How to choose the perfect camp, camping and tent site?

How to choose an ideal place for a temporary stopover or for a long outdoor camp? How to make your rest as comfortable and safe as possible? What to do when choosing a place for camp and overnight stay? Sometimes we do not think much when choosing a place for a stop or camp. As a result, we experience many difficulties and problems in the future. How to create a safe camp for a good rest? How to choose an ideal place for camp and tent?

Find a place for camp near the water Water is vital for camp or camping. You can get water for drinking and cooking. In the water you can wash and laundry things. Therefore, near the camp need a source of clean water. But you should be located at a certain distance from the water. So you will not accidentally contaminate the source. You will also be far away from flies, mosquitoes and other nasty things that are near the water.

Analyze a place for camp that is protected Choose a place that is protected from winds, sun, weather, wild animals and prying eyes. These could be trees, bushes, rocks, and even caves. The shelter will make the camp more comfortable and safe. Choose a protected place, but safe. The tree should not be damaged and without snow on the branches so that it does not fall on your head. Make sure there are no overhanging dangerous stones or possible avalanches. Avoid camping close to animal trails and human movement. Prefer to camp at an altitude It is best to camp at an altitude. This will get rid of flooding in bad weather and give a good view. Camp at height will reduce the impact of mosquitoes, ticks and other pests. Different animals and insects prefer lowlands.

Learn the rules for camp In some places it is common to set up camp, make a fire, and even be. Try not to break the law and unspoken local rules. This will save you a lot of problems in the future. Choose a level camp site It is best to set up your tent and camp on level ground, without unnecessary slopes. It will be easier, more convenient and safer. If you have to set up a tent on a slope, you should sleep with your feet down. Evaluate the surface of the camp site Choose a suitable base for the camp. Stony, fine gravel, or heavily compacted soil can be poor solutions. Especially if the weather is rainy. Water does not soak into the surface and you can wake up in a flooded tent. Choose your campsite, camping and tent sites carefully. This will save you unnecessary dangers and complications. A camp in a good location will make your vacation and travel pleasant.