How to choose the right tie – the secrets of a stylish image

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The main principle of matching a tie to a suit

Stylish Tie and Shirt Combinations

10 rules of tie wearing

7 rules of tie clamp use

Imagine a normal weekday morning. A man is standing in front of his closet getting ready for work. He has to look good because he is a top executive or assistant director. Or maybe the office has a strict dress code. What to wear? A solid color tie under a plaid suit or, on the contrary, a bright tie under a strict suit? We are sure that many people have found themselves in this situation.

Indeed, there are situations that involve wearing a suit. A real problem can be the question of how to choose the right tie to the shirt, what color to choose a suit and so on. In this article we will try to answer these questions and explain how to combine the most famous items in men’s closet.

The main principle of choosing a tie to the suit

In order to understand how to choose the right tie, first you need to determine the choice of a classic suit. It is necessary to put accessories to the main element of the outfit – jacket, starting with the shirt and finishing with a tie, and at the combination you like to stop your choice.

In order not to make a wrong choice, follow the rule – from more to less. And then you will be able to avoid complications.

You should not choose the same print/color for all elements of the suit

The tie, the jacket and the shirt in polka dots look not the best, but simply inappropriate. Choosing a winning combination in this performance is almost impossible. At least one element of this ensemble should be with a different pattern. This rule also applies to the same colors in the outfit.

The best way the image will play in a contrasting combination of colors of the shirt and suit. And the selected tie will translate the shade of the jacket and pants.

Playing with color

If you’re wondering how to match a tie to a suit of blue color, you can safely experiment. As to the neutral color of the suit fit a tie of any shade. The same applies to a light blue shirt.

If you opted for a blue suit and a white shirt, then the right style solution would be a burgundy or dark blue tie. The combination of these shades always produce a good impression in others.

You can also use in your image one color with different intensities, for example, to wear a bright green suit with a white shirt and pick up to it a light lettuce tie. Appropriate would be a combination of two dark colors with one light. It is possible to advantageously stylize the black and white colors. Do not be afraid to try, learning to feel the color is absolutely easy, the main thing is not to abandon experiments.

Suit and striped shirt

When composing an image with striped things, you should take into account that the striped print is of a different scale. To create an original impression a man can wear a business suit in stripes, then his image is guaranteed to remain in the memory of others. The only thing worth remembering is that the width of the stripes of the shirt and the tie should be different.

You should take into account this rule to ensure that your chosen image does not merge into a single spot, it is necessary to correctly arrange the accents. It is important to pick up no more than two things in stripes of different widths. And the third element of the outfit should duplicate the color of the stripes. For example, a purple jacket in a thin white stripe will look good with a white shirt and a lilac tie in a large white stripe.

Two different checks

Diversify your everyday image with plaid things. Only keep in mind that the plaid should be of different size in case you have at least two things with this print in your outfit.

Two different patterns

It is not recommended to combine in one image several things with a small pattern or pattern. The rule to combine prints of different size is appropriate only for plaid or stripes.

Combining two patterns is possible, however, there is one nuance. A large-scale pattern on one part of the suit should be combined with a large-scale pattern on the other part. To understand how to correctly match a tie to a shirt, the print on both elements of the outfit must be of the same scale.

Many different patterns

Collecting several textures and prints in one outfit is quite possible.

Two identical patterns combined with a third

If you are a fan of bold and original images, then you can easily beat a plaid shirt with a polka-dot chest scarf. However, it is worth considering that with such an abundance, the tie should be neutral.

In this case, the rule of appropriate combination of patterns of different scales is applicable. In the example above, the main pattern is a cage, respectively it is a tie and a pectoral scarf is selected to it.

If the check of the suit is not large, then you should opt for a tie or a handkerchief with a large-scale print. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the overall look of the image and avoid unnecessary contrasts.

Three identical patterns

If you are a bold original and a big fan of surprising your image, you can fit three identical prints in one outfit.

To realize the conceived goal, you can combine a jacket and pants in a medium-sized plaid with a shirt in a small plaid and a tie in a large plaid. The same is appropriate for stripes. In order for the image to be successful, it is necessary to intelligently select the colors of all elements.

The last rule

If you are not sure and do not know how to match the color of the tie to the shirt or how to intelligently mix different patterns and textures, choose a more simple and concise image, so you can avoid mistakes.

Buy a suit in small stripes, and to it pick up a few shirts without patterns and designs. Buy some catchy ties. To be able to make up more than a dozen different images, it is enough to purchase one set of jacket and pants, 3-4 shirts, 4-5 ties.

Stylish combinations of ties and shirts

To compose a harmonious image yourself and know how to choose the right color of the tie, stylists suggest using the following table.

10 rules for wearing a tie

Basic rules, how to wear harmoniously and how to choose the right tie.

It is necessary to know how to tie a knot. The American tie is recognized as the easiest to wear.

The length of the tie should be clearly at waist level. If it is shorter or longer, it will look ridiculous.

It is important to consider the width of the tie. Be guided by the height of the collar on the shirt. Usually, wide ties are worn by people holding high positions.

If the shirt has a pattern, then the tie should be neutral. The rule also applies in the opposite direction.

The tie must necessarily cover the buttons of the shirt.

The accessory should echo the material of the shirt and have a similar density.

The composition of the fabric should include natural materials.

To know how to choose the right tie clip, you should consider the main rule – it should not be visible from under the jacket.

The image with a dark suit and a dark tie is appropriate in the daytime, while light-colored outfits are reasonable for parties and celebrations.

The shirt should definitely be washed and perfectly ironed.

7 rules for using a tie clip

Experts in the field of men’s fashion have identified 7 points by which everyone will learn how to wear a clip-on correctly.

The length of the accessory should not be more than the width of the tie for which it was purchased. A clip with a convex part will look inappropriate in a business image, this is unacceptable.

Install the clip on the shirt should be near the third-fourth button. If the clip has a chain, then first put the ring on the button, and then button the shirt.

The clamp has only a functional value, i.e. fastening the tie in the shirt. The tie clip does not serve as a decoration.

The color of the clip should preferably duplicate the color of the cufflinks, gloves or watch.

Experienced fashionistas recommend to buy cufflinks and a clamp in one set. This will advantageously emphasize the sense of style of its owner.

Cufflinks should look straight and be fixed parallel to the floor.

The clip should be excluded if there is a knitted cardigan or vest in the image.

To ensure that the tie clip always looked appropriate, it is recommended to take into account the appropriateness of its application. For example, if the image of a man is far from the business style and in the outfit will be used cardigan, sweater or turtleneck – a clip for a tie at all to nothing, most likely, it will only cheapen the appearance.

It should be noted that the choice of tie also depends on the time of year. In a cold time a good choice would be an accessory of woolen fabric in combination with a textured pantsuit, and in the heat the tie should be light, consisting of silk fabrics.

Surely now you won’t have any difficulties choosing a tie, and you will look stunning.