How to choose shorts for a man for the summer?

In the hot summer weather so want to take off the tight jeans or business pants, let your skin breathe freely and tan. Shorts are a great thing for walks, informal and meetings with friends. But do you know how to choose and wear them correctly? Our recommendations will help you choose a successful style, color and material.

5 rules for choosing men’s shorts

Going to the store, act according to five simple tips:

The style fits your figure.

If we are not talking about sportswear, then choose shorts in a casual style. They are comfortable for walking around town, going to informal meetings and even going to work. Try on one of these models:

– Straight, loose-cut bermudas are a summer season 2021 trend. They are made of cotton, linen and other breathable fabrics. Visually, this model is similar to a short version of classic pants.

– These chinos are a universal model for fit men, as they are more tight-fitting due to the narrowed cut. They are often supplemented with side and back pockets.

Both models are well combined with T-shirts and light shirts, with almost any summer footwear. But on a picnic or when working in the countryside it is more comfortable to wear cargo shorts, the main difference of which is large patch pockets. In them you can put useful accessories, which is convenient in everyday life, but will not improve the bow.

The color corresponds to fashion and your style.

The most successful colors are blue and beige. Also pay attention to muted shades: mustard, khaki, gray, white. The summer allows you to wear bright colors, so do not be afraid to choose the models in red, dark purple, yellow, green or other bright colors. But remember that such things are difficult to combine.

Chosen a good length

Too long shorts belittle the growth, and a short design looks ambiguous on a man. A tall man will suit the models with lapels length to the knee or 3-4 cm above. Men of average height are better to try on shorts without lapels at 5-7 cm above the knee. The longest model should not be 5-7 cm below the knee, otherwise it will look absurd.

Choosing the right width

A man with full legs will look attractive in classic straight shorts. But if you are inherently thin, choose tight-fitting chinos. Otherwise, thin legs will look even thinner.

The material of the clothing breathes.

Summer shorts should allow the skin to breathe, so choose natural fabrics: cotton, linen, sirsaker (Indian woven cotton). For cooler weather suit denim clothes. However, experiments with fringes and plenty of decorations will be suitable only for young guys.

What should you avoid when choosing summer shorts?

To avoid adding another questionable item to your closet that you will never wear, avoid the following:

Extravagant prints

Models with subtle patterns (stripes, polka dots, etc.) look good, easily combined with outerwear. But the pretentious geometric figures on fabric, exotic zoo-prints, colors rippling in the eyes look stylish only on the beach swimwear. Do not choose these models, if you do not want to inspire others with the idea that you go swimming. By the way, the shorts in a large bright plaid look more like panties, rather than fashionable urban look.

The over-decorating

How fashion designers don’t make fun of simple things! Do not fall for design with a lot of pockets and scuffs, dangling chains and patches. The abundance of decor will not give a proper adult look to your image, but only add untidiness. It is better to buy a simple casual model, than to be considered tasteless.

Capri pants and breeches are not shorts!

In the hot season it is uncomfortable to walk in clothes, which expose only 10 cm from the ankle. You will not create a stylish look in capri pants, which visually shorten the legs. And in breeches in general will seem that you are wearing school pants, which obviously became short.

The best materials for summer shorts

Cotton allows the skin to breathe freely, which is important in hot weather. But layered things will chafe, as they poorly dissipate heated air, quickly absorb moisture, which slowly evaporates. Lightweight cotton shorts are easy to wash, iron, and long-wearing.

Madras is breathable, does not chafe the skin and does not cause rashes. This type of Indian cotton is visually distinguished from other materials by its checkered pattern.

Sirsacker is another type of Indian fabric. It is distinguished by an amazing lightness and a pleasant fit to the body. This material is characterized by stripe or gingham check pattern.

Flax is very crumple, and therefore difficult to care for. Summer pants are sewn from it more often, but if you find such shorts, be sure to take a pair. It is useless to iron such clothes, but the inherent folds of linen look like a part of the style.

Synthetic is mostly used in sewing sports shorts, as its elasticity does not interfere with active movements. Nylon and spandex are good at diverting sweat, quickly evaporate moisture, do not allow it to be absorbed.

Clothing combinations

Denim shorts look cool in combination with a T-shirt and a lightweight denim jacket. Feel free to wear a short sleeve shirt, polo or slim-fit. Looks interestingly combined with a sports jacket, a shirt with rolled sleeves. Sports models are combined only with clothes in the same style. And refined chinos are combined with business casual, for example, a light blazer over a polo shirt.

Do not forget about accessories. Shorts are well combined with a fabric, woven or belt with D-buckle. Cargo model looks interesting with a sporty fabric belt or belt in military style. But it is important that this accessory combined in color with a handbag or a watch strap. Younger guys like leather or woven watch bracelets, and older men like aviator glasses.

As for footwear, try on styles with a closed toe: loafers, moccasins, sneakers, sneaker tops, sneakers. If you like open shoes, choose sandals or flip-flops. Fashion designers suggest this season for determined men to wear open shoes with socks. But whether it will be comfortable and appropriate, you decide.