How to choose the right eyeglasses for men: some useful tips

Not everyone wears lenses for vision correction, and not everyone will agree to eye surgery, so glasses for vision are still relevant today. So how do you choose men’s glasses for vision to look respectable and stylish in them?

What should you pay attention to when choosing them?

Men are rather demanding about accessories, so the frames for glasses should meet the basic requirements of the owner. Namely, it should be practical, comfortable and durable.

Not everyone has a large frame, it looks massively on his face and weighs it. Therefore, most men prefer thin metal frames, which look easy and elegant. However, much depends on dioptres, because thick lenses do not always look beautiful with such a frame. You should also take this into account before ordering glasses.

What else do we pay attention to when buying men’s vision glasses?

The presence of spring loops. This thing helps to protect the glasses from sprains when worn;

Flexible frame and the arcs of the glasses themselves, so that the glasses can not break;

It is worth paying attention to the glasses clamps so that they sit comfortably on your head;

The length of the earbuds also matters, because in this case, the frame will not fall off;

It is necessary to see how the glasses sit on the nose bridge. Do they not fall off when tilted.

and other features of the frame will allow you to wear it in all situations, regardless of the weather conditions, time of day and profession of the man. For those who have to wear glasses all the time it is very important that the material is durable. It can be made of titanium, stainless steel and other flexible materials.

In no case it is not recommended to buy ready-made glasses, as vision can become even worse.

Glasses should be lightweight, suitable for the structure of the face, because men often have wide cheekbones, large features, so glasses should give intelligence to the image, masculinity, rather than make it ridiculous and funny. That is why each frame should be measured, and the selection of lenses should be done by the doctor, based on the quality of the patient’s vision.

Which frames for men are particularly in demand

Aviators or goggles with double arcs;

Wide glasses and frames. However, for a small face, the usual Lennon-style round glasses are more suitable;

Glasses without frames, which are held by screws and transparent nylon. These glasses look very stylish with anti-reflective lenses.

The fashion is fickle, and today both titanium frames and plastic ones are popular. The latter are more retro style, titanium is more modern, but very much depends on the features of the person, so you should try on glasses. This is especially important for those who are connected at work with constant contact with people.

So, businessmen and bosses need to observe not only the image, but also to inspire confidence, so the glasses should be almost invisible on the face. The massive frame gets old, closes the eyes, it makes the person dry and inaccessible. Glasses without a frame make the face open, and anti-reflective glasses frame is invisible.

Even if the glasses are expensive, you should not spare money on them. This is a contribution to your presentability and success.

Dimensions for the frame, what do you need and how to see it?

Each frame has an individual size. Not everyone pays attention to the figures that are located on the inner side. However, they do matter. For example, 140 is the length of the frame’s shackles. 19 – the size of the bridge, or the distance of the width of the back of the nose. 48 – the size of the glasses. For the glasses to fit perfectly, it is necessary that the parameters of the person and the frames coincide. That is why the selection of glasses must be done by a master.

For which face, which frame is suitable

First of all, it is necessary to determine the shape of the face:

A square face requires round-shaped glasses, and aviators or unrimmed glasses will look great;

For a round face, on the contrary, the frame can be square and straight. Colored frames made of plastic look great;

Heart-shaped faces are suitable for glasses without frames or round glasses;

An oval and elongated face is good with a similar low frame of rectangular shape.

When choosing the shape of the frame, rely on your own feelings, because even following the recommendations of stylists, each face is individual, and requires mandatory fitting of glasses. If you buy in an online boutique use the virtual fitting of the frame, such services are often provided in stores.

Colored frames, who are they suitable for?

Often, the store offers not only an unusual form of frame, but also a variety of colors. What to do, and whether to buy such an accessory. If you want to look fashionable, then why not. However, colored glasses will suit young people under 30 years old, with a certain type of activities and social circle.

For example, they can be worn by artists or designers, journalists or working in show business.

But it is better for business people to choose discreet colors of glasses and transparent glasses. Here, contacts with human eyes are very important.

Dioptres, who should be trusted with the selection

It is up to the doctor to find out if a person is myopic or has hyperopia. In addition, many people suffer from astigmatism. That is why it is best to go to the polyclinic to see an ophthalmologist, in salons may not make an accurate selection of glasses. After that, you can go with a prescription to choose a frame and order glasses.

You should not buy ready-made glasses, even if their glasses have similar values. Even a difference of a few millimeters can lead to visual impairment if you use them constantly.

When you need glasses urgently and there is no way out, take ready-made but weaker dioptres and replace them at the first opportunity.

Glasses for reading, giving, work at the PC

If you need reading glasses, and they are most often positive, then be sure to put them on and see if they are comfortable to read. Some prefer glasses with double glass, the frame includes dioptres for far and to work with papers. This is very convenient, but unfortunately not everyone can get used to such glasses, as the eye must constantly adapt to a complex lens.

In this case, you need to buy separate glasses for reading and for constant wear, work at the computer.

Lenses, what do you need to know about them

When choosing lenses for glasses, you should pay attention to their material. There are glass and plastic lenses. Glass has such advantages as:


Long service life;

Excellent refractive index.

Glass is less scratched, but will have to be treated with care. Unlike plastic, the lens will not lose its properties over time. Of course, glass is harder to process, harder to keep, they have more weight, but the quality of the image before your eyes is flawless. Of course, ophthalmologists will advise you not to save money and order glass lenses.

Lenses can be colorless, photochromic and tinted. Photochromic lenses can be darkened by the sun and lighten in the room. The lenses can also have a special coating: brightening, water-repellent, hardening, multifunctional.

Brightening reduces glare, water-repellent protects against misting and precipitation. Hardening coating helps protect against breakage in case of falling and other mechanical influences. Multi-layer multifunctional coatings combine all the above functions.

The client can rely on expert advice or his own preferences when choosing lenses.

Consider the pros and cons of glass and plastic

Plastic – lightweight, does not beat when falling, excellent for sports, protects against UV rays. Minuses: it blurs with time, is covered with scratches.

Glass – does not scratch, protects from UV rays, perfectly withstands temperature changes, gives excellent picture quality, does not blur with time. Minuses: expensive, sweaty, fragile, traumatic dangerous, heavy.

Glasses have several functions at once. They are eye protection, help improve vision and create an image.

Only plastic is recommended for children, but adults should give preference to glass. Especially if they are glasses for work or study. It is possible to have another frame in case the first one fails, but still expensive quality glasses will not only give a man status, but will also make him attractive.

Do not be afraid to wear glasses, they are very good for people, especially if chosen correctly. The frames can give elegance, style and special chic. A man seems to be more solid, smarter, more attractive.