How to choose the right leather jacket?

Both men and women need to know how to choose a leather jacket correctly. The fact that this piece of clothing is purchased not for a couple of months or a year, and for several years. Therefore, in order for it to serve you long reliable protection from rain and snow, you need to carefully approach the selection procedure still at the stage of purchase.


Pros and cons of leather jackets

Choosing the manufacturer and where to buy

Check the quality of leather

Determine the quality of tailoring

Choosing the color and model of the jacket

Pros and cons of leather jackets

Which leather jacket to choose, you can decide only when you evaluate and weigh the pros and cons of such a closet item. It is from this assessment will depend on what model jacket you buy for yourself. Perhaps you refuse in principle from the leather goods in favor of clothing made of man-made materials. Especially because such materials have recently improved so much that they can perfectly mimic the skin.

The main advantage of leather is considered its absolute environmental friendliness. If you purchase things made from any kind of natural leather, you can not fear that they will in future release harmful chemicals or somehow harm your health. Such jackets will retain heat perfectly, as it is practically airtight.

The second advantage is the fact that things made of leather is excellent cleaning, because they are not afraid of exposure to moisture and many chemicals. For example, in order to clean stains from the surface in most cases it is enough to simply wipe the surface of the jacket, and it will be clean. In an extreme case, you can apply a gentle cleanser.

A third plus is that the clothes made of leather, the fact that it perfectly fits the figure, so it is perfect to “lie” on the human body even if it has significant drawbacks, such as stooping or extra fullness. Leather jacket is able to create a memorable image, in addition, it emphasizes sexuality of its owner. This is especially true for young women, who with the help of leather things can emphasize the advantages and hide flaws of the figure.

As for the disadvantages, things made of leather have relatively few of them. So, the first of them is considered their high price.

Important! By the way, if you do not know how to choose a quality leather jacket, be guided by the cost, as a quality product can not cost cheap.

In this case, the high price is compensated by the fact that leather things last a long time, and instead of several jackets from a substitute, you can buy one thing made of natural material, which will last a long time.

Well, the second disadvantage can be considered the fact that during the wetting process jackets made of natural material increases the weight, making it uncomfortable and difficult to wear. Partly overcome this drawback can be carried out by periodic impregnation of your purchased product.

The choice of the manufacturer and the place of purchase

In order to understand how to choose the right men’s leather jacket, you first need to understand who and where you will buy it. Most experts advise to buy such jackets in specialized stores. This is due to the fact that only there you will receive a guarantee of quality of such products, and be able to pick up, if necessary, those models that suit your image.

Among such spetsmagazinov stand out two types. The first type – it is branded representative offices directly factories-manufacturers of leather products, trading directly from the conveyor. It usually sells only certified goods, made in full accordance with GOST. Such jackets are strictly controlled for quality and compliance with technology, and in their tailoring uses only high quality genuine leather.

Unfortunately, brand stores where you can get advice on how to choose a leather jacket correctly, as well as sell quality and affordable product, relatively few. Most of us use the services of the second type of retailers – those that are not official representatives of clothing factories and are located on the territory of markets or in rented areas of shopping centers.

Usually such institutions of trade sell their products at a very affordable price, so they are popular with low-income segments of the population. Moreover, if in shopping centers you can buy, albeit inexpensive, but quite high quality and prilsichnuyu thing at the clothing markets you can usually buy fakes of varying degrees of wear. Therefore, going to the market, it makes sense to take with an experienced person who understands how to choose a leather jacket.

As for choice, in Russia, the best leather jackets are considered imported from Turkey or Italy. In addition, quite good jackets from Western Europe, Scandinavian countries, Canada. As for domestic manufacturers, not all of them produce quality products, although the most well-known factories maintain good quality of their products. So if you see that on sale is a leather jacket from a Russian manufacturer, then you can safely buy it, because usually our brands are not counterfeited.

Checking the quality of leather

Currently, manufacturers of outerwear produce lines of jackets from absolutely different types of leather, even buffalo. But the most common are things made of pigskin. Of the disadvantages they may be called the fact that they quickly rub out and lose their original appearance. As a result, the life of your jacket can be reduced to 3-5 years.

A side note. Buffalo leather is the most durable, and it is well dressed and will serve you well for 5 years or more.

In this case, the warranty on the jacket can be set only if you buy a genuine product, not a cheap fake. There are several ways to determine the quality and authenticity of leather.

Such methods may include:

Warmth test. The fact is that natural material holds heat well and warms up quickly, so if you put your palm to it, you will feel the heat in case it is natural, while leatherette will always be cold.

Test with moisture. To do this, drop a little water on the jacket in an inconspicuous place. The natural coating will change its color, while the substitute will repel it, remain dry and do not change color.

The presence of a rough and untreated edge.

Surface strength. It should not peel if you run your fingernail over it, it should not leave scratches.

The test of water resistance. It is required to check how well the jacket is painted and impregnated with a water repellent compound. To do this, take a light-colored cloth, soak it in water, and wipe the skin with it. If the impregnation is done well, the fabric should not stain.

Jackets made of synthetic leather perfectly imitate the natural material, while being inexpensive. Since natural products are expensive, you can easily buy a fake, which does not have the characteristics of high durability inherent in natural products.

Determining the quality of tailoring

It is especially important to know how to choose a leather jacket for women. The fact is that women usually pay attention not only to the appearance of the product, but also to the quality of its tailoring, namely, the thoroughness of the cut, finishing seams, as well as accessories. The thing is that this article of clothing, especially women’s, should be correctly cut to sit perfectly on the figure. So in addition to knowledge about how to choose a leather jacket for men, you will also need to understand how to choose the correct size leather jacket.

In addition to the seams and edges when buying this product should also be on a mandatory basis to check the zipper, for example, to examine how easily the runner goes over it. It is best if the zipper is made of metal, as a plastic product can break quite quickly. When you use buttons instead of zippers, they should be made of durable materials such as metal and plastic, and the loops must be made of durable materials, as well as neatly swept. Buttons should be chosen only strong and well buttoned up.

As for the variants of making the lining, it may be fabric or fur. Products with fur is best suited to be worn in the spring and fall, in addition, if in your region the winter is relatively warm, you can wear such a jacket in the winter. It is important that the lining was sewn, not attached to the zipper, as it quickly enough fails and can at the most unexpected moment to break.

If you are buying a jacket to wear in the summer, and it has a lining of fabric, you need to be prepared for the fact that it will be quite thin, which should be remembered in the event that the summer can be sharply cold. If we are talking about the lining material, then viscose is considered the best option, as it serves much longer than polyester. Polyester rather quickly frayed and torn, which can significantly reduce the life of your jacket.

Be sure to pay attention to the color of the lining. It should not be too shouty or too simple. It is better to choose light-colored fabric, although gray will be appropriate, but red or yellow will do with difficulty. In any case, the main thing when choosing fabrics for it should be respect for quality and durability, as in the process of wearing the lining can tear quite easily.

Choosing the color and model of the jacket

Before you start choosing the color and model of leather products that suit you, you need to decide on the size. If you do not know how to choose the size of a leather jacket, use a special size table of outerwear, which should be in any point of sale her. Only knowing the right size, you can choose a jacket that will not only look good, but also sit on you perfectly.

Determining the size, you will need to decide what exactly you buy this or that model. For example, in summer or during the warm autumn you will be happy with a light model. It may have an open collar, smell and have shortened seams and sleeves.

When you need a winter model, you will need to pay attention to jackets with a length below the waist, which will protect the waist from wind and cold. It should also have a high collar and zipper.

In addition, some models may have a detachable collar, and some models may have a detachable collar, which can be used to protect you from cold and wind. In addition, some models may have a detachable collar. He will give the whole product solidity and completeness.

Since there are a lot of leather jackets, you should choose things that you will wear this or that model with. The fact that the leather can be combined with not all things. For example, the classic style is combined only with fitted styles or English collar, so you should decide on this.

As for the color, the most common is black, because it does not stain and goes well with almost any closet. In addition, the classic colors include cinnamon and gray. However, there are other colors, such as white, red, beige. These jackets should be worn very carefully, as they require separate selection of things in a set. Colored products are not recommended for men to wear.

Important! In any case, no matter what jacket you choose, its reliability and durability will depend directly on how well you’ll take care of it.

If you periodically clean such a product, remove stains on it and impregnate it with protective compounds, it may last you up to 10 years.