creases. Pants with lapels allow you to look always neat. Ordinary without lapels, perfectly complement the style of men with skinny and swollen body.

Material and color also play an important role in classic pants. For example, the texture of the jacket and the pants themselves must be completely identical.

Sports models are suitable for those guys who like comfort and convenience. In contrast to the first option, these pants are not suitable for occasions and business life, but are suitable for travel and walks.

When choosing sports pants, remember that fat guys are better not to buy skinny ones, as their figure will look in the unbeaten light. It’s best for them to buy models that have straight wide pants.

Men with a medium set will fit pants with lapels at the bottom, cross ornaments, or with large pockets.

Now you can find a huge range of sports pants on the market, but the most fashionable:

Slim carrots.

Cigars are tight men’s pants.

Skinny. Pants, pulling a visual figure.

These pants for men are considered more restrained than sports models. But they also belong to the category of “informal” or street fashion.

When buying them, you should take a close look at the folds located on the trousers at the bottom – the more such folds, the more informal they are.

You can’t buy them at random. They must be measured. For them to sit well, they should walk and sit down several times during the fitting. Only this way you can choose the best men’s trousers, which will sit on the figure. And earlier there was an article about a fashion show Dior.

A lot of modern men do not know how to choose the right pants. They, in most cases, prefer to just trust the advertising or buy a brand thing, especially not trying to pick it for yourself.

But it is worth remembering that the pants are not only an essential element of the suit, but can be a separate item of clothing. They give the image of a man individuality and harmoniously complement his appearance. The selection of pants should be taken seriously, so that they can emphasize the advantages and disguise the disadvantages of the figure. In order to learn how to choose men’s pants, you need to learn more about their varieties.

This is the most popular and popular option for men’s pants. Such models are sold mainly in a set with a jacket, like a suit. But they can be bought separately. Experienced office workers always buy two identical pairs of pants, because they are worn much faster than the jacket. Buying two identical pairs is a great opportunity to wear suit trousers without a jacket, without fear of spoiling them.

Classic pants can have lapels at the bottom. This is necessary so that the trousers lie flat, without creasing. Pants with lapels will help to look tidy full and stocky men. Normal pants with no lapels will perfectly complement the style of the strong sex, with a sporty and skinny build.

Not a minor role is played by the selection of type of fabric and color scheme when buying trousers for a jacket, where the dye and texture of the fabric should be the same. If a jacket has inserts of a different color, you can choose pants of the same tone.

Sports pants are the best choice for those who like comfort. Unlike the classic style, these pants are not designed for celebrations and business life. This option is ideal for trips, walks, visiting a variety of places where there is no certain dress code.

When choosing sports pants, it is necessary to remember that it is not desirable for full men to get narrowed models, because in this case their figure may look ugly. It is better to stop the choice on pants with wide straight pants. Representatives of the stronger sex, with an average set will suit all kinds of sports pants, and skinny men stylists advise to choose models with a lapel at the bottom, transverse patterns, or wide pockets.

Recently, many varieties of sports trousers have appeared on the shelves, the most common with which:

Carrots. In this model, the lower pants are narrowed.

Cigars. Pants that are tight along the whole length.

Skinny. A model with a cut that visually stretches out a man’s silhouette.

This version of men’s pants is more restrained than sports, but also refers to the informal style. They are quite attractive in appearance. In contrast to the classic, they can be worn below the waist by several centimeters. When choosing to pay attention to the bottom folds of the pants, because the more folds, the more informal is the style.

There are several types of pants lengths. The length is determined by the folds. You can choose one of three options:

No crease. The pants barely touch the surface of the shoe, the back of which is almost not closed.

A quarter. The pants barely cover the back of the shoes. There is a slight crease at the front.

Half. The shoes at the back are half-closed.

It’s full. A complete crease is formed at the front. You can only see the shoe sole at the back.

If you decide to buy new pants, then take their choice with enthusiasm, because your appearance largely depends on the attitude of others around you. But do not forget about comfort. If the approximate model shy movement or cause a sense of discomfort, it is better to refuse to buy it and continue to search.

If you have your own methods for choosing trousers – share your secret in the comments.

The topic of trousers is not as simple as it may seem. About how to choose the classic men’s pants, I wrote in the article “How to choose a man’s suit. In this post, I will tell you how to choose pants in Cajual style. There are many varieties of these pants, they can differ in material, shape and color.

Cajoel pants are an important part of your basic wardrobe. Strive to make your body look proportionate, i.e. the length of legs from floor to groin should be the length of the body from top to tail. With the waist line and trouser lengths, you can visually extend or shorten your legs. Just don’t overdo it, the waist line on your trousers looks unnatural and sometimes even ridiculous. Let’s look at how to bring your body closer to perfect proportions with different models of trousers.

Recently, the fashion trend is narrowed models. Muffins (cigarettes) are straight, slightly narrowed models, and carrots are straight models, narrowed book. They are suitable for many men; I would only recommend not to choose such models for large men. In these pants, the body of a big man will look disproportionate. If you are tall and you think that in these pants you look long, you can do the following: twist the pants (now it is very relevant), pick up socks and shoes of a different color (visually the legs will seem shorter), wear a wide belt. For men with low height recommendations are directly opposite, to visually lengthen legs pick up shoes and socks in the color of pants, do not twist them and put on a narrow belt. Such models refer to a sporty style of clothing, read more about the sporty style of men’s clothing in this article.

Skinny is a kind of skinny pants. These models fit the leg and stretch the silhouette. Be careful, they don’t fit everyone. I don’t recommend choosing skinnys for full or skinny men, as they will emphasize the proportionality of the figure. Also, this model will not fit very tall men.

Thanks to the movie “Great Gatsby” released on the screen, the style of the 20s is now in fashion. Wide models are the brightest representatives of this style. This model is a good fit for tall men. I do not recommend wearing them low and full of men, as this model of trousers visually makes the figure stocky.

I told about the actual models of trousers, reread and realized that all these models do not suit full men, but I do not want to offend anyone. Big men better choose straight classic models, standard length and shortened. You can choose models that expand the book a bit. For more details on classic men’s clothing, read the article.

Cajual style models can be worn with a blazer, sports shirt, jumper, cardigan or sports jacket. You should not wear them with a classic suit jacket. The article “How to choose a men’s shirt” will help you to choose a shirt with trousers. As for the shoes, it is better to wear casual shoes such as brogues, loafers, topsides, moccasins or sneakers with casual-style pants. Articles will help you find the right shoes for your trousers: “Men’s Shoes Types” and “Classic Men’s Shoes.” With shortened pants will look good brogues, you can even wear colored socks, it is very relevant. With loafers, topsiders and loafers they can be worn without socks. I want to draw your attention to the fact that the more massive your shoes, the longer should be the pants, the lighter the shoes, the narrower and shorter models you can put on.