How to cook delicious vegetables: a recipe from the chef

Broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower – yes, these and other vegetables can be made very tasty. The main thing is to know how to cook them correctly. The Challenger learned from Gleb Geiger’s Chef Geraldine the recipe of a simple and yet unusual dish made of some vegetables.

– In Italian, “aldente” means “tooth”: you get crispy vegetables that preserve nutrients and vitamins. The dish is as easy as possible to prepare: the task to cope with everyone at home. It includes products that are available at any supermarket. The main feature of the dish is its low calorie content, which allows you to “spoil” it even in the period of weight loss.

Vegetables aldente

Bright dish made from vegetables with a little oil and sea salt.


Brussels sprouts 60 г

Asparagus 50 г

Broccoli 80 г

Cauliflower 100 г

Pea (pods) 40 г

Carrot (mini) 30 г

Olive oil 20 г

Butter (creamy) 10 г

Salt (sea) 1 pinch

Cress salad 5 г

Butter (garlic) 3 ml

Preparation process

Pour 4-5 tbsp. of water into the pot. Add all the vegetables.

Let the vegetables down to a state of half readiness (aldente). They should remain crispy.

Place in a frying pan, add the olive and butter and heat slightly.

Place the vegetables on a plate, add the garlic butter, sprinkle with sea salt and decorate with a cress salad.