How to date multiple girls at the same time

All names have been changed, I will be called Andrei in this article)).

When guys practice in a pickup truck, they seduce girls everywhere without worrying about the consequences, and the consequences can be the most enjoyable, as you can not even imagine. That’s the story I’m telling, Mr. X, you know, why is that? Because I have a constant girlfriend, so-called LTR, I’m so gentle and “faithful” near her, and she’s a really cool girl! But I forgot to say one thing, I have a lot of these girls.

It’s natural, I’m a pickup trainer, I’ve been teaching for over 5 years, but my girlfriend thinks I’ve stopped doing it, but I haven’t, because it’s one of my favorite classes. Recently, when my girlfriend was at school, an old friend called me, she came from abroad, she used to live in my city, so that’s the call:

Anya: Hello, can I speak to Andrei?

I: And who is asking him?

Anya: I’m a friend of his from Israel.

I: Andrei and speaks to you!

Anya: Do you recognize me?

I: Of course I recognized you, Anjut, how are you? When did you get here?

Anya: Here, just a couple of weeks ago, am I not distracting you?

I: That’s you, no!

I: Let’s see you at 6.7 at night, I’ll call and tell you the place, OK?

Anya: Okay!

My thoughts: “So you have to come up with something so beautiful, my Marinka will come, it’s okay, I’ll come up with something.”

Marina’s back, I’m sitting at the computer as usual and working with my business projects.

Marina: Hi, sweetie. I’m here.

I: hello love, listen, please make coffee, I love you so much!

Marina: Do it yourself, you can’t see, I’m tired.

I: Am I resting or something?

Marina: Okay, how many spoons of sugar do you need? With or without cream?

I: Tighten it up, no cream.

Had a cup of coffee, had a nice secluded lounge on my softest bed, my God, Marin, you have such big breasts! Actually! And I, by the way, am leaving on the most urgent cases to “Dima” – that is, to Anna, I have not seen Anna for over 4 years, in any case, we have a lot to do with her today. Marina says: Are you going to be late today?

I: I think in 5-6 hours I will be, you do one of my projects here, do it and so, kiss.

I’m going in a taxi, I’m arriving at the appointed meeting place, my Anna is only on the road, but she’ll be near me in five minutes. We met, talked, and went to see her.

She rents an apartment with her husband, but her husband went to his parents for a couple of days, Anna was beautiful, of course, smaller breasts than my Marinka, but excited very quickly, I like it very much, turns on like a Ferrari, once in the neck kissed, and ALL, this is what distinguishes Anka from Marinka, but what can you do? I love everybody, all women are really beautiful!

Tips for Multi LTR shields!

I have about 5 such girls, 1 first priority – ie, the future wife, and others do not want to pay attention somehow, they deserve more and better – and it can only mean me. On March 8th, for example, I visit everyone! I give everyone a postcard and a flower, one by one, to go to everyone, if you love, so everyone!

How not to get caught?

If you are on a date with your mistress, and your primary LTRK calls, then just do not worry, say that you are very busy and call back in 2 hours, if the word “kiss” is required, then just leave your mistress and say your required kiss, I do not know, but they feel so much better – feel the only one!

Meet the maximum number of girls, allowing themselves in life everything. It’s just that not all girls will understand it, so you have to be always hung up on your tongue to be able to find the right alibi. Practice, everything comes with experience.

Life is so not fair in favor of ordinary boys and girls, that it so happens that those who are good at seduction also wins in the “rule of Pareto” I mean, as a professional seducer, I realize that 9 girls out of 10 want to be with me, and 10 inadequate I leave 9 remaining guys, they need a way to live. So think about how to be the best at seduction.

Most women look for information on the Internet like: How to get married and do not understand the work of the Pareto rule, and it works everywhere and everywhere. A lot of girls marry her husband to a married man and older, yes, there is definitely underestimate themselves, even all my LTRs are almost free, and only sometimes, when I want a little extreme, I suffer with married and unfree, sometimes I like it, but not always.

1.How do you get out of the water when a girl smells someone else’s female perfume on you?

*You’ve supposedly escorted your cousin, aunt, friend and his girlfriend to the airport or train station and a certain woman just pressed you down hard to say goodbye!

*If the girl has already come up with a convenient version of your alibi (like guessed), then just confirm, all the girls resist always the thought that you changed them, and often looking for options to get you away from yourself, ie, you are honest and clean. Well, that’s great!

I don’t recommend dating more than 5 girls at a time, because it’s very resource-intensive.

2.If you’re lying in bed with your mistress and haven’t yet recovered for your own to be alone.

Then just say you’re worried about your job or business and you don’t want to, or just promise you’ll do all her erotic fantasies for her – but not until tomorrow.

Everything happens: If you’re caught between two girls, just pick one of them – the one that’s really better for you and convince the first one that the other one was hitting on you and the crazy one, etc. etc. etc.

Learn to convince!