How to choose the right socks

The main problem of the modern consumer is the variety of choices. We live in an era of a huge number of offers, and it is difficult to immediately determine which socks to choose. Tens of thousands of foreign and domestic products can be found in the budget segment. But the elite offerings also seem endless. On the creation of expensive and high-quality models are working the world’s leading brands: Gucci, Calvin Klein, Falke. To facilitate this difficult task, collected recommendations for readers how to choose the right socks.

Quality – at the head of the order

Buy something that will last you longer and be more reliable. We tell you the main indicators of quality.

How to choose socks by composition

Remember: truly high-quality products are made from a mixture of natural (cotton, bamboo) and synthetic fabrics (polyamide, elastane). And here’s how to choose socks by composition:

The optimum is considered the content of natural fibers 70-80%.

The composition must be present exactly polyamide (PA), and not its cheap analogue polyester (PE). The content of such material can be from 10 to 25%: it adds durability to the socks, accelerates drying, prevents fading.

Elastane is added in volume of about 5% and provides a more comfortable fit by increasing elasticity.

If you need to choose socks man, woman or child with allergies, give preference to medical models, which use only natural hypoallergenic materials.

Buying socks in large hypermarkets such as Auchan or Perekrestok, pay more attention to this. Because in pursuit of a low price can harm your health.


After the composition, the next point of quality check is the stitching of the product. Quality socks use only the stitching of the toe – it is more durable than conventional socks. It is also called seamless, because thanks to a special machine seam is made so flat that it almost does not feel.

This is an important detail. A normal seam can chafe the foot and is often the site of holes.

Information from the manufacturer

This is an important factor that you should always pay attention to. Always read the label.

Buy if you have already used products from the same manufacturer, are personally familiar with the brand and are satisfied.

If the manufacturer is unknown to you, before choosing socks to buy, find out the composition and compare it to what you see. The presence of unwanted synthetic fibers in large quantities is easy to identify by the threads with a glassy gloss.

Characteristics of the elements

Edge (elastic band)

The best version is soft and elastic: not less than 4 cm on high socks and from 2 cm on short socks. The edge should not be tight, but not flimsy rubber. How to choose a good socks on it? – Pull the elastic band with your fingers in different directions: it should stretch to 1.5 times its width. Tezido socks use a double edge, which does not squeeze the foot, but keeps the socks on your foot throughout the day.

The heel

The material in the area from the elastic to the heel should be dense and opaque when it comes to socks for a business suit. In warm weather for semi-formal meetings a relaxation is allowed – lightweight mesh models with semi-reflective cuffs.


The sign of quality socks – reinforced toe area and neatly laid over the toe seam. It must be soft and elastic so as not to rub the delicate skin while walking.


Just like the toe, it should be reinforced. Most often it is easy to notice with the naked eye: the material in this place is denser and less elastic. Solid manufacturers directly on the label inform about reinforcement of problem areas prone to rapid wear and tear.

The meaning of color for business style

There is a widespread belief that black socks can be worn under any suit. This is a misconception! They are suitable only for black or very dark pants. Because, should you sit down, and the pants open the socks, even if they were previously invisible. When the colors are mismatched, the leg line turns out torn. Contrasting with the pants socks will visually cut the legs, which creates an unpleasant impression.

How to choose socks by color? – Be guided by the color of the pants, if you are going to a business meeting, a formal event or a place with a strict dress code. In this case, the only deviation may be only in shade, for example, you can wear dark blue socks to light blue jeans and dark gray to black pants.

A little optical trick with socks will allow you to correct your figure. If you choose a pair of the same shade with pants, legs will seem longer, and if under shoes – shorter.

You can carefully diversify the business style, adding to it a variety of colors. The main thing is to remember that colored socks under the suit should:

be solid-colored, then you can use a variety of bright colors, as far as your boldness allows you;

Or have a simple geometric pattern, such as polka dots, rhombuses, stripes.

Choosing socks for a man for a business event, remember: brightly colored models with Sponge Bob, pizza, dogs and kitties are better left on the shelf in the closet.

Three more important rules of business style

  1. Product height

Now there are short, medium and long models. With a business suit is acceptable to wear only high, centimeters 5-15 above the ankle. Flickering uncovered areas of skin between pants and socks is considered bad form.

  1. Material thickness

No matter how cold it was, with a business, parade or formal suit is acceptable to wear only thin socks.

  1. Harmony of the Elements

The golden rule for choosing socks for a man in a business suit: they must perfectly match the tie in texture, pattern or shade.

Individual informality

Accent socks great dilute a strict suit, but on such a step not many people dare. In this case there is a simple rule for doubters, which socks to choose: they must be combined or at least resonate with some other detail of the created appearance. This can be a shirt, vest, tie. But it is better if the socks will be at least a tone darker.

Be sure to pay attention to the pattern. Bright and ridiculous is suitable only for recreation with friends and family. In other settings, such details of the closet look comical.

Such bright socks with lots of prints can be found, for example, at HappySocks and FunnySocks. As well as St. Friday and KingKit, if you like socks with writing.

Understatedly discreet socks are versatile. Drawing that remains timeless, fashion and competition are large rhombuses, ribbing, and polka dots. You can look for these at Calzedonia and Collonil. However, these options are only suitable for places where there is no strict dress code.

How to choose a sock size

The classification differs from that used by shoe manufacturers, and this too can cause problems. Many people just don’t know how to choose the right size socks so that they are worn comfortably and sit nicely on the foot. It is easy to do this with a piece of paper (A4 size will do), a pencil (pen, felt-tip pen or marker) and a ruler with a length of 35 cm.

Stand with your bare feet on the sheet.

Draw an outline.

Step off the sheet and measure the distance between the most distant points. Usually this is the tip of the most protruding toe and the end of the heel.

The resulting number rounded to whole centimeters is the right size for you. For tight, poorly stretching models, you can safely add another half centimeter. And vice versa. If the socks are very stretchy, subtract 0.5 cm. from your normal size.

Why do you even need to know how to choose a sock size? They’re not shoes, and they won’t get blisters. The answer is simple:

Models that are too tight will squeeze the foot, making blood circulation difficult. This is fraught with negative consequences for health and well-being.

Overly spacious will constantly move out, twist, gather in folds, which looks unkempt and creates discomfort.

What kind of socks to choose for everyday wear

You can instantly make the wrong impression by wearing light-colored or even white socks under dark pants. Such options are acceptable only with sportswear, a white suit or shoes of the same color. Other suitable situations do not exist.

Wondering how to choose socks under sneakers or sneakers? – The more inconspicuous this detail of your athletic image will be, the better.

Ideal in this case are very short ankle socks and shortened models, the elastic band of which barely reaches the ankle bone or does not reach it. But there are many models of sneakers that look good with high.

Don’t forget that bare feet in sneakers and sneakers tend to sweat, which increases the risk of fungal infection. In your sports closet, give preference to socks made of natural fibers – cotton, bamboo, linen.

Wool home comfort

Good wool socks are great for keeping you warm in cold weather, and you should choose them seriously.

If you want to choose children’s socks or products for delicate skin, opt for products made of cashmere or angora wool – they will not cause irritation.

For wearing with outdoor shoes, choose high models, made of fine woolen knitwear.

Hand-knitted models with simple or fancy designs are ideal for wearing at home.

The composition must contain 10% elastin, which provides the fit, and polyester, which prevents the quick fraying of woolen natural fibers.

It is not necessary to look for 100% wool products. For comfortable warmth it is enough to have not less than 40% wool in the composition.

Instead of the usual slippers

The universal answer to the question “What kind of socks to choose for everyday wear at home? – socks-slippers. This is the original lightweight shoes made of knitted or woven material with a non-slip soft, like conventional socks, sole. Falke has a great selection in the premium segment, but there are also more budget-friendly options.

Sock slippers will keep your feet warm and move around the house comfortably.

Thanks to their weightlessness they do not weigh your foot down – it feels like you’re walking around in just socks.

Universal hybrid models are very warm: they are comfortable even in cold winter on a cold floor.

To sum up

Choose socks correctly. Then you will be comfortable in any situation. Socks – an important part of our closet, in most cases undeservedly underestimated. The wrong choice can damage our reputation, personal comfort and even health. And also it is necessary to find the perfect balance between price and quality, strict rules of etiquette and bright colors, individual style and corporate dress code.