How to choose the right jacket: men’s guide to the fashion world

The men’s jacket is probably the most essential element of the men’s wardrobe. It can be worn in any weather: hot, cold – there are many options for a fabric that will be comfortable and appropriate for any temperature. In this article we will talk about how to sit a men’s jacket, how to choose the ideal copy and determine your size.

In most instructions on how to choose the size of the jacket, you will find many strict recommendations. Quite popular is the phrase: “a jacket should fit snugly around the figure. Of course, common rules often work, but there are some nuances.

How a man’s jacket should fit…

  1. For example, when talking about the length of the jacket, the most common advice is that the bottom edge should be at the same level as the knuckles of the hand. But is it worth blindly following this rule? Well, we should suppose not. We must not forget the difference in jacket styles. This rule can be applied to a classic formal jacket, but what about the others? We conclude: the length of the jacket directly depends on the style of the jacket. Not to mention the fact that all people have different arm lengths.

  1. Speaking about sleeve length, there are quite reliable benchmarks in this aspect. First of all, there is a special point on your hand where the jacket sleeve should reach. If the sleeve of your shirt is freely down, the cuff should look out from under the jacket sleeve by about one or two centimeters.

How should a man’s jacket fit

  1. It’s also common advice that the length of the jacket at the back should reach the base of the legs. Again, not all styles can be applied to this rule. It would be more accurate to say that the men’s jacket should be long enough to cover your buttocks, and at the same time, as much as possible to open the line of legs. It’s all about balance of proportions.

  1. If we talk about shoulder width, the basic rule is quite logical – the shoulders of the jacket should end in exactly the same place as yours. However, do not forget about the unique features of your figure. If you have very narrow and sloping shoulders, it would be more rational to choose a wider jacket with stiff shoulders.

  1. The width of the jacket in the chest should be such that the palm can easily fit inside. In most cases, this is the right thing to do. But there are men who prefer more space in the chest, but still look very elegant.

So, if you’re wondering how a man’s jacket should fit, you should consider the silhouette in the first place. The right jacket size and a harmonious silhouette are inextricably linked. If you clearly define the silhouette of the jacket, then you will be much easier to define its size.

Men’s Jacket: How do you pick up

Men’s Jacket: How to pick up – the most common problems

When choosing a jacket, do not ignore the nuances and even the smallest details – you must look flawless.

The collar and sleeve base are probably the most common bad cut defect. It’s ideal if there are no bends or recesses on the top of the sleeve and the collar fits snugly around the neck.

The place of the buttoned button – this is where it happens that the fabric is too tight, forming an ugly crease in the form of “X”. Sometimes this is done specifically in accordance with modern fashion, but most often the letter X on the jacket – a sign that the product is not your size.

A sloppy back is also a common problem. Stretching and wrinkling in the shoulder and waist area spoils your appearance.

Sleeves – you can often see wrinkles on sleeves on jackets that aren’t tight, a defect that occurs if the sleeve isn’t properly stitched to the shoulder.

How to determine the size of a man’s jacket

Since the size of jackets varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, sometimes it is difficult to find a suitable option.

Russian sizes of men’s jackets (44, 46, 48, 50, …, 72) are mainly determined by the volume of the breast in the widest part. If the widest part is at the level of your abdomen, then focus on this parameter.

How do you know the size of a man’s jacket? Markings should be taken off when wearing a T-shirt or shirt. Do not tighten the tape by a centimeter.

So, you measured the volume, what did you do?

If you have 88 centimeters, it means you have size 44, 96 centimeters, 48 centimeters and so on. Just divide it by two and you get the size you need. If the measurement is between the standards, you need to round it up a bit more. And for those who want to determine their jacket size to within a centimeter, will help our special article with a table of sizes.

Waves on the back, hanging shoulders and a number of other errors bought jackets difficult to fix, even in the studio. Therefore, if the material capacity is available, jackets are better to sew immediately. And pants. Usually I do this, except when I find a decent thing not in the classical style. I just looked at a reel suede jacket at the store. I can’t make the reel myself, and the jacket is really cool.