How to cook yogurt at home: detailed instructions

Do you like to stop by for breakfast yogurt at the nearest store? What if you cook your own yogurt at home? The Challenger tells you how to make a sour milk product tasty and healthy.

What is useful about yogurt?

Classic yogurt is prepared from two ingredients: milk and yeast. Milk is fermented with the help of yeastening microorganisms or probiotics, becoming a useful sour milk product.

Yogurt contains a lot of protein – about 10 grams per 200 grams portion. Dietary recommendations – 2015-2020, which is published every year by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, says that you should eat 50-60 grams of protein per day. A healthy norm for dairy and/or fermented milk products is three products per day.

Yogurt is rich in group B vitamins, including B12, which protects against chronic diseases. One glass of yogurt contains up to 40% of daily phosphorus. Probiotics, with which milk is fermented, support the immune system.

Each supermarket sells dozens of kinds of yogurts – natural and with different supplements. At the production facilities, yogurt production is put on stream so that the quality and texture of yogurt is always the same. If you want to control the composition of the final product or to prepare something new – make a yogurt at home yourself.

How to cook yogurt at home

The easiest way to prepare yogurt at home is to use a special device. Yogurtess consists of a base, which heats the product, and reusable jars with lids. You benefit from the finished yogurt and do not use plastic that is harmful to the planet.

If you don’t have a yoghurt shop, you can cook the sour milk product in the oven, in a multivarck, in a thermos or just in a warm place, for example near the battery.

Choose milk

Pasteurized or ultra-pasteurized milk will do. Pasteurized milk should be boiled and cooled to 30-40 degrees. Ultra-pasteurized milk is enough to take room temperature (except for the method of cooking in a thermos, then the milk should be 40 degrees).

Buy yeast

You can find it in pharmacy and health food stores. Another option is to prepare your yogurts on the basis of the store. One 200-gram can buy enough for five or six domestic ones.

If you cook in the oven, multivarcook, thermos or at room temperature, use only the finished yogurt as a base.

Sterilize receptacles

The dishes in which yogurt is prepared must be sterile. To do this, you should hold it over the steam for a few minutes. If this is not done, the germs from the surface of the jar may spoil the final product.

Connect and turn on

Combine the yeast (a couple of spoons of ready yogurt) with the milk and mix it. Pour the mixture into jars, place them in the yogurt or oven and turn on. Depending on the power and mode, the yogurt will be ready in 6-9 hours.

You should put the multicolor on the heating mode up to 40 degrees and leave it in this mode for the night with the jars inside.

If you cook in a thermos, the mixture should be preheated to 40 degrees (use the kitchen thermometer to measure). Pour the mixture into the thermos, twist it tightly and leave it overnight.

If you are cooking in a room, wrap the containers with a towel for extra heat and leave them next to the battery also overnight.

The ready yogurt is deliciously served with topinambur syrup, chia seeds, berries and granola.