How to dance in a club for a guy

Many guys often complex in clubs, because of inability to dance (and girls usually do not bother about it). In this article I will tell you all the most important knowledge, but the end result depends only on your desire :).

We choose the right style of dance

First of all, pay attention to the music. Not all styles of dance will look good to the different styles of dance. Fashion clubs often put popular rnb music or electronic. If you do not want to bother or just do not know, we recommend you hip-hop – the most universal style of dance, but for versatility will have to pay a longer period of training. However, if you know for sure that the club plays electronic music, it is worth learning at least the basic movements of tectonics. If you go to a specialized club in which spin dubstep or drum-n-bass, then the situation is much more complicated than in the typical.

Before you study the movements

1) In addition to plasticity (which guys who do not dance are never practically absent) it is necessary to understand an important aspect: you dance to music, not show acrobatic performance.

2) Try to diversify your movements. Use foot movements, it is worth mentioning that according to statistics (and personal experience) girls focus more on guys who make more movements with their feet.

3) Dance – again, this is not a competition and if you are serious face to dance 5 minutes and sit wet from sweat back to the table you will quickly get bored of it all. Learn to relax and spend your energy measured.

4) Very often you are asked about the timing of your studies. They depend directly on the frequency of training, your preparedness and your desire. Let me say that with regular training at least 2 times a week for an hour, you will see the result in a month and a half. You will already dance to a higher level than 90% of the guys in the club (I speak from my experience).