How to choose the right groom’s suit for the wedding

When choosing a suit, the groom should first of all be guided by the bride’s dress – the newlyweds’ outfits should harmonize with each other. But he should in no case overshadow her, and at the same time he needs to stand out against the background of other men. In addition, his outfit should correspond to the peculiarities of the figure. Therefore, the purchase of a wedding suit is not an easy matter.

Classic or avant-garde?

Those who do not tolerate banality are lucky – the time of stereotypes has passed. The groom, as well as the bride, are free to choose the style and color of wedding dresses as they want. Even canary in disco style. It is allowed to combine pants and a jacket of different shades and textures. But still the classics dominate.

The choice of classic pants is not so great, but the top of the suit has many variations: single-breasted or double-breasted jacket, tailcoat, tuxedo, jacket, vest, “troika” (jacket paired with vest).

Elegant dandy or sexy dandy?

Which image would you like to try on? We suggest several options.

A classic suit with one or two rows of buttons is a universal solution that is suitable for any wedding.

Tails are for the romantic groom

A regular on social occasions, the tuxedo creates the image of a stylish James Bond. Elegance itself – tuxedos with silk and satin lapels.

Tuxedo is a spectacular choice for an aristocratic wedding ceremony.

Casual – a casual style of clothing without a tie and other formal attributes. Suitable for a casual atmosphere.

Variations on the theme of color

It is believed that the color of the suit should correspond to the season, although few people adhere to this rule. Light (white, beige, gray, sand, blue, silver) – for spring and summer, dark (black, graphite, brown, blue) – for autumn and winter.

To the snow-white dress of the bride will suit pants and jacket of any shade, but if it is of a different color, then the suit should not be brighter than the bride’s attire. To give a monochrome suit a spectacular look, you can wear a vest of contrasting colors, but do not forget about the “rule of three colors” (there should be not more than three shades).

It is also important what color the groom’s shirt and tie are, as they should match the bride’s dress. Here are a few examples: a white shirt and tie will suit best with a snow white dress, a champagne colored dress – a shirt and tie of the same color.

Advice from Albione

Blond men are attracted to dark shades, brunettes and brown hair, as well as people with dark skin – to light colors.

The perfect fit is the key to success

Color and cut are certainly important, but the most important thing is that the suit fits perfectly. The best option is to sew it to order, especially if you have a non-standard shape.

If you do not have such a possibility, use the following advice:

Do not chase the fashion – choose the suit so that it was to your face and fit your figure.

Make sure that the jacket, buttoned on all the buttons, has no folds on the shoulders and back, and the slits were closed. The fabric should lie flat, not wrinkled.

Raise your arms up, spread them apart, bend at the elbows, and then sit on a chair to make sure that nothing is restricting your movements (this rule does not apply to fitted suits).

Turn your head – the collar should not press or rub the neck.

The optimal length of the jacket sleeves is defined as follows: in bent arm position the shirt cuffs should protrude over the edges by 1.5-2 cm.

If the jacket is good in the shoulders, but does not come together in the waist, you need a suit with more fullness, but not larger size.

The length of the pants should be such that they reach to the top of the heel and form a small crease in the front at the ankle. Taller men can wear even shorter pants.

Slim men of average height look absolutely everything. The rest of the grooms will have to be guided by expert advice to hide flaws and emphasize the advantages.

Non-high men should choose fitted suits, which visually elongate the figure (by the way, vertical stripes also do an excellent job with this role). For them, preferably a classic jacket with two buttons or cropped tailcoat, but not a double-breasted suit. Also pants with lapels, visually shortening legs, are prohibited.

Full men jackets with two rows of buttons do not suit either. The most suitable option – a suit of free cut with pants without arrows. To narrow the waist helps the vest.

But for grooms with broad shoulders, narrow waist and hips, double-breasted jackets with square floors will be just right.

For men with a rectangular type of figure (shoulders not much wider than the waist and hips) single-breasted jackets with long lapels are desirable.

Tails, as well as other types of suits with elongated floors, look better on tall trim men. But if a man is slouching, this type of wedding suit will only emphasize this defect.

The groom with slender legs can afford skinny pants. However, if the legs are full, this does not mean that the pants should resemble a bag – so they will seem even fatter.

We hope that our tips will help you to choose the right suit, and you will look chic at the wedding.