How to cook porridge at the stake: the recipe of Chernihiv Hartanachka

Lunch in nature is not only fried meat, but also a delicious side dish, the most satisfying – in the form of porridge. They say that the taste of porridge cooked in the fresh air is remembered forever. Worth checking out!

We will share with you a recipe for porridge, which is popular in the Chernihiv region. It is called “Gartanachka”, this name means that the dish is prepared “herd” or “on the bed”, that is, the name of porridge already contains what it needs in a friendly company.

By the way, it will not work to prepare Gartanachka in an ordinary kitchen, it will be anything, but not Gartanachka. Because in the original recipe, this porridge is cooked exclusively at the stake. Another uniqueness of the dish is that it perfectly replaces both the main course and the side dish, because the composition of this porridge includes meat and even potatoes – this is such an interesting dish!


Meat – 400 g
Water – 3 L
Potato – 2 kg
Millet – 200 g
Onion – 4 pcs.
Egg – 4 pcs.
Greens to taste
Salt to taste
Sunflower oil – to taste

Cooking method:

Pour water into the pot. Meanwhile, cut the meat into small pieces. When the water boils, add the meat. Before boiling, add chopped potatoes.
After 20 minutes, add millet and salt.
When everything is cooked – drain the water into a separate pan. Mash potatoes, add fried onions, herbs and eggs.
Mix well. Gartanachka is ready!

Bon Appetit!