Post seduction is a phase that begins after you seduce a woman and decide that it would be nice to build a relationship with her. As you know, a full-fledged relationship does not begin immediately after sex, there is a certain period of time that must go before it begins.

Many people, of course, mistakenly think that everything is very simple – you have slept together, meet, communicate, and everything is great, great, all happy and satisfied. But it happens only in fairy tales. In fact, a relationship is really a very big job. It’s going to take some effort to build the right relationship with the girl.

So, you had sex. In this case, it doesn’t matter, either after two classic dates or it was a quick encounter at a club followed by a stormy night. You realize you want to build a relationship with this girl. There are four recommended actions after sex:

One. Post-sex time together. It’s extremely important, especially if it’s a club seduction option. Ideally, we’ll spend the next day together. Take a walk, sit in a cafe, just hang out at home, chat, restore the gap that was hardly taken into account when you met in the club. If a girl has to go to work in the morning, or on other business, she leaves, you take her phone number, exchange contacts.

Number two. A call the next day. The first classic mistake that guys usually make in this situation: call again with an offer to come – “here I have a bottle left, you can finish, if you have a girlfriend, come with her, even better.” Basically, it’s not bad. But only if you do not want to have the right basis for this relationship, and agree to leave it on an easy, only sexual level.

A call the next day is no reason to invite her home. Absolutely not calling her just for sex! The second important thing is don’t just call her without getting ready. The option is, “How are you?” “Okay. How are you doing?” “I’m fine, too. Okay, bye.” It’s a total heresy. The call should be so that a girl understands, even if you weren’t having sex, you’d still call her today.

What could it be? You can tell a funny story that just happened to you and you decided to share it with her as someone you’re interested in right now. It could be a request for the future – you want to invite her to a movie. Or you want to discuss a new movie with her. It should be a fun, emotional, positive excuse that has nothing to do with your sex. If you’re having trouble with creativity, then prepare two or three themes for communication.

This happens for fear of losing a high level female – excitement, the girl is really very good, you yourself are shocked by how you managed to seduce her. Because of excitement, you can put simple things on the phone wrong.

So it is better to prescribe two or three topics for discussion, to lose the whole dialogue, to think about how she will answer you. Make it all look calm and relaxed. If there is a topic, the next serious moment is how to talk on the phone. It is very important to do it confidently, clearly and not quickly. It is desirable to communicate on the first call until you reach at least a minimum level of contact.

Usually the first three minutes are scary, then it becomes clear that no one is killing you, the girl does not bite you, says nice things in return, and you understand that everything is fine, remember what happened between you at night, relax and there is a standard, easy communication.

As soon as you feel that this moment of relaxation has come, this is a sign that the phone contact has been established, which means that you have fulfilled this necessary minimum. It’s always you who ends the conversation. You have the distinct privilege of starting and ending a conversation.

Third. New date (no sex). It’s especially important when you’ve had fast. You have to fill in the first and second date gap. Go to the level of values, adjust, learn the interests of the girl, get closer, to prove themselves from the best side, to show that you are an unusual, original person, and that not sex alone, as they say, you are interesting. In fact, at this meeting you can combine the first and second date.

The fourth. Continued communication. Maybe you’re busy at work, going on business trips, and so on. It’s important that you don’t disappear out of her sight for long. In that case, a second time after sex, then you can replace live dates with phone calls for a while.

30-40 minutes on the phone two or three times a week will replace real meetings at this stage. It’s a real rescue, the girl remembers what you are, doesn’t forget you. And it’s a good place to start building the relationship you want to manage.